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Topic: Teddy Bear "Hairy" Houdini
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Apr 19, 2011 08:56PM)
Wiz Kid Wilhelmina's "Magic For Girls" e-Book has started publication, not with chapter one, on her "Magic Jacks" routine as originally planned, but with chapter two, "Teddy Bear Houdini." Don't let the "Magic For Girls" fool you into not giving it a look just because you are not a girl. It is destined to become a classic kid show trick, or I'll eat my Wizard hat.

Kids think it's very entertaining, when she has a bunch of them tie up her toy teddy bear with ropes, ribbons, shoelaces and what not- even locks and chains. When the helpers are done, they put Teddy into a box and then the box is tied (or taped) shut. The box is given to one of the helpers to guard and every once in a while, he is encouraged to give the box a shake to make sure "Hairy" Houdini is still working on making his escape. Soon you hear the sound of loose chains and locks coming from the box, but still no Bear emerges. Finally, the "Chief Assistant" spectator determines that time is up and the Bear needs to be rescued. The box ties are cut off and the box is opened by the helpers. Inside the box are all of the restraints and even the Bear's clothes, but no Bear. In the end, "Hairy" Houdini is found swinging "bear naked" from the back of the Chief Assistant.

The Escape Box is easily made from wood, hardboard, or cardboard. Wilhelmina's teddy bear was found in a local Dollar Store and the e-Book contains detailed plans on how to fit it all together.
Message: Posted by: Brad Lancaster (Apr 19, 2011 11:11PM)
Hi Spellbinder,

Sounds like fun. You've got my order.

Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Apr 20, 2011 12:12AM)
Thanks for your interest. I should have mentioned that this is an early version of the e-Book and it still needs some photos of Wilhelmina in action to be added to it. With the Magic Nook, there is never any problem with us sending you updated versions as soon as they are available, no matter how long ago you purchased the original materials, so all purchasers will eventually be sent the updated version(s) of this e-Book as well. The e-Book is complete, but we are having a tough time pinning Wilhelmina down to take her photo with the props. She is always busy with school and she travels to cheerleading competitions as well, but as soon as I can add the photos I will have the e-Book updated. In the meantime, the photos are not necessary to understanding the construction of the props or putting together the routine, and, as always, if there are any questions, you can always e-mail me.