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Topic: Mental Communicator ebook
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 2, 2011 09:02PM)
Hey guys,

What is Mental Communicator?

Effect: Spectator is asked to think of any two digit number......after some math involved, spectator arrives at a letter of the alphabet..........and they are asked to think of an animal, state, country, make a simple drawing, etc,

The effect is instantly repeatable.

You instantly tell diving their thought of animal, state, country, drawing, etc etc.

There are variations taught where you need to have the spec write down their number, plus one method which they don't write down anything.

If anyone wants more info, please contact me.

I have already sent out some review copies, and I will wait for those reviews to come in.


Message: Posted by: Prager (May 3, 2011 10:30AM)
A very nice combination of methods for reading minds.

I am currently working on a simplified version in spanish.

Good job Alex, you have inspired me.
Message: Posted by: gabelson (May 3, 2011 02:10PM)
Alex, this is a wonderful idea. As J. Prager said, a beautiful combination of methods to give the appearance of real mind reading. Usually I find effects employing math computations to be a bit too procedural, but this one MAKES SENSE, and will floor the spectator. Great job!
Message: Posted by: Godzilla (May 3, 2011 07:32PM)
Took for a test drive tonight. Was able to do to my mother and father. I had dad write down number from his age on paper. He kept paper and I was able to come up with his thought. I had mom get her number from age and keep in mind for herself,and got her thought. This will work as impromptu with friends or strangers. I had the advantage tonight because I knew the numbers they would come up with ! It has a script you can use and allows different questions for you to answer different thoughts ! They both were floored. repeatable , repeatable, repeatable !
Alex has put allot of thought into this and gives a long list of credits !

Job well done, Alex !!!

Message: Posted by: MentalistCreationLab (May 3, 2011 08:10PM)
Thanks Alex, This is a very nice item, Simple and direct. Really like this new work. I have a full review in a day or so after I run it through a full test but from what I have seen so far from the opening test run of this work it is a winner.

You guys should grab a copy of this a fast as you can before Alex comes to his senses and starts to ask himself "why am I releasing this.... it's too good" And in fact it is too good.......thats what I predict will happen very soon and who knows it could disappear.
Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (May 3, 2011 08:17PM)
Hi Alex. Is this a variant on the old elephant in Denmark trick, or do you come up with different animals, etc? If it is different, it sounds intriqueing. Tony
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 3, 2011 08:23PM)
Hi Tony,

It may seem similar to the Grey Elephants in Denmark, but it is completely different, in that the spectator thinks of a state,country,animal, you can do a drawing duplication, fruit, vegetable, etc, there are many ways you can go with this method.
I give a variation to have the spectator write down their number, and one without anything written down...

Message: Posted by: Godzilla (May 3, 2011 08:23PM)
Tony B2009 , different answers,and not all animals .
I forgot to add to last post...My dad is my worse critic !

Message: Posted by: Jamie D (May 3, 2011 09:00PM)
The concept of this effect is pure and simple. With the right presentation involved, the effect it self can seem pretty close to the real thing. Alex makes it clear that it is up to you, the performer to try and come up with your own routines by using the method he has come up with. That being said, he has provided some great ideas/routines to get you started. The e-book it self goes into great details on everything needed to perform this wonderful effect including different methods that will appeal to different performing styles. One thing I like about the effect is the options you are left with for what you want to reveal, such as a state, animal, fruit, vegetable and my favourite, a drawing. I have yet to road test this in a real world situation but will add my thoughts when I get the chance.

My mind has been going non stop since I received the effect. Everything from presentation ideas to different methods on working with "numbers". I have come up with a few ideas in which I can't wait to try out. Some ideas including the "invisible eye", phycoligical work and an electronic device that has served me very well for the past year and a half.

All in all I I love the idea of this effect and the fun I can see my self having with it, Well done Alex, this truly is a winner.

Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (May 4, 2011 04:19AM)
Thanks for the info, guys. It sounds very interesting. I love stuff that is propless, and this seems to fall perfectly into that category. When and where will you be releasing this? Tony
Message: Posted by: Pete Legend (May 4, 2011 05:10AM)
I think it's a nice, clever piece.The math involved is so very clever and every step makes total sense so don't worry about any alarm bells going off when the performer instructs the spec to do a little math. It's really nice thinking and it does give the impression that what you are doing is real. I'll tweak it to suit my style but yup deff impressed. Well done Alex.
Message: Posted by: lucavolpe (May 4, 2011 07:40AM)
Alex was really kind to send this to me, and I have to say that is really nice and my mind already start to think other ideas with this concept.
Simple and direct to the point!
Well done Alex!
Message: Posted by: Rus ANDREWS (May 4, 2011 08:22AM)
Hi All

Alex sent this to me about a week ago to run my eyes over, and I have got to say I am very impressed, the thought and creativity in this DEVIOUS method is great.

Just reading through the notes I was having visions and ideas bouncing around my mind of the possibilities, this really is food for thought and I am sure there will be many mentalist/magicians using this method/principle.

This is the first I have seen of Alex’s work and feel privileged to have received a review copy.

Keep that creative mind flowing Alex.

Look forward to future projects from you.

All the best

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 4, 2011 10:53AM)
Thank you all for the feedback.

More info to come....

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 4, 2011 12:14PM)
Watch this space tonight!


Message: Posted by: alpha alex (May 4, 2011 06:20PM)
This sounds very interesting!. cant wait to see it! this version is in english then?
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 4, 2011 06:46PM)

Yes its in English.

I know you are in Mexico.

I am more than willing to work on a method for you, and help you out once you get the jist of the routine.

thanks again for the support

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 4, 2011 07:01PM)
Thanks to everyone who reviewed this.

I hope it will serve you well as it has me.

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 4, 2011 10:35PM)
Hey everyone,

This is now available at



Message: Posted by: gmeister (May 4, 2011 10:48PM)
I was also one of those fortunate enough to receive a review copy and thereby to become acquainted with an ingenious tour de force. Alex has provided a creative, customizable short treatise, which I suspect will find itself the basis of effects in many acts. It's fun to read, and even more fun to play with, delighting in the ways it can be made to work for your own particular style. Indeed, some comments above already show that this process is already at work.

With this new work, Alex merits membership in an emerging creative coterie of mental miracle makers, along with J. Prager, Amira, Luca and Isidore to name just a few (the list is growing, to my great delight). Although more a theorist than a performer, I actually may throw caution to the wind and "go public" with it.

It's that good!
Message: Posted by: rico24 (May 5, 2011 05:46AM)
I received this ebook yesterday as I was interresting in a different method for the "grey elephant in denmark", since too much laypeople know it in my country.
so all my apologies since this ebook is much more than that.
He didn't offered us a routine but a system that can be apply to other routines than the one explained with a little work.
In the first technic part, he didn't explained one method, but several, well many in fact, so everybody is abble to choose the one that they prefer, if they haven't already one in mind.
I won't be abble to use this routine like this(I'm not english or in country where we speak english).
I often think that to adapt routines to my mother language isn't worth the time for me.
But I will do it with "mental communicator", as it'll be easy to do and I really love the idea.
One last thing most creators stopped there but alex gave his many thoughts about "outs" if needed. We rarely see this.
in some books you've great routines to perform, here you've some ideas that you want immediately adapt to your work, ideas that keep you thinking.
I really like that.
Many thanks for sharing this ebook, the ideas are simple but I'm sure that it plays strong well used.
So just great work Alex, I'll keep an eye on your work now;)
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 5, 2011 08:17AM)
Hey everyone,

Since last night, MENTAL COMMUNICATOR is now available:



Message: Posted by: peculiarone (May 5, 2011 05:05PM)
First of all a big thanks to Alex for sending this to me.

This is REALLY good. I really admire the combination of effects and especially the variations that are possible.

I must say that the selection process, that is from the first item selection to the arrival at the final item, is excellent. I think it has enough space between the two to make it seem even more impossible that the final selection was somehow known through any kind of trickery. Can be done impromptu, cold, with nothing more than a borrowed piece of paper and writing implement.

Thanks again Alex.

Message: Posted by: Titanas (May 6, 2011 10:33AM)
I was one of the lucky guys to receive this from Alex.
This is such a great and simple technique that you can use anytime anywhere.
Congratulations Alex.

Message: Posted by: Max Krause (May 6, 2011 12:08PM)
I finally had a chance to sit down and read Mental Communicator. Alex, has taken a handful of classic ideas and combined them to create a very nice performance piece. You will have to put a little time into learning all the ins and outs but you will be rewarded with a beautiful piece of impromptu mentalism to add to your repertoire.

Highly, highly recommended.
Message: Posted by: magic4545 (May 6, 2011 12:42PM)
Hi everyone,

Alex and I have been talking about this one for quite a while, and it's really a great premise. Not only that, it lends itself to so many potential outcomes and so much customization, if one so chooses. I love organic, propless stuff like this, but usually I don't care for the math. However, once you realize the power of psychological forces, you can use the number choices to put the apparent impossibility into perspective, in the minds of the audience.

I feel that this could also be used for a corporate or specialized field work in many circumstances. Conceptually, a potentially potent piece.

This is a very powerful use of many concepts, and I feel that you will gain huge value and growth by obtaining and reading this piece. It will also stimulate your own creative processes.

Huge thumbs up for Mental Communicator...

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 6, 2011 01:37PM)
Thanks guys for the reviews.

As a side note:

Last night I was at a barbeque, and a friend of mine mentioned to someone at the party that I was a mentalist

He introduced me to him, and I preceded to do MENTAL COMMUNICATOR on him.

For those that have the ebook, I performed propless, without anything written down, that version.

Anyways, once the guy had his 2 digit number in mind, I then went through the script, and had him think of a country, state, fruit, animal, vegetable, etc etc.

Once he confirmed that he had a thought locked in his mind, I then began to reveal the information......

To say this guy was floored/flabbergasted would be an understatement, he asked me if I had a gift to tap into peoples minds, jejejejejee

Anyways, I performed a few other pieces from my repertoire, but nothing I did after Mental Communicator was strong enough.

I had sealed the deal with the opening effect......he gave me his business card, and as it turns out...he works for a local TV station, and told me to call him next week.

Go figure.

Thanks for the support guys

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 6, 2011 03:25PM)
If anyone wants more information:

Please don't hesitate to contact me via Email or Skype.

I will answer any questions you may have.

Email: alejandrohinojosacantu@hotmail.com

Skype: Same as above


Message: Posted by: ranpink (May 6, 2011 07:21PM)
I also enjoyed the ideas in Mental Communicator and the overall premise does allow for a lot of jazzing. I love impromptu mental effects and I'm sure many will enjoy Alex's ebook.

It inspired me to work on a prop free-peek free version that works most of the time. I've shared the basic concept with Alex, but it still needs work. I can usually tell a good idea by how much it gets me thinking. This is a strong and fun effect to perform.

Great Job Alex!

Message: Posted by: Doc_Z (May 7, 2011 09:03AM)
Link appears to be broken :/
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 7, 2011 09:08AM)

I can go in with no problems.


Let me know

Message: Posted by: Doc_Z (May 7, 2011 12:55PM)
Hmm it works now. I must have needed that positive suggestion before I was receptive enough to gain access ;)
Message: Posted by: Nefesch (May 8, 2011 01:42PM)
Hey Guys
Just got my copy today!

As you may have read in some of my posts here in the Café in the field of mentalism, I have always concluded that the combination of different methods under one single effect is one of the best ways to improve old plots. Alex has gone really beyond this, the Mental Communicator ebook shows you a combination of simple and easy methods to achieve direct mind reading.

Practical, direct and Strong!

Well done Alex

Message: Posted by: Ben Harris (May 8, 2011 07:47PM)
I've JUST had a chance to study this (been sooooo busy trying to get SR3 out the door). What a lovely approach. This is convincing stuff! Love it.

Message: Posted by: Chris Piercy (May 9, 2011 12:33PM)
Just been through this and it's a really great principle and has so many brilliant possibilities with it.
It combines some old ideas with some new and creates something very, very strong - can't wait to get out an use it!

Congrats Alex - this is a surefire winner!
Message: Posted by: Tony Razzano (May 9, 2011 01:02PM)
This is a very good effect! My first thought was grey Elephant in Denmark, but after I read just a little bit, I saw that this is completely different and much, much better. There are several items/places/etc that can be thought of by the spec and it seems like a limitless choice.

The method is quite deceptive and once you arrive at certain info, you have a couple of directions you can go ( Personally, I modified one denouement so that, if the spec is a pretty woman, she and I end up lying on the beach in Hawaii...sneaky of me, no?). Because of one part of the method, this is difficult to reverse engineer.

You can play this strong or for fun or anything in between. The math is negligible. Truly, a child can do it. Now, in order to perform well, this will take a bit of practice ( as does anything worthwhile), but it is not really difficult at all. I had fun doing this over the weekend!

I think Alex has a winner here!
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (May 10, 2011 10:08AM)
Alex was kind enough to send me a copy of mental communicator,I love the concept. I am a walk around magician and not a mentalist .However, that being said I know I can pull this off because of its simplicity . Alex has come up with some deviuous concepts that's right up my alley and it can play into my card or coin work.
I contacted Alex because I had some question about MC.what he said made perfect sense
I urge all non mentalists to give alex's MC a shot this will not dissipoint.
Message: Posted by: NeilS (May 10, 2011 03:55PM)
I have just downloaded this & without saying too much, a themed crossword solving book could prove useful. Those who have one will know what I mean.
Message: Posted by: Paul Carnazzo (May 10, 2011 04:03PM)
This is very clever thinking...nice job Alex.

I'm sure that this technique will find its way into a lot of mentalist's repertoires.
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 10, 2011 11:12PM)
Thanks to all who have supported this project.

I hope you use this, as I do.

I am currently thinking of ways of making it better.

I love it.

Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (May 11, 2011 01:02PM)
This sounds allot like a landmark work of Joshua Quinn’s.

In fact am a smidge surprised not one poster has made the same observation.

Possibly I am wrong but am willing to bet that is not the case.


Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 11, 2011 01:08PM)
Hi Jim,

MENTAL COMMUNICATOR is very different than Joshua Quinns effect from Paralies.

Believe it or not the inspiration for MENTAL COMMUNICATOR was Bob Cassidys Chronologue......which has nothing to do with Mental Communicator....but as I was trying to think of other ways of doing Chronologue....Mental Communicator was born.

Although I did not use anything from Paralies.......I credited Joshua Quinn in the ebook.

Check your PM.

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (May 11, 2011 01:18PM)
Hello Jim with out a copy of the effect your statement about MC is unfair to the creator.
just because something is similar this doesn't mean it is the same . and I mean you no disrespect.
Message: Posted by: Jim-Callahan (May 11, 2011 02:35PM)
On 2011-05-11 14:18, vinsmagic wrote:
Hello Jim with out a copy of the effect your statement about MC is unfair to the creator.
just because something is similar this doesn't mean it is the same . and I mean you no disrespect.

I agree Vinnie, it might read that way.
Was not my intent.

Was simply my viewpoint formed from what was written on
this thread.
Guess I was wrong.

Alex, offered to send a copy so that I might compare the
two for myself.

But that is unnecessary if it is not the same there is no
reason for me to comment further.

Is good that Joshua, was credited even though
it may not be like his work.

Best Wishes,


Message: Posted by: BenSalinas (May 11, 2011 04:01PM)
I just read through Mental Communicator. I really like the idea of adding the 'math' to the effect to make it appear more impossible. It also makes the reveal seem much more like mind reading. I put "math" in quotes because, it's barely math. And no, this does NOT play like "math magic". The Grey Elephants effect is nothing like this effect.

Nice work Alex!
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 12, 2011 08:24AM)
Thanks Ben.

Ever since its release last week, I have gotten many ideas from people that are using it.

I am currently working many versions of it......my mind has been spinning nonstop.

In the far future, lookout for a sequel, with many contributions from all over the world.


Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 13, 2011 05:53PM)
Just performed this on National television....What can I say, it went great!!

Had someone think of a two digit number, then I had them think of either a country or state, their choice, and then I preceded to blow them away with the revelation!

The host could not see how it was possible, since she didn't jot down the state or country.



Message: Posted by: Godzilla (May 13, 2011 06:03PM)
Congrats Alex !

Message: Posted by: Tony Razzano (May 13, 2011 06:25PM)
On 2011-05-13 18:53, BMWGuy wrote:
Just performed this on National television....What can I say, it went great!!

Had someone think of a two digit number, then I had them think of either a country or state, their choice, and then I preceded to blow them away with the revelation!

The host could not see how it was possible, since she didn't jot down the state or country.




Sorry I missed it. What show, Alex?
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 13, 2011 07:10PM)
Hi Tony,
Its a local TV show here in Mexico, where I currently live.

Message: Posted by: Tony Razzano (May 13, 2011 07:45PM)
Very cool! Congratulations, Alex!!!
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 22, 2011 08:37PM)
Hey guys,

Just got back from a Carnival Cruise, and tried out Mental Communicator on lots of guests......it killed!

I have a new handling to the effect, that I will be adding to the second volume, that requires nothing written down.

Thank you all for the support.

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 24, 2011 01:37PM)
Just added Mental Communicator to the contribution ebook to help out Rick Maue.


Message: Posted by: Dompa (May 24, 2011 02:30PM)
Very generous! Thumbs up!
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 25, 2011 10:31PM)

To those of you who have this, I am starting work on Mental Communicator 2: It will be called

Communications: A Follow-Up to Mental Communicator

This will have lots of different ideas from the Café members, plus alternate handlings.

If anyone has some ideas that they would like me to include in this new offering, send them to me.

Mental Communicator is becoming my impromptu go to effect anytime anywhere when I am out.
Almost every other day I perform it.

I hope people are using it as much as I am...I am having a lot of fun.

Send me your ideas. PM ME

Message: Posted by: Lseeyou (May 30, 2011 11:56AM)
Based on reviews from some fellow members, Gabe Abelson, Tony Razzano, Paul Carnazzo, Ben Harris, I needed to check this :)

I see this as a tip to make a huge leap forward to make a disconnection from what happened before and therefore it will seem as you really read the person in the moment.
For everyone who like numbers/time and use them as a talk to engage people this will be a great addition. It's an add-on to performers who create momentum or for people getting started in mentalism that need to believe that there's no problem asking people to write something on a card. (main problem for everyone who starts with peeks - coming from magic it doesn't make sense but with time it will fade away and you start seeing that it's possible with a pen and business card can start a religion/cult).
This is a gem tip that will put you on the moment and make you comfortable performing.

Final word: Very, very nice Alex and for those who read this... Get it.
Message: Posted by: dmoses (May 30, 2011 12:52PM)
On 2011-05-11 15:35, Jim-Callahan wrote:
On 2011-05-11 14:18, vinsmagic wrote:
Hello Jim with out a copy of the effect your statement about MC is unfair to the creator.
just because something is similar this doesn't mean it is the same . and I mean you no disrespect.

I agree Vinnie, it might read that way.
Was not my intent.

Was simply my viewpoint formed from what was written on
this thread.
Guess I was wrong.

Alex, offered to send a copy so that I might compare the
two for myself.

But that is unnecessary if it is not the same there is no
reason for me to comment further.

Is good that Joshua, was credited even though
it may not be like his work.

Best Wishes,



I have to say the same thought occurred to me.
And I'm glad to hear that they're unrelated effect.

Looking forward to reading this when Circle is released!


Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (May 31, 2011 10:06AM)
Today I begin work on Communications: A Follow-up to Mental Communicator.

Please send me your contributions and ideas, and I will make sure they make it in the book.

You don't really need to have Mental Communicator to read this ebook.

It will have some bits from the original, plus new ideas and handlings.


Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jun 2, 2011 10:10AM)
MENTAL COMMUNICATOR is now appearing in Circle.

In effort to contribute to help out Rick Maue.

Great contributions from great people....

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me.

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jun 7, 2011 01:19PM)
Just sent Mental Communicator to a famous magician here in Mexico, in which, he will use it in his next TV show in Mexico City.

I use it almost on a daily basis, and the more I perform it, the more I learn about the psychology of the mind and how people will think.

Love it!

Thanks for all the support, and I hope those that purchased this or Circle find some use out of it as I have.

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jun 18, 2011 04:19PM)
Hey guys,

For anyone that has Mental Communicator, a review would be great from people who are actually using it!

I did it last night to 3 different people........worked 100%, like a charm, and left the spectators baffled.

Right before, I performed some card mentalism feats, including ACAAN, and Cellular Oracle....ended the night with Mental Communicator.

The reunion was only 5 people, and I was mainly performing for 3 people.

It was a great night!

Still working on Mental Communicator 2, I will have more ideas, as well as variations.

Look for it in the near future!

For those who still want to get it, please PM me, I have decided to lower the price.

Let me know


Message: Posted by: Prager (Jun 19, 2011 08:41PM)
Alex decided to lower the price of Mental Communicator it is now avaliable for 9.99 USD.

Message: Posted by: innercirclewannabe (Jun 21, 2011 04:11PM)
I am posting this to report that the Mental Communicator is very good but more importantly this is to report that Jose Prager is a gentleman. Before I purchased the Mental Communicator, I pointed out a small pricing error to Jose & because of this - he sent me on two (2) more of his effects FOC. In this day & age of greed and false advertising - Jose has restored my faith! Thanks Jose.
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jun 21, 2011 11:55PM)
Jose does take care of his customers.

How are you liking Mental Communicator?

I am here to help if you need anything.

Message: Posted by: brehaut (Jun 22, 2011 12:11PM)
I have just read Mental Communicator and have the following thoughts. This ebook teaches how to do the effect exactly as described in the ad material. The method is a novel combination of older methods that make the secret hidden from the spectator. I also love the fact that you could do this effect for one person and then do it to another and they could discuss it and never learn the secret. In fact, they would even be more confused. It is an extremely powerful piece of impromtu mentalism that I highly recommend. Given the proper presentation (and Alex gives many ideas on this) you will create a lasting memory.
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 2, 2011 05:05PM)
Hey guys,

Update, this morning I had an audition for my next TV show here in Mexico, and I did a few Memorized deck effects, including Card Calling, Mnemonicosis, and ACAAN, and I closed with Mental Communicator.

The TV producer, said out of everything he saw me perform in the short time I had my pitch, Mental Communicator bugged him, since he wrote nothing down, and I was able to divine the thought of country.

I got the gig, and will be filming in September after I return from MAGIC LIVE.

Really, cant wait....btw Mental Communicator, for those who don't have it.....it is not longer being sold through Mental Shocks, it is now being sold by me, and I decided to lower the price....if you want Mental Communicator please PM me, it used to sell at Mental Shocks for first price of $16.99, then $9.99, now just half price.....it will be available for a limited time.
Please PM me for more details.


Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 18, 2011 02:48PM)
Hi guys,

Thanks for the support.

I have about 20 copies left of Mental Communicator for a fiver!

PM ME if you want one.

After the 20 copies are gone, that's it!
I wont be selling it anymore.

This effect has gotten rave reviews from performers such as:

Max Krause, Titanas, Nefesch, Bill Montana, Amira, J Prager, Ben Harris, Ben Salinas, Tony Razzano, Gabe Abelson, and much more.

I use this effect as a closer to a closeup gig at every single show!
Heck, it even got me a TV gig in September....

thanks again

p.s. For those who will be going to MAGIC LIVE, I will demo it there.

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 20, 2011 02:48PM)

Only have 15 copies left.....only for a fiver!

Let me know if you want one.


Message: Posted by: gabelson (Jul 20, 2011 03:29PM)
This is a great effect. For five bucks, you guys should grab this.
Message: Posted by: migwar (Jul 20, 2011 03:33PM)
I have PM'd you

Message: Posted by: westo (Jul 21, 2011 08:54AM)
Great Stuff indeed, very clearly written and had me thinking right away of how I could use this... and Probably quite a lot!!
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 21, 2011 09:13AM)

I got 10 left.

Once they are gone, that's it..


Message: Posted by: stevie1 (Jul 22, 2011 12:19AM)
Loving that I snapped this up...cheers Alex
Message: Posted by: sandman690 (Jul 22, 2011 02:00AM)
I echo stevie1! This is a very nice idea that has already proved to be great food for thought.
Message: Posted by: migwar (Jul 22, 2011 06:41AM)
Lovely Idea, Well explained. I look forward to learning this
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 22, 2011 11:53AM)
Thanks guys.

The response to this has been amazing, and I am currently writing Version 2 of Mental Communicator, called

Communications: A Mental WalkThrough

This will be released September 1st.

I have about 7 copies of Mental Communicator!

If you are hesitating on this, don't, its only a fiver, and the mileage you get on this goes a long way, trust me!

Once this sells out, 50 copies to be exact, then that's it!

Thanks for all the support, and be on the lookout for Mental Communciator Version 2.

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 22, 2011 11:56AM)

Performed Mental Communicator last night to a magician friend.
He is into the card flourishes and all, and so I told him, let me show you something I came up with.

I did a version that is not explained in the ebook, that will be explained in Version 2, without anything ever written down.

He was shocked when I guessed that he was thinking of Arizona.

He loved it, and picked one up, even though he doesn't like mentalism.

Like I said, Version 2, will have some contributions from people all over, as well as new ideas for this tool.


Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 22, 2011 11:44PM)
I have 5 copies left.

Thanks guys

I hope you are using this tool, and creating your own effects.

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 25, 2011 08:58AM)
Hey guys,

Still got a few copies left if anyone still wants one.

Thanks for all the support.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 26, 2011 05:57PM)
OK guys, I got 3 copies left!


Communications: Mental Communicator 2 is being worked on, if anyone wants to contribute, shoot me a PM.

It will have new ways of performing it, and also new reveals.

The price will be $10.00, and you will be able to get it through me.

Release date: Sep 1st, 2011.



Note: I will be at Magic Live, if you want to see what this looks like in person, let me know.
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 27, 2011 01:21PM)

I am putting the finishing touches on Mental Communicator 2.

It will be out very shortly, possibly next week, if I finish it on time.

Price will be $10.00

If you own Mental Communicator 1, and would like to purchase this, price will only be $5.00.


Message: Posted by: magic.mind (Jul 27, 2011 02:17PM)
Come on man, stop your advert
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 27, 2011 04:20PM)
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jul 30, 2011 12:55PM)

Mental Communicator 2 is now for sale.

It will have the same elements as one, but with and updated handling.

Only a fiver.

PM ME for details

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Aug 1, 2011 11:08AM)
From Café Member: Stevie1
Alex was kind enough to send me a copy of this a few days ago and this is the 1st chance I've had to sit down and offer a quick opinion....
Have to be honest and admit that I prefer the 1st version..(which I bought and was really happy with... a great elaboration of a bit of an ol chestnut idea)...for me I liked the simplicity of it more so than this newer version....this version is still pretty clever in itself...but I'll continue using the original ...
So thanks for the copy Alex but for me like I say...the 1st version gets the blue ribbon ,a really fun routine to perform and something I'm happy I bought off you

Note: Version 2 uses cards, while Version 1 does not.