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Topic: Card Stunts, Exact Change and Arcane
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (May 5, 2011 09:30AM)
That's Right - GREGORY WILSON will be lecturing at The Magic Apple in Studio City on June 1st! This is an ALL NEW LECTURE! he has some great new material!

For a limited time, Gregory Wilson is back on the road with a new lecture and lots of
unpublished material to share. From close-up to stage, there’s a little something for everyone.
You’ll learn:

♦ Exact Change: A soon-to-be stunned spectator names a number from 1-100. You remove all the
change from your pocket and the total matches exactly! It has fooled some of the best minds in
magic: Banachek, John Kennedy, Chris Kenner, Paul Harris, Bob Cassidy, Cyril and many more.
♦ Chip on Shoulder: Finally for sale, this is the ultimate “pack-small-play-big” routine with an
appearing and disappearing casino chip.
♦ Bounce/No Bounce: Sounds cliché to call something a magician-fooler, especially with such a
well-known prop. But wait until you see it.
♦ Coffeehouse Conjuring: With props found only in a coffeehouse (coffee, cups, lids, straws,
napkins, sugar packets, stir sticks, tea bags, etc.), you’ll be doing impromptu miracles available on
every other street corner around the world.
♦ Silverware Swindle:
A knife and fork scam that has twisted
magicians’ minds who then twisted Greg’s arm to finally put on the
♦ Rubicon: In Greg’s professional repertoire for years, this ground-
breaking Rubik’s Cube routine will soon be seen on Cyril’s new TV
♦ Plus, a whole lot more: Including Greg’s highly visual and mid-air
acrobatic card work.

The emphasis here is ENTERTAINMENT. Just because it’s called a
lecture doesn’t mean that it has to be dry and boring. You’ll
experience a rip-roaring, fast-paced, high-energy, laugh-out-loud,
audience-involving SHOW!

June 1st $25 per person ($10 more for VIP seats)