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Topic: PIERCED - Pin Through the Hand by Steve Fearson
Message: Posted by: gitty (May 12, 2011 04:11PM)
Just received the email with "coming soon"!
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (May 12, 2011 05:24PM)

I wonder what the difference is?

Message: Posted by: Stucky (May 12, 2011 06:16PM)
Likely Steve's is a trick. Dan's was dangerous.
Message: Posted by: Prager (May 12, 2011 06:18PM)
I think Pierced is just an ilusion.

"Through And Through" by Dan Hauss is 100% real, I had a very bad experience performing it, after 100 performances, once I hited a nerve, one of the worst experiences I ever had.
Message: Posted by: gitty (May 17, 2011 02:35PM)

Pierced is shock magic at it's finest.
A stick pin is displayed. The pin is about 2 inches long and is a common type of pin used in sewing. You offer to demonstrate the newest trend in piercings, as you position the tip of the pin against your hand.
The pin is then clearly and fairly pushed directly into the back of your hand. Your spectator can see the pin going deeper and deeper into the flesh.
You ask the spectator if they can see the pin exit the other side and they respond with a bewildered, "Yes!"
Now you ask your most daring spectator to grip the pin with you and hold it steady. They do, and when they're least expecting it you suddenly YANK the pin out of your hand!


The illusion is shockingly perfect, and perfectly shocking.

PLEASE NOTE: The pin does not actually pass through your hand. It is a perfect illusion made possible by a precision crafted gimmick.
They see that the pin has completely penetrated the hand from the back to the front!

Message: Posted by: the Sponge (May 17, 2011 03:08PM)
This looks very familiar, say an old effect I saw advertised in Genii years ago, now sought after, that begins with the letter "A" hmmmmmm
Message: Posted by: JamieD (May 17, 2011 05:02PM)
Really interested in this one, wonder if a Demo will be available?

Jamie Daws
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Jun 18, 2011 01:09AM)
Just found this thread after I myself picked up Pierced. I'm not usually into buying single tricks at all, but I am sometimes tempted to pick up the occasional geek effect... the sadistic horror lover in me sometimes loves randomly shocking people. I do an original effect a lot where I push a thumb tack into my thumb and I like the similarity here... not in method, but in effect.

Mr Daws, a demo popped up on my news feed a few days ago for this. Here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxk1C7wq6xQ

I haven't tried using the extra addition of turning your hand over to show the pointed end sticking through the palm yet because the effect works without that extra convincer I think.
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Jun 19, 2011 09:36PM)
I made a quick video today showing how I use the Pierced gimmick... it's more "organic" so to speak than the handling taught (at least as organic as an effect using a gimmick can be). The actual handling has the neat convincer of showing the pin sticking out through the other side of the hand, which is by no means impractical, but this is more my style.

Message: Posted by: Lou Cirulli (Jun 19, 2011 10:13PM)
Is the pin examinable? From what I can imagine I don't think it is!
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Jun 19, 2011 10:16PM)
No, but you'll get a duplicate ungimmicked pin with your package... at least I did. And really, how hard is it to switch a pin?
Message: Posted by: Lou Cirulli (Jun 19, 2011 10:17PM)
On 2011-06-19 23:16, Michaelmystic2003 wrote:
No, but you'll get a duplicate ungimmicked pin with your package... at least I did. And really, how hard is it to switch a pin?

So true!! Thanks Michael!!
Message: Posted by: Zombie Magic (Nov 20, 2013 06:54PM)
I liked the demo on Fearson's site, using a pin!


Lots of chatter "on the street" about the ice pick through hand from the David Blaine special ( that and the alligator from Katy Perry's purse ). Folks are talking about it.
Message: Posted by: booswain (Nov 21, 2013 10:22AM)
Looks pretty groovy can you leave the pin in or do you have to hold it.
Message: Posted by: Jerskin (Nov 22, 2013 03:45PM)
There was something like this on the market over 30 years ago I remember owning it.