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Topic: Knuckle Cracker
Message: Posted by: Dr. Jakks (Apr 25, 2002 04:22AM)
Just a slight complaint....I have been doing a trick called Knuckle Cracker for quite sometime now, and David Copperfield has just started doing something called "Thumbs", They are exact in every way...
Effect: Hold out you hands, held palm outward, almust palm up, with thumbs pointing down. Cross your right hand over the left and interlock your fingers. The Magician the visibly turnhis wrists ove, without unlocking his fingers, to wiggle his no upward thumbs and do an outward Interlocked Knuckle Crack, warms my fingers up for my show.

Just bugs me that my homeade illusion is now in some show...but I suppose Great minds think alike :rotf:
Message: Posted by: stevenking (Apr 25, 2002 02:16PM)
You and Mr Copperfield are in good company ... Lance Burton also used it in his last special

I've used it for sometime too, although can't remember who showed it to me???


Steven King
Message: Posted by: Gawin (Apr 25, 2002 02:35PM)
And it is a great opener :-)))
Message: Posted by: Seth (Jun 4, 2002 03:04PM)
Yeah it is a great opener. Is it in print anywhere by any chance?
Message: Posted by: J_C (Jun 5, 2002 03:34AM)
I'm pretty sure this was an effect shown in David Pogue's Magic For Dummies book.
Message: Posted by: blurr (Jun 5, 2002 07:41AM)
This is in print in several books. An added touch is to crack your knuckles as you do this. It sounds like your bones are breaking!