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Topic: Twisting the Aces patter
Message: Posted by: EricClark (Aug 15, 2003 06:53PM)
I have been using...

"I am always looking for ways to save time. I've been playing a lot of cards recently and noticed that turning cards over takes an awful lot of time. Some people flip cards over this way [first turnover], along the short end, others flip them over this way [second turnover]. I invented an even quicker way that I call the 'double pucker' move. With this move, you can actually turn the cards over inside this little area [pointing to the sandwiched cards]. You hold the cards on the ends and do this double pucker move [buckle the cards to make a cool noise]. This turns over the first ace [reveal first ace], the ace of hearts. I'll show you again, you do the double pucker move [make cool noise]. This turns over the second ace [reveal second ace], the ace of clubs. See how much time that saves [misdirection while turning over]. All I have to do is the double pucker move and the ace of diamonds turns over [reveal third ace]. You wouldn't believe what I have done with all the time I have freed up with this move, I actually brush my teeth! I never had time for that before [misdirection while turning over]. I tried to speed it up even more by just doing a single pucker [count without revealing final ace], but it didn't work. You need to do the full double pucker [reveal the final ace], to flip the ace of spades.

What do you guys do?
Message: Posted by: Zeiros (Sep 18, 2003 04:44PM)
I really like that patter, mine is remarkably similar but ends slightly differently:

Rather than revealing the ace of spades myself I will count through the cards, showing them all face down, but taking care to thumb the last card onto the bottom of the packet (leaving Ace of spades face up, third card down) Then direct the spec through twisting the aces themselves by letting them pinch one side of the deck, then the other and then twisting them round like I did. Then when they take a look through and the ace is face upward they nearly die with shock.
Message: Posted by: EricClark (Sep 19, 2003 11:31AM)
Nice touch... I'm adding that the first chance I get.
Message: Posted by: Kenn Capman (Sep 19, 2003 06:13PM)
Maybe it's my military background coming back to hanut me but I just thought of a storyline about a commander who finds a more efficient way to get his troops to do an 'About Face.'