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Topic: Big boned bunnies
Message: Posted by: Kameron Messmer (Jun 2, 2011 07:03PM)
So I recently reaquired a rabbit for shows. I used to have one for a take apart vanish box and a dove pan, but it got too big. I was going to wait to get a dwarf one, but I have an event comming up where I think a rabbit will come in handy. I fear this one will soon become too lare for my boxes, so what other effects can you do with a larger bunny?
Message: Posted by: bwarren3 (Jun 2, 2011 10:00PM)
Kameron, Have you ever thought about just renting a dwarf bunny from a breeder???
I have friends out in Billings Montana...been awhile since I've seen them too.

Message: Posted by: Kameron Messmer (Jun 3, 2011 09:48AM)
Bill, I couldn't find any dwarfs around here. Least not on the internet...
Message: Posted by: bwarren3 (Jun 3, 2011 09:56PM)
How about in the next state??? I have a local breeder here in Va that would probably ship one to you...I got mine for $20 each...
Message: Posted by: wizardpa (Jun 3, 2011 10:55PM)
The benefits of owning a big boned bunny. Over 3 and a half years ago I bought what I thought to be a dwarf bunny from a breeder. That dwarf bunny grew to about 6 and a half pounds and she outgrew my rabbit props. What was I to do? Well based on what I had, I built bigger props. A bigger rabbit production box, rabbit wringer and circus wagon.
Now, back in January, I bought a Netherland Dwarf, just because producing a rabbit in my show is so important that I didn't want to be caught in a bind in case something happened to my first bunny.
Now I can do all kinds of great things. An example is, I did a magic show at a nursing home last month. At that show I produced my big bunny. They called me back for a show in July. What will I do? Oh, a nursing home.
What would all of the residents want most at a nursing home? To be young again. Now for my ending, I'll show my big, OLD, rabbit and change her into a young,(small) rabbit.
For some kid shows I have done the opposite.
If you are at all handy with building stuff, do as I did. Just build your props 1 and a half times bigger.
You can actually see me and my Grand-daughter producing both rabbits at a show, my do as I do routine. Go to youtube and search wizardpa, and there it is.
Message: Posted by: Michael J. Douglas (Jun 3, 2011 11:17PM)
Neat idea, wizardpa. Do your bunnies have similar markings?
Message: Posted by: wizardpa (Jun 3, 2011 11:42PM)
My bunnies look the same except for their ears. The older bunny's ears flop down and the Netherland Dwarf's ears stand up. No one really catches it though.
Both are great bunnies as far as personality goes.
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 4, 2011 10:33AM)
Wizardpa, Big boned???? Just got back from our yearly exam and check up. nails trimmed, good health, also was told to use care fresh for bedding if I noticed any sniffling nose ( wet nose) and watery eyes, So far none of those, the reason being is the cedar bedding gives off powerful ammonia fumes that annoy the rabbits nose and eyes, I use mosly Pine shavings with a dash of cedar. the vet reccomends the Care fresh from agriculture stores, just thought I would share that with you just in case you notice it. But to stay on track of the thread,,,, We weighed her as well and she came up to a woppping 7 and a quarter pounds. How big boned are your family bunnies?
Message: Posted by: wizardpa (Jun 4, 2011 03:16PM)
Hey Chris,
I get my Care Fresh from Petsmart.
I think my big bunny weighed around 6.25 lbs.
Did you have to build a bigger prop to make her appear or disappear?
I do not think there is any props one can buy for these bigger bunnies.
Chris W.
Message: Posted by: tropicalillusions (Jun 4, 2011 07:31PM)
I did have to modify the rabbit from drawing pad for her size, she still fits well in our Chalet doves to rabbit and fits well in the chalet duck bucket. So up one size on the drawing pad to accommadate the gimmick, here is a link to that vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzhlt2a5IUs I built a sucker tear apart to vanish her , looked like a small packing crate for shipping, then she vanishes then re appears in the bucket the child is holding. That was the only other prop we built to fit.
Message: Posted by: wizardpa (Jun 4, 2011 09:12PM)
I love the video and your bunny.
Message: Posted by: Kameron Messmer (Jun 5, 2011 11:08AM)
Bill, I couldn't find any dwarfs around here. Least not on the internet...