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Topic: Planning a Publicity Stunt?
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Aug 17, 2003 09:33AM)
What sort of things do you need to consider for planning a publicity stunt?

Where do you get the information and permission to use an area for a stunt etc.

This is just to get people expressing their opinions - I don't plan to do a publicity stunt for a few years at least ;)

Thanks guys (and the few gals around here)

Message: Posted by: Jim Snack (Aug 17, 2003 10:00AM)

I'm not sure about things in Scotland, but in the US here are some things to keep in mind:

You will need permission to use someone else's property. If it is on city owned property or public streets you will need the appropriate city permits.

You will need some sort of event liability insurance, naming the property owner as an additionally insured party.

You will need a stunt that will get people's attention, ideally with a tie-in to another event or story.

You will need a strategy for attracting the media, including flyers, press releases and photos, distributed to the right people.

Several years ago I promoted an outdoor strait jacket escape by Philadelphia magician Landis Smith to promote his show at Proctor's theater in downtown Schenectady, NY. We generated a great deal of publicity that included a minute and a half story on the six o'clock and eleven o'clock news on all four local television stations. It helped tremendously with ticket sales.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Aug 17, 2003 04:30PM)
Excellent stuff. I live near Philadelphia and know Landis and company. I am sure the stunt worked quite well. I do remember hearing about it.
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Aug 18, 2003 07:19AM)
Thanks for the replies.

Do you know if there is material about publicity stunts, with ideas and possible methods?


Much appreciated as usual!

Message: Posted by: Tom Trix (Aug 18, 2003 07:52AM)
Kevin !
A very good book about publicity and publicity stunts is "How to Get Publicity in Newspapers and Other Media" by Arnold Furst. Published by Magic Limited. I believe you can get this from magic books by post in UK.

Tom Trix
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Aug 18, 2003 12:10PM)
Thanks for the input Tom, very helpful!

I couldn't find it on Magic Books by Post, but I saw a copy on http://www.leejacobsproductions.com/books3.htm

Thanks again mate,

Message: Posted by: christopher carter (Aug 18, 2003 11:33PM)
Two things to consider when planning a publicity stunt are the time of the stunt and its proximity to media. In most major metropolitan areas, maximum coverage will be achieved if the stunt can be time to occur during the "drive time" news reporting in the morning. Also, try to locate the stunt where the media won't have to travel very far to find you. In other words, try to locate the stunt in or near a city center as opposed to the suburbs.

Stunts can also be offered to specific media outlets. With this you are essentially offering an exclusive to a particular radio or television station. They love the idea that they are getting something their competition isn't, so these are easier to set up and you can guarantee your stunt will get covered. However, needless to say you won't get as much coverage as you can when all media are invited.

Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Aug 19, 2003 02:29AM)
Do you have to [i]pay[/i] to use the site for a stunt, or just need permission from the council?

Thanks Chris, very useful information.