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Topic: Watch extreem show of!!!
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Jun 30, 2011 10:27AM)
all I can say is wao
Message: Posted by: Fábio DeRose (Jun 30, 2011 03:11PM)
Holy shizzles.

Is this, you know, serious?
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Jun 30, 2011 04:04PM)
No .. just for laughs
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Jun 30, 2011 04:34PM)
Mediocre taken to a whole new level! LOL!!
Message: Posted by: Fábio DeRose (Jun 30, 2011 06:49PM)
On 2011-06-30 17:04, dahih beik wrote:
No .. just for laughs

It has my bowels moving faster than ever before.
Message: Posted by: Nick W (Jul 1, 2011 11:59AM)
This is how most magic in asia feels and looks like and IS!

(some exceptions)
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Jul 1, 2011 02:42PM)
There's enough "attitude" in that to strip rusted paint off a bulldozer.
Message: Posted by: Peter Pitchford (Jul 1, 2011 02:53PM)
I love the Batman belt buckle.
Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Jul 1, 2011 06:42PM)
Well, gee whiz, of course they have ‘tude. You gotta realize the magic is so innovative, original, skilled, and impossible, they have to let us know how fantastic they are, wow imagine how valuable a jam session would be with these with-it, hot, totally up to date young geniuses.

Message: Posted by: BaoHoang (Jul 3, 2011 11:46PM)
Ahhh asians... xD
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jul 4, 2011 12:46AM)
You have just looked into the future of Magic in the 21st Century!
Message: Posted by: yin_howe (Jul 4, 2011 12:50AM)
I believe that there are good ones... just that these guys do't do youtube vids. :P
Message: Posted by: Anatole (Jul 4, 2011 09:51AM)
I think the exuberance of these XCM--xtreme card manipulators--comes with the territory of being young. The "attitude" that comes across in their videos is little different from the "attitude" of John, Paul, George and Stu Sutcliffe when they were "teddy boys" in Liverpool and Hamburg. In the novel _Shane_ by Jack Schaeffer, Shane sees the cowboy/gunslinger "attitude" of Chris as a liability of youth but which with time will be tempered by wisdom. I remember at an IBM convention in the early 70's one of the youngsters in the close-up contest appeared in one of those "tuxedo T-shirts" that were popular in the 70's while presenting his close-up act featuring the cups and balls. In spite of his unusual choice of costuming, this youngster won first place. Over a decade later he became one of the legends of modern close-up magic with multiple appearances with Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show." In those Tonight Show appearances and in HBO's "Magic Moments," he was of course smartly dressed according to the guidelines that Lewis Ganson set forth in _Routined Manipulations_ that said "Be as well-dressed as the best-dressed person at the event you're performing at." At least I think it was Ganson who wrote that, although I sometimes get his philosophy of magic confused with Barrows Mussey's.
Message: Posted by: tong (Jul 7, 2011 02:49PM)
Guys, I can't see what's funny about the video. Can you tell me?
Message: Posted by: mtpascoe (Jul 7, 2011 04:04PM)
It's cheesy. Plus, because the action is done as a montage, the magic is done too quickly. This may be good for about thirty seconds, not 2 minutes and 30 seconds, way too long. Now, if this was used as an intro, then let each magician go into a longer segment, then it would be different. This way, magic is reduced to tricks that you have your dog do to entertain house guests. Not an artistic thing shown on television.
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Jul 8, 2011 01:22AM)
Nothing is funny about this video .. its sad .
Message: Posted by: Anatole (Jul 8, 2011 05:42AM)
Maybe in reading between the lines of the comments above I've misinterpreted the critiques submitted. Are the objections meant to address the performers' attitudinal presentation style or the "effects" they are presenting? If the objection is to the "attitude," I think we should remember that "attitude" and ego are what helped make Houdini the superstar he was. If the objection is to the effects presented (fancy cuts as opposed to "magic"), I think we should just accept that this genre is here to stay and is pretty much an evolutionary descendant of the Charlier Pass. The place of flourishes in a magic act has been and will continue to be an ongoing debate that is not likely ever to be resolved to anyone's satisfaction or in anyone's lifetime.

Although the presentation style is not my cup of tea, I still am a little puzzled at the almost unanimous negative responses in this thread. Granted that I personally would not adopt such a presentation style (I'm the poster boy for "old school"), but neither would I have adopted the hippie presentation style of Doug Henning in the mid-1970's or the style today of Criss Angel or Dan Sperry, who is currently on the cover of GENII.

As Tennyson wrote in _Idylls of the King_:
The old order changeth, yielding place to new,
And God fulfills himself in many ways
Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.
Comfort thyself: what comfort is in me?

----- Amado "Sonny" Narvaez
Message: Posted by: Bleh (Oct 29, 2011 10:01AM)
I thought this is Magicians helping magicians.. not Magicians Criticized other magicians... you Fábio DeRose... I have seen you performanced in in youtube in one of your local game show.. and I wanna say that you look stupid.. pretending that you can scape those chain??? heller.. everybody knows that you were using props... your performance is too obvious... perhaps those judges have never seen yet any escape act... you are so stupid.. why do you think you can already perform better than what David Copperfield does... if you can.. then why I haven't heard a such name as Fábio DeRose.. does any body here can come up a better Ambitious card routine better than what Daryl did??? does any body here can perform original card magic.. WITH OUT USING METHOD other magicians such as Double lift or invisible pass??? how stupid this forum.. I was so disappointed.. there is nothing wrong with the video... the guys are amateur and they are just trying their best... second they are not trying to exposed the secret of magic... they are not one of those kiddy on youtube... I was really laughing out loud when I saw the escape act of Fábio DeRose .. becuase it look cheap... specially they way he presented it... and also whats wrong with a long intro.. or a long montage.. if you are truly a good performer.. then where are you right now.. you all should be performing in las Vegas then if you does.. I must say that Las Vegas is somehow cheap... the cheapest city in the world..... you should be touring around the world with you grandma as you assistant.....

You Fábio DeRose are you good enough to show me your skill... do you think you can already Fool Penn and Teller??? do you think you can already make Lenard Green or Michael Ammar say WOW to your performce???? do you already have your own original act using original method and not copied from Hudini and other magicians..??? you are nothing but a second rate trying hard copy cat... try to perfect your performance before you criticize others work... try to look at the mirror mi amigo... try to focus more in making your performance as perfect as it is... I have seen your performance and it suck I saw in one or your video.. you used invisible card??? so cheap.... so basic... show me more.. something that would make my eyes pop out...

lastly.. I wanna say. that this Forum is a liar... it says in the banner that Magicians helping magicians..but its not.... shame on this forum... especially to Fábio DeRose who perform in QUAL É O SEU TALENTO he looks stupid in that performance...

and by the way.. I was laughing again when I saw you did the Matix using dice??? ahahahah.. so easy... can't you come up with your own.. as in own version??? don't you have your own originality....???
Message: Posted by: mtpascoe (Oct 30, 2011 03:42AM)
I’m sorry if you feel that way, but though that some of the comments may have been insulting, I don’t see where doing a counter attack on someone that didn’t warrant it was helpful. Not going back and reading everything I said, but I’m sure that I didn’t sling insults, but tried to give a helpful criticism.

I know that sometimes it is daunting to get bad comments on here, trust me; I have my complaints about it. But, other times, you have to call them as we see them. We can’t always say nice things all of the time. Be polite at times yes, but we can’t always sugarcoat it.

Now, you may come back and say this is the modern way of doing things, but you can’t change what the eye can see. It doesn’t matter what the current trend is, tedium is innate regardless of whatever way modern videos are being produced.

You can’t give a short montage like this tableau and keep going with the short clips without some kind of breakup of the pattern. The human mind can’t process it. It’s too fast and anything, no matter how good, becomes tiresome if repeated too often. It’s not good showmanship.

That’s what was done here.

No sense in giving a counter attack on someone that didn’t deserve the attack.
Message: Posted by: Wizzard (Oct 30, 2011 03:23PM)
This is interesting! Why?
Just think if there was a presentation like this when we were all starting out. I'm sure all of us have our reasons for "getting into Magic". If you are like me 'Older' I find myself going back to my "roots" to; if nothing else entertain people.
We live in an instant society, for example if you perform a lengthy card routine or a stage effect that goes on and on, we lose people, not all but some. Some performers seem to do their routines as if they were performing for a group of magicians from there magic club. Expecting a "normal" audience to "understand" what they are doing. Trust me they do not, nor do they care. Just look at how people drive.
There are not those many rules in our driver manuals, yet we see it everyday how people disregard those very simple rules.
I was lucky enough to have a mentor when I started out in magic, who was dynamic and very cutting edge! There was no internet, no cell phones, no face book, no 'nuttin', just men who knew how to entertain the masses and put on such a show , that show was burned into your memory, yes 50 later I remember my mentors stage show. Will any one remember these young magicians?
This will pull, like a magnet more young people into the fray of magic. What will they bring to the table?
Thank you Bruce Spangler for your patience and persistence.
Best Regards,
John Newlon
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Nov 2, 2011 01:41AM)
Mr blah ..blah blah .. critisizm is the best way to help other magicians to put more work in their acts
Message: Posted by: LaurensMalter (Nov 7, 2011 06:40PM)
I must say, the technique of many Asian magicians is amazing, but I have to agree, it's going TOO fast, the brain didn't get time to process what just happened and we're already looking at '2 tricks later', good magic is being lost..

This is currently a trend in Asia, but as with most trends, it doesn't catch on at the opposite side of the world.

Dahih Beik is right, critisism is not the best, but the ONLY way to improve in magic, you can think what you're doing is awesome if your collegue's or more important you're audience can't seem to appreciate it, than something's wrong..

Take the feedback you get here and do something with it, the majority of people on this forum know what they're talking about
Your 'David Copperfield' might not be on this forum, but people who created illusions for him and many other magicians are, listen to them.
Message: Posted by: Bleh (Nov 10, 2011 05:08AM)
1st to Mr. Dahih Beik: Please try to put in your mind... that there is a lot of way in criticizing others work.. you can do this is such a very polite ways or in such an insulting ways, for example.. I will criticize you work.. and I would say.. "Is this, you know, serious?,It has my bowels moving faster than ever before." how would you feel about it... it wont help.. but if you really wanna help other magicians... try to respect there work and try to make them understand that they have done a mistake in there works... in such a politest way... don't just go and tell other magicians about the video you got from youtube.. if you really do care about helping them.. why didn't you post on their channel something that would help them improve their skills, but instead... you posted it here.. that group doesn't even know that their magic video is already trending here... blah blah blah...

2nd to LaurensMalter: I don't care who is the consultant of Your Famous 'David Copperfield'.. weather it's Homer Liwag or Fábio DeRose I don't even give a ***... because.. please try to remember.. no matter how good is your adviser.. if you are not perfectionist then the great effect will still look suck... just try to compare criss angel to david blaine.. both of them has a good advisers.. perhaps like what you said.. maybe some of their adviser is from here... because I believe even if Dai Vernon will rise from his grave and teach you a good magic.. if you will not perfect it... then it's still useless...

the guy from the video is so armature... but yet they are not trying to ruin the magic society.. they are not exposing... maybe what they've done is not quite impressive.. but try to remember.. they are amateurs .. if you really do care about helping them... try to help them in such a politest way.. not in such an insulting ways... but anyhow.. I can see that only Fábio DeRose here have the guts to do that... to insult other magicians.... and that sucks... as if he is really a good magicians... ahahahaha... "wow.. It has my bowels moving faster than ever before" ahahaha... so sad... I must read this trend..

Magicians helping Magicians... I don't think I am in the right forum???? if you are really serious in helping them... try to say something nice to them.. something that will inspire them... you can say that "ok you magic video is nice.. but please try to make it short and try to make it a little slower,.. " now that is what I call Magicians helping Magicians like what your banner say....

I like what Mr. Anatole, Mr. Mtpascoem, Mr. Wizzard and Mr. LaurensMalter say.. that is helping.. that is a healthy way....

lastly.. to anybody here who disagree with me.. this is all for you... specially to Mr. Dahih Beik... "WRONG IS TO BE CORRECTED, NOT TO BE INSULTED".... now I hope you all understand my point...
Message: Posted by: Bjarne (Nov 18, 2011 03:57PM)
Blah and others, let us be constructive and stay on topic. What blah writes backfires easily.

Blah, "if you really do care about helping him... try to help him in such a politest way.. not in such an insulting ways... but anyhow.. I can see that only <INSERT YOUR NAME HERE> here have the guts to do that... to insult other magicians.... and that sucks... as if he is really a good magicians... ahahahaha..."

If we all staid on topic (which is the video in this case), we would not enter into personal bowel motions or whether Fabio is a good magician.
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Nov 19, 2011 04:05AM)
Mr or mrs bleh blih bloh blah ..
you seem so sensitive about the issue .. its mybe because you could be one o those in the video .. but to my concern all the critism abouve funny or hard .. pours in the benifit of the the young gays in the video . from my own experience hard and hard critisim only pushed me to hard work .. and you should understant that magicians are unique and tend to be funny in a way while wruting , speaking or critisizing .
I think the video title shoul be changed into ( help please!! or our begining into magic ...so on ) but really what do want us to say .. for example your magic is great but you need to read some hundred books and practice some 10 years and attend 100 conferences and watch some 5000 videos .. and then you might get a little bit better ... hey come on I don't think anybody meant to discourage them but to encourage them to hard work .. then they might post another link that we might enjoy and learn from .. hopefully . thanx
Message: Posted by: billappleton (Nov 19, 2011 09:12AM)
Message: Posted by: Devious (Nov 19, 2011 10:36AM)
On 2011-11-07 19:40, LaurensMalter wrote:
Your 'David Copperfield' might not be on this forum, but people who created illusions for him and many other magicians are, listen to them.

Actually, he is my friend.

Responding to what I saw in the video,
I would just tell those magicians, slow down and relax.
Message: Posted by: Bleh (Nov 19, 2011 11:13AM)
On 2011-11-19 11:36, Devious wrote:
On 2011-11-07 19:40, LaurensMalter wrote:
Your 'David Copperfield' might not be on this forum, but people who created illusions for him and many other magicians are, listen to them.

Actually, he is my friend.

Responding to what I saw in the video,
I would just tell those magicians, slow down and relax.

That is very nice... "slow down and relax..." now that is what we call giving advice.. that is not insulting or what ever that means... nice one.. atlast there is somebody out here who is positive...

I also like what "Bjarne" said...

now to you dear mr. dahih beik bike book back beck buck kwack kwack duck duck yuck yuck.... whoever you are.... anyway.. are you trying to tell me that it's ok to insult others work?? that it's ok to say something bad or make fun of them even if they are not aware... that's back fighting. any way.. if you love to insult others work.. then live by it.. karma will come to you anyway... now I know how narrowed your mind is.. you can't even figure out what I am trying to say here... again I will say it again and I will addressed this one to you now... "WRONG IS TO BE CORRECTED NOT TO BE INSULTED" I hope you know how to read and speak ENGLISH... you know what my dear Mr. who ever you are.. if you think that you are good enough to a mentor.. then show it... be humble... I remember Michael Ammar went to the Philippines.. he was so Humble... down to earth and so attentive... can you just be like that... of if not atleast be like "Devious" who can give advised instead insulting others work... remember your comment above "Just for laugh".. so you mean if your are a good magician or a magician.. it's ok to insult and be insulted??? well if that is your perceptions... then all I can say is.. you go your way and I'll go my way... and also don't you ever tell me that you wanted to encourage them.. the guys from the video doesn't even knows about this thing.. about this trend.. how would they know.. if you are doing some back fighting here.... oh come on.... don't be so sarcastic.. you haven't proved anything yet... you know that your it's fault... then if you are really true to what you said about criticizing then you must not react.. because I am just criticizing your attitude.. you must learn from it.. and be vary careful on what you said and post next time... ok.. learn from you self my friend... please..."read some hundred books and practice some 10 years and attend 100 conferences and watch some 5000 videos not just in magic.. but also public speaking..." try to take up Good moral and right conduct seminars... ok.. becuase I really don't think that it's ok to insult others work... it often lead us for any conflict...

can I hire you mr. dahih beik to be my adviser... I wanted to learn how to insult somebody.. I wanted to insult you.. can you teach me.. because I think like based from what you said.. it's ok to insult somebody....

"oh come on.. enough with this none sense topic. because everybody knows that insulting somebody's work is a bad hobbit...

"All good criticism should be judged the way art is. You shouldn't read it the way you read history or science."
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Nov 19, 2011 11:56AM)
Beik book bike ... hahahahahaha that was really funny you made me laugh ..nice try
can you recomend any book for public speaking ??? I'm interested
I cant see wre I insulted anyone .. I was commenting on something I saw .. I can insult if I want but you don't want to see that .
so you are in the video .. you could be the one bitting the card or the coin either way you bite well..lol
AND NO I don't want to be be your mentor or mentior anyone in this video , just open your ears and listen to the profesionals when they speak .(im not refering to myself)
Message: Posted by: LaurensMalter (Nov 19, 2011 04:08PM)
Oh My God!

Stop the mud throwing!!
You said *something*, he then answered with *something* and I feel very *something*.

Grow Up!
This is not a kindergarden, it's a forum where magicians go for help, advice, inspiration or just a nice chat, and the above posts don't have anything to do with that!

If you can't process criticism, then don't start a discussion.
If you can't make your point in a polite way, then simply.. shut up.

Face it, criticism is a part of magic and it will always be, THANK GOD! Don't forget, we are performing artists, we get on a stage to entertain people, if those people will BOOH! you off stage, will you start yelling at them aswell, saying they don't know talent when it strokes them on the ass?

I've had people tell me things I didn't like, but as long as they do it in a polite way I'll work with that advice/feedback and it only makes you stronger, better and more versatile.
Message: Posted by: dahih beik (Nov 20, 2011 03:10AM)
Thankx I cant agree more
Message: Posted by: Bjarne (Nov 23, 2011 02:09PM)
Well said.