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Topic: New Portable Asrah
Message: Posted by: davekilpatrick (Apr 26, 2002 10:21PM)
Does anyone know anything about that new portable Asrah advertized in this month's Genii, offered by Steven's Magic Emporium?
Message: Posted by: Aedryan Methyus (Apr 27, 2002 04:13PM)
Hi Dave,
I'm not familiar with the Steven's Emporium version, but I am with Jim Summers portable Asrah and I'm assuming it might be escentially the same. Jim's is ingenius in design. The table folds up into a small suitcase and can be set up and torn down in seconds. The "Secret something" is very well made and self-contained, but it isn't very practical. In fact it is very awkward and through much experimenting with it I don't even see it as workable unless it is flown.

Hope this helps...

Yours in the art,

Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Apr 27, 2002 05:50PM)
I also have the Summers portable Asrah. I don't use a table. I do not vanish it as the instructions states, because it just don't work. It looks bad! It took me a long time to come up with a good way to do it. I am happy with it now.

I use back art and do it from the floor.
Using black art, you can "go south" with the Secret something". I get rid of the something and toss the cloth down stage. It looks very good. As a bonus, because I am using black art I can also make the box jumper reappear.
Getting back to the real first question, Steven's Magic Emporium Asrah. I have never seen it, or heard anything about it.
Message: Posted by: davekilpatrick (Apr 28, 2002 02:29PM)
Look for the Steven's Magic one at their website and in a full page ad in the current Genii. It looks like there is no table involved—so it may not be a form of the Sommer's one (no pun intended). The assistant is vertical at first. She foats horizontally second and then disappears. They have these columns in the back ground, but I suspect any backdrop would do the job.

The illusion is so cheaply priced, I already have a backdrop that I can use in stage and parlor settings—so an illusion like this would be great for me so long as the gimmick works well and the "vanish" can go smoothly.

If anyone gets it or sees it reviewed, let us know.