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Topic: Jojo The dog faced boy
Message: Posted by: Stigmata (Aug 3, 2011 07:24PM)
Out of curiousity can anyone confirm what happened with & where the remains are Jojo. Was he buried or cremated? I have searched and searched and have gotten no closer to the answer.
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Aug 3, 2011 09:25PM)
All I find is that he died on Jan 30, 1903 of pneumonia in Salonika, Greece, at the age of about 35.
Message: Posted by: Stigmata (Aug 3, 2011 10:37PM)
Yeah I got that answer at first too and the more I dug I had found more proof that he had actually died at age 35 from pneumonia in Thessalonkia (Turkey) Salonica, Ottomn Empire. Now is a part of greece on Jan. 31, 1904. Now his age can be debated because there is no proof of when he was born exactlly. Some claim St. Petersburg, Russia in 1968. If I remember correctly Sideshowworld claims that is wrong and he was actually born in Finland on Tour with his father Adrian who also had Hypertrichosis. Sadly though Jojo's father drank himself to death in 1873. I only ask because here and there I wonder if there is a place to visit ad pay respects to those before me. For years Schlitzie had no grave marker until a group was formed and raised the money to get him a gravestone and actually have a Schlitzie day for it. Theres just some things I don't want to see get lost in time.