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Topic: 70 YouTube Videos of 70 Tricks in Genii
Message: Posted by: David Acer (Aug 25, 2011 01:06PM)
For anyone who might be interested, or for anyone who knows someone who might be interested, or for anyone who doesn't know if they're interested, but might be, here are 70 YouTube videos of 70 tricks published in Genii magazine. This is the latest, most up-to-date list: apologies for any videos that vanish down the line.


* = performed by originator


*Genii, July 2011 Chris Westfall's "Cheeky Triumph," a clever conversion of Theodore Deland's "Inverto" into a nearly self-working Color Changing Triumph:

*Genii, July 2011 Richard Hucko's "Hucko Double Color-Change," a knuckle-busting card sequence:

*Genii, June 2011 Boris Wild's "Pure Telepathy," an impossible divination of a free selection:

*Genii, April 2011 David Gabbay's "Sweet," an impromptu signed-coin-in-sugar-packet:

*Genii, Feb 2011 Richard Hucko's "Erdnase [squared]," a handling of the Erdnase Change that transforms two cards simultaneously:


* Genii, October 2010 David Acer's "Overtime," a fourth-dimensional revelation of a freely chosen card:

*Genii, September 2010 Yannick Lacroix's "Bermuda Triangle," a strange event with three coins:

*Genii, May 2010 Brian Roberts' "Breathless," a Spellbound routine using Listerine Pocket Paks:

* Genii, Feb 2010 Brian Miller's "The Choices We Can't See," an unusual mental effect using pocket change:

Genii, January 2010 Jack Parker's "Kentucky Fried Aces," an Ace routine (performed by YoTSD):

* Genii, January 2010 Jeff Prace's "Scribbles of Destiny," an iPhone card revelation:

* Genii, January 2010 Ian Kendall's "Stigmata," an impromptu coin-through-hand sequence:


* Genii, December 2009 Cameron Francis' "Business Burn," a business-card printing effect:

*Genii, September, 2009 Richard Sanders' "Twinkle Change," a visual Spellbound move:

*Genii, August, 2009 Pete McCabe's "Double Stuff," a bitten-and-restored cookie:

*Genii, August, 2009 Jacky Kahan's "Four Gone Conclusion," a multiple coin vanish to conclude any card-and-coin routine:

*Genii, August, 2009 Tom Stone's "Silvery & Sorcery," a cylinder-and-coins routine:

*Genii, June, 2009 Wayne Houchin's "Ring & String Mystery" (a ring that's dropped onto a coin envelope links to a string threaded through two holes on either side):

Genii, June, 2009 Wayne Houchin's "Match Bite" (bitten-and-restored match):

*Genii, January, 2009 Joe Turner's "Unwedding Ring" (a ring is openly threaded on a shoelace, then penetrates through the middle):


*Genii, April, 2008 Cameron Francis's "Appearing Sharpie," a bare-handed production of a Sharpie marker from an empty Sharpie cap:

*Genii, February, 2008 Herb Zarrow's "Zarrow Shuffle" (reprise of the legendary false riffle-shuffle):


*Genii, September, 2007 David Acer's "Up In Smoke," a coin vanish for impromptu situations when you dig a coin out of your pocket (e.g., at a store, etc):

Genii, June, 2007 Jack Parker's "Ourobouros," and impromptu gambling demonstration:

Genii, June, 2007 Jack Parker's "Final Palm," an unusual Invisible Palm routine resulting in a four-for-one transposition (performed by J Wilson):


*Genii, October 2006 Eric Leclerc's "Razor Burn" (disposable-razor-to-matchbook):

*Genii, October 2006 Nathan Kranzo's "Progressive Wild Coin" (stand-up fingertip Wild Coin routine):

Genii, June 2006 Jack Parker's "On, In and Under" (four Kings transpose in a strange and visual manner with three Twos, performed by Jim Catman):

Genii, June 2006 Jack Parker's "All That Jazz" (version of Peter Kane's Jazz Aces with a surprise kicker):

Genii, June 2006 Jack Parker's "Oddservation" (an observation test with eight regular cards drawn from any deck that includes several transpositions and transformations):

Genii, June 2006 Jack Parker's "Rabbits" (performed by Jim Catman):

*Genii, May 2006 Rob James' "Cardboard Metamorphosis", a two-phase card-transposition inspired by the classic Subsitution Trunk illusion, a.k.a. Metamorphosis:

*Genii, May 2006 The Channing Pollack Dove Production, written by Gary Ouellet (video clip from Magic Archives):

*Genii, March 2006 Al Schneider's "Osmosis" (three coins penetrate a sheer scarf):


*Genii, July 2005 Matthew Dowden's "Shrinkage" (a selected card visibly shrinks to half its size):

Genii, July 2005 Guy Hollingworth's "Erdnase Sideways" (color-changing card at face of deck):

*Genii, July 2005 Jacky Kahan's "Spellboundless" (original Spellbound change with automatic reload):

*Genii, April 2005 Romaine's "Double Kicker", an unusual revelation of a freely chosen card that demonstrates total command of the deck:


*Genii, August 2004 De'vo's "Viereck," a one-handed cut that results in the deck taking a cube shape on the magician's palm:

*Genii, July 2004 David Acer's "Fresh Mint" (a coin is minted from a piece of foil):


Genii, December 2003 Jean-Pierre Vallarino's "Hypnotic Rumba Count," a variation of his Rumba Count that shows the faces of only two cards while apparently showing all the faces in a four-card packet (shown here at the beginning of his marketed trick, "Carre Blanc"):

Genii, October 2003 Dan & Dave Buck's "Molecule 2", a triple cut, one-card production (performed by Kaman):

Genii, October 2003 Dan & Dave Buck's "TiVo Transpo," an in-the-hands two-card transposition with no duplicates (performed by Alejandro Portela):

Genii, October 2003 Dan & Dave Buck's "Collectors," a double-sandwich effect wherein two selections are magically trapped between four Aces:

*Genii, October 2003 Dan & Dave Buck's "Revolution E," the one-handed Erdnase cut with a twist (literally):

Genii, October 2003 Dan & Dave Buck's "Hand to Mouth," a quick card-to-mouth opener:

Genii, October 2003 Dan & Dave Buck's "Real Time," an instant production of four Aces:

Genii, October 2003 Dan & Dave Buck's "Kryptonite," a triple-packet one-handed false cut (performed by Chris Hestnes):


Genii, November 2002 Dr. Sawa's "Why a Big Purse?", a series of two-coin transpositions with a jumbo-coin finale (performed by Antonio Yang):

Genii, October 2002 Akira Fuji's "Jet Coins" (three-coins-across routine using a novel invisible transfer) (performed by kenji1616):

*Genii, August 2002 David Acer & Richard Sanders' "Splittant," a variation of a Looy Simonoff's Flippant that creates the illusion of splitting one card, like a red Four, into two constituent cards, like two red Twos:


Genii, May 2001 Christian Engblom's "Anti-Faro," a lightning-fast method for un-interlacing a deck:

Genii, April 2001 Karl Hein's "Heinstein Shuffle," a benchmark in-the-hands false riffle-shuffle:


*Genii, December 2000 David Acer's "Unflappable," a visual torn-and-restored matchbook with spectator's phone number on it:

Genii, May 2000 Tomo Maeda's "Human Cannonball," performed by Evan Shuster. A chosen card vanishes in a flash of fire from between two jokers that have been rolled and rubber-banded into a tube (or "cannon"). The selection is found inside a sealed envelope at which the "cannon" was aimed:

Genii, May 2000 Masao Atsukawa's "Warp 9," a topological mystery with a jumbo card:

*Genii, Feb 2000 (and Genii, November, 1970) Al Schneider's original "Matrix":


Genii, Dec. 1999 Dr. Hiroshi Sawa's "Submarine Coins," a direct and unusual three-coins-across routine:

*Genii, June 1999 Jay Sankey's "Leaving Home" (the magician removes a knotted loop of string with a key on it from around his neck, then magically unlinks and relinks the key):

Genii, Oct 1999 Lee Asher's "Ripple Plus," a visual Ambitious Card sequence and variation of Tom Allen's "The Ripple":

Genii, Nov 1994 Martin Nash's "The Very Best Tabled False Cut," performed by Gary Ouellet:

*Genii, September, 1993 Homer Liwag's False Faro Shuffle (featured in Gary Ouellet's Fulminations column):

Genii, November, 1992 Jean-Pierre Vallarino's Rumba Count (featured in Gary Ouellet's Fulminations column), a false count that allows you to show the faces of all the cards in a small packet as being identical, when in fact they are all different (shown and cued here during a performance of Darwin Ortiz's "Jumping Gemini"):

*Genii, September, 1992 Bob Farmer's "The Miracle of Life," performed by Gary Ouellet. The magician creates a little life between the palm of his hands:

Genii, August, 1992 Popeye (featured in Gary Ouellet's Fulminations column), performed here on a Penn & Teller special. An impromptu dinner-table gag in which you apparently jam a fork into your eye, causing it to explode in a spray of white goo:

*Genii, July 1991 David Acer's "Around The World in 80 Dollars," a double bill-change routine:


*Genii, May 1988 Gary Ouellet's "Flash Deck," an instant production of a deck of cards:

*Genii, May 1988 Gary Ouellet's "Silverdust" (a sprinkle of silver glitter shaken from a clear salk-shaker converges into a silver dollar, which vanishes once more to the glitter from whence it came):

Genii, November 1986 - Shigeru Sugawara's "Night Passage," performed by Evan Shuster (a superball somehow passes through a finger ring):


*Genii, May 1970 Larry Jennings's Single Cup and Balls:
Message: Posted by: tbaer (Aug 26, 2011 08:48PM)
Thanks for sharing.
Message: Posted by: magic.mind (Aug 26, 2011 09:22PM)
GREAT !, sadly no so much mentalism in there.
Message: Posted by: DavidG (Aug 31, 2011 06:47PM)
A lot of moves. Some of them must replaced with a better performing though. Thanks for sharing David!
Message: Posted by: David Acer (Aug 31, 2011 07:55PM)
On 2011-08-31 19:47, DavidG wrote:
A lot of moves. Some of them must replaced with a better performing though. Thanks for sharing David!

There are considerably more routines than moves. And you're welcome!
Message: Posted by: Devious (Sep 13, 2011 07:20PM)
Wow, what an incredible online resource Mr. Acer! Thank you so much for taking the time to post and share this guy!
See you out there!
Message: Posted by: BrianMillerMagic (Sep 13, 2011 07:42PM)
On 2011-08-26 22:22, magic.mind wrote:
GREAT !, sadly no so much mentalism in there.

Perhaps not, but check this out:

* Genii, Feb 2010 Brian Miller's "The Choices We Can't See," an unusual mental effect using pocket change:
Message: Posted by: David Acer (Sep 18, 2011 12:19PM)
On 2011-08-26 22:22, magic.mind wrote:
GREAT !, sadly no so much mentalism in there.

There's plenty of mentalism among these videos. In fact, think of a number between 10 and 19, then, starting with the trick at the top of the list (Chris Westfall's "Cheeky Triumph"), count down that many tricks. Don't forget to keep your finger on whatever trick you land on. Now add the two digits of your chosen number together - so if you chose 17, you would add 1 and 7, which equals eight - then count that many tricks back up the list. I'm guessing your finger will land on a mental effect.