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Topic: Anderson Silva does it again at 134
Message: Posted by: critter (Aug 27, 2011 10:12PM)
Greatest MMA fighter there is. Sad for Forrest though, really wanted him to win this one.
Message: Posted by: Marlin1894 (Aug 29, 2011 11:07AM)
I knew Forrest was gonna get it, but it does suck cause I like him alot. Although I like Rua as well.

Silva is amazing. Chael Sonnen must kick himslef everyday for blowing that chance he had against Silva. He had him beat. If he's gets another shot I have a feeling he's going to get owned.
Message: Posted by: critter (Aug 29, 2011 02:23PM)
I can't stand Chael Sonnen. He may the the only fighter that annoys me even more than Tito and Tank.
I too had a feeling Forrest wouldn't win that one, but I hoped he would because he seems like such a cool guy and he's so good at pulling off wins nobody expects him too.
I have pulled for Rua in every fight but this one. I love his Muay Thai style and he's always so polite in interviews. He's one of my favorites, I just like Forrest more. Forrest and Royce are most likely my top two all time favorite UFC fighters.
Message: Posted by: Justin R (Aug 30, 2011 09:17PM)
At this point I think Silva could knockout Superman. That's how good I believe he is, you'd have to resort to fictional characters just to find a challenge for this guy.