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Topic: Rising Matchbox patter
Message: Posted by: Paul (Aug 29, 2003 05:54PM)
These are some lines I used to use with the Rising Matchbox routine. I suddenly realised the lines were somewhat topical again so dug my matchbox out. I use Pat Conway's version of the effect which is self contained, and I think the best version of the effect.

Bringing the box into view I shake it and say, "Something with a matchbox, I'll not shake it too much, the matches tend to get rattled. Will you hold your hands out palm up please?".

When the participant complies I rest the matchbox tray on one palm and the cover on the other. I immediately ask them to hold up and look through the matchbox cover.This gives them something to do and focuses their attention on the cover. As they look through it I say, "Can you see Mars?"
They look puzzled or reply "No".
"Know why?........ Because it's a matchbox cover not a telescope!"
Pick up the drawer and tip the matches onto the spectators palm. Take back the cover and insert the tray, saying, "One of those matches is special can you use your feminine intuition to pick it out?" (you can substitute psychic for feminine). If they hesitate loudly whisper "Pick anyone!"

"Amazing, that's the one, You had these powers long?" If its a kid point out they shouldn't play with matches etc. Take the rest of the matches back (normally I only have about a dozen in the box)either put them in your pocket or back in the box.

"It's special because it's not a match it's a magic wand in disguise. Hold it by the end, wave it and in your best dramatic voice, say MATCHBOX OPEN...Don't feel silly, I do this all the time!"

As the spectator says the command the matchbox drawer starts to rise upwards. Take back the match and insert it into the box.

"Thanks, either it really was a magic wand or Mars affected the gravity in here!"

Note, I used these lines last time Haley's Comet came around, lol, used it again for Hale Bop comet around 5 years ago. Had another funny line for the conclusion but its not mine to give.

If anyone can use these lines feel free.