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Topic: what to buy next?
Message: Posted by: jw_2101 (Apr 29, 2002 04:57AM)
Hi all, I was considering some of Hollingworth's stuff or Jay Sankey's vids... what would you guys recommend? My budget is about 120USD I have heard great things about paperclipped and Sankeytized... anything else?


forgot to mention, I am looking to learn not just watch...

Message: Posted by: Dr. JK (Apr 29, 2002 01:13PM)
Hi Jonathan!

I'm not sure what you already own, so I couldn't really help you. However, I hear great things about the Card College series if you don't already have them. I think they cost just about the amount you have. I don't know where you're thinking about getting them though....

Also, check your PMs. I sent you one.

Hope this helped!
Message: Posted by: jw_2101 (Apr 30, 2002 02:56AM)
uh... I went to check out the card college stuff... it seems quite similar to the Expert card technique book... I have that already :) Great stuff... I can do most of it (some tricks I still can't understand at the back... though) but I was looking for routines on video... less chance of me not understanding!

thanks for any help!
Message: Posted by: Dr. JK (Apr 30, 2002 07:30AM)
OK. Also check out Michael Ammar's "Easy to Master Card Miracles." While they are not neccessarily "easy to master," there are some wonderful card tricks on these tapes. There are six tapes all together, and you can find them on any of the online magic shops.

One note, however, jw. If you could post here what you already have, that would be very helpful in determining "what to buy next."
Message: Posted by: Billy Andrew (May 10, 2002 01:26AM)
I've just received Card College III and having read RRTCM and ECT. I'd have to say that the modern text and clear line drawings have once again made this a sensible purchase. There are far more techniques and handling advice, both on timing and angles, than either RRTCM or ECT.

I know lots of people have said it but this series is a modern classic. If you don't buy it, you'll end up wishing you had. There's 80 pages of advice on theory in volume II that is straight talking and practical.

Just MHO.

Message: Posted by: Mr. X (May 10, 2002 07:37AM)
Greetings Johnathan.
Take my advice and jump in the deep-end with something like Lennart Green's "Green Magic" series, you won't regret it. If not, Guy is a sure fire winner, but be prepared for plenty of practice on both counts. Good luck.
Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (May 10, 2002 12:28PM)
I don't want to discourage anyone from buying Hollingworth's or Green's stuff, but if you're going to pick up those tapes just make sure you are really ready to practice like a mad man. Be ready to see things that you won't be doing anytime soon. At least a month of practice per effect. And that's to get comfortable with the sleights and methods involoved.

So if you're looking for instant miracles then you should look elsewhere. Now if you're looking for a challenge that will put you ahead of the game in some ways then go for these tapes... but you really should think twice about the Card College Series. I think they are great. Royal Road is great too, but I think every magician should check out card college whether you're a newbie or a pro, there is something in there for you to do... use it as a reference book.... it's great to have around when you read that one book with that one effect with that one move you have never heard of... you hit card college and blammo your set!!
Message: Posted by: phonic69 (May 11, 2002 03:35AM)
I agree 100%! If you want to learn lots of effects quickly then check out Michael Ammar etc. However, I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to master one of Guys routines, after spending months working on your technique, it not only gives you an effect at the end of it, but you also end up being a better magician, and that can't be a bad thing! So my advice would be, stick with Guy Hollingworth!

Message: Posted by: P T Flea (May 11, 2002 04:47AM)
Me Bro bought Hollingworth's book, 'drawing room deceptions'. It has a fab routine in there of 'Waving the Aces'. I know of the effect and it is very strong. I have yet to see it performed though. He might even say that this book is worth buying just for this routine!
But ETMCM and the Magic of David Regal are all safe bets along with everything else mentioned.

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Message: Posted by: Stephen Long (May 11, 2002 09:20AM)

Initially I bought the book for this routine alone -- after having seen someone perform it I was blown away and asked them where they learned it.

A few days later I was in possession of "Drawing Room Deceptions".

I spent the first few weeks looking at nothing but "waving the aces".

After awhile, I delved further into the book and read up on his devious use of the paper clip, his WONDERFUL 3 cards to card box routine, and of course the Reformation.

This book contains some of my now favourite effects. Yes, "waving the aces" is easily worth the price of the book alone.
But so too is the Reformation and any other number of gems in there that you'd care to mention.

In terms of videos however, Ammars "Easy to Master" :mad: :angry: :mad: Card Miracles are simply delightful. You'll learn plenty of "classics" and Ammar is a wonderful teacher.

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