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Topic: Outlaw Amulets
Message: Posted by: David Thiel (Sep 6, 2011 12:20PM)
I am in the happy position of trying to decide on a new Outlaw prop. I think I am MOST interested in one of the three amulets they offer and/or the Witchs' Almanac. I am curious about the amulets. I assume they all three do the same basic p*k effect? (The performer knows which s*de is up?)...or am I completely off-base?

There's always a temptation with Rick's stuff to get it because it is so beautiful. But being certain about what the effect is would be kinda useful too. :)

Any thoughts you folks care to share about the merits of these amulets would be greatly appreciated.

Message: Posted by: JAlenS (Sep 6, 2011 01:15PM)
Hey David. I use Warlock and Witches Almanac (CE).

The amulets are all great and although I do not have it, Duel has an extra kick. They work as the descriptions say, and better :)

I would have trouble making the choice too but if it were me, I would go with Witches first. Then go over to Lebanon Circle for some extra witchy stuff.
Message: Posted by: Joshua J (Sep 6, 2011 01:16PM)
I think it's just personal preference of which attracts you more or will fit whatever story or routine you want. I've got the relic, but I'd quite like the templar as well to fit into another themed set.
Message: Posted by: WayneCapps (Sep 6, 2011 01:25PM)
I have Outlaw's Templar (actually, I think I have the first one). It is a great effect and never fails to get a good reaction. You can not only tell which hand it is in, you can also tell which side is up. If you get it, I have a great routine that I use with it. Let me know and I can email it to you.
Message: Posted by: David Thiel (Sep 6, 2011 01:33PM)
Thank you, guys. It's looking like Templar all the way. :)

Message: Posted by: brehan (Sep 6, 2011 01:52PM)
Amulets are great
but I think witches makes lasting
personal impression
Message: Posted by: magicianroger (Sep 6, 2011 04:34PM)
I have the Relic and Duel both they both work great