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Topic: Jonathan Frost's "Mindreading Macabre"
Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Sep 8, 2011 10:29AM)
I’ve returned from Orlando FL, where I had the pleasure to direct and stage a new Bizarre Show for the talented Jonathan Frost.

We basically completed in one week a rehearsal process that should have taken about three weeks, I’m worn out, but the show looked great.

BTW, I’m open to coaching and directing anywhere in the world via Skype, Jonathan and I had worked that way on his script for several weeks.


No. You’ve never experienced this before!

This Autumn Jonathan unveils his new offering: “Mindreading Macabre” an evening of intimate and soul-numbing Performance Art featuring Jonathan Frost’s unparalleled and innovative brand of “Chilling Magic.”

Mr. Frost’s latest theatrical presentation debuts in New York City, November 2011, with a live taping, next touring Florida’s greater Orlando area, then the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jonathan has created a new genre of entertainment, blending subtle touches of wry humor, horror, and audience immersion, paired with astonishing tales and demonstrations of peerless mindreading.

Private nationwide, event, college, club, and theatre bookings for his spine-tingling and fully-staged show will be offered on a limited basis beginning the Winter of 2011.

Fasten your seatbelts and personally experience this evening of unnerving phenomenon. Please call Jonathan at 845-242-3593 or email Info@ChillingMagic.com for “Mindreading Macabre” details and availability.