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Topic: Chakra Gemstone Reading Tools
Message: Posted by: RicHeka (Sep 9, 2011 06:04AM)
Rich from MentalCraft here.
A while back I was contacted by NYC Psychic entertainer Neal Scryer. He asked me if I could come up with a system combining Chakra stone reading with a Haunted Key presentation.....SAY WHAT?
Of course, I was familiar the Haunted Key portion of this query....however, I was only vaguely familar with Chakra gemstone reading. I must say combining both was to me....a very unique idea. The crux of Neals idea was to have a guest attempt to get the Haunted key to move on her hand. Failing to do so, she would then be shown seven colorful gemstones [each relating to various human traits]. Several stones would be selected and held individually by the guest....until the special personal stone for that guest was discovered...and allowed the guest to be able to get the key to turn on her hand. Typical outside the box Neal Scryer thinking. He likes to refer to this process as 'cleansing or clearing'. It is all 'positive' from the guests point of view. [see final two images in the slideshow below for how the special stone ca be attached to the key]

I responded that I would give it some thought, and if I came up with anything worthy, I would respond in kind.
My first move was to do some research about Chakra systems using gemstones. These beautiful, colorful, and smooth little stones are a pleasure to hold and behold. I came up with the idea of being able to magnetically attach the stones to my iron Haunted Keys. This would enable a direct three way contact between the guest, the stone and the key. Now I was getting excited. I asked Neal his opinion and he responded very positively. Thus began what was the birth of my Chakra Gemstone Pendulum Kit.

The Deluxe Kit consists of: 1. A unique Chakra Stone Pendulum. The seven Chakra stones are attached magnetically to a mirror finish stainless steel pendant. At the holding end is a 'silver' ornate key. The chain is a lovely silver plated steel rope chain [10 inches {25.4cm}]. 2. One of my Ye Old Haunted Keys.
3. A Mini Pendulum with a magnetic tip, that is used to hold any one of the individual stones. [this mini pendulum inclusion greatly expands the presentational possibilities]. The chain on the mini is a supple copper snake chain {4 inches {10.2cm}]. There is a transluscent bead at the holding end. The magnet is strong enough to also easily hold the heavy iron key! [another presentational expansion] The mini pendulum is quite sensitive to the ideo-motor response or suggestion. 4. A hand finished wood box to neatly and securely carry the entire Kit. The box is felt lined top and bottom. On the cover of the box is a small antique style brass key, and four decorative brass tacks. There is a velour pouch for both the key and mini pendulum together, and also for the Chakra pendulum. 5. A laminated Chakra 'basic' information card. The purpose of the two included data cards, is to give the performer a starting point for Gemstone/Chakra readings. [There is of course a plethora of more detailed material available on the web]. You can also perform Healings and Clearings with these tools.

*As a special free bonus I am also including 3 extra [different] stones and a pocket sized laminated Stone reading 'trait' card. The stone traits described on this card include 5 of the chakra stones and the three extra stones. *Also as a free bonus, I am including a pocket size laminated Chakra Reference Chart.The total value of the combined components is over $100.00. So getting the Kit is a nice savings. However, should you desire to purchase individual components of the kit, please contact me. See slideshow: http://s284.photobucket.com/albums/ll36/MahaRichie/Chakra%20Stone%20Pendulum%20Kit/?albumview=slideshow

*Note: I have now listed the various components of the Deluxe Kit seperately at MentalCraft. Also, should you desire a more aged look...please let me know.

Happy trails.
Message: Posted by: afinemesh (Sep 9, 2011 01:44PM)
Excellent Work, Rich. Looks great!
Message: Posted by: necroloid (Sep 9, 2011 03:11PM)
Love this! Beautiful as usual.
Heres an idea. have the stones running vertically down a slender metal cylinder, maybe with a number of ones favorite stones running down the other side, would look very elegant. That way, after you finish the reading, you could close with a killer hot rod routine! ;)
Message: Posted by: Andre Hagen (Sep 10, 2011 10:34AM)
Your work, as always, is beautiful and unique.
Message: Posted by: steven-gibson (Sep 10, 2011 10:59AM)
What is a hot rod routine?
Message: Posted by: Andre Hagen (Sep 10, 2011 08:18PM)
Think pa**le move, if that helps, or color changing knives.