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Topic: Live Goldfish production...
Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Aug 31, 2003 02:32PM)
I was looking at the Kevin James Golfish producer. Is this realy safe for the fish? I mean there would be nothing worse than producing a floater from a borrowed bill.
Message: Posted by: zaubern (Sep 18, 2003 12:15AM)
How do you keep a fish from smelling? Cut off his nose...oh gosh please don't do that....I was just kidding!!
Message: Posted by: mystic mickey (Oct 11, 2003 10:19PM)
I do aerial fishing. I made my own gimmick out of an orange balloon covered in gold glitter. To keep fish alive I use a battery operated air pump in a half gallon wide mouth plastic jar. I use a small plastic tackle box to do all the dirty work, and even spit out 2 more fish at the end. Sometimes I use my "flying Fish" an antique Grant's magic effect in the routine. This whole thing is a wet proposition, but the awe on the audiences face is worth it.
Mystic Mickey @ mysticmickey.com
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Oct 12, 2003 11:16AM)
You load it at a maximum of 15 minutes before you produce it. After that, you are at a risk of producing a dead fish.
I also do the aeiral fishing and I usually have my assistant do the loading 5 minutes before I show it.
Message: Posted by: troppobob (Oct 16, 2003 04:15AM)
Giday King Stardog

The live gold fish production is high on my soon to be introduced effects and I have set myself a deadline for the end of october.

All the performers I have spoken to so far have indicated that they have never had a dead fish on their hands or in a wine glass.

Some advice I recieved is to purchase the more sturdy breeds and ensure they are the type that comes to the surface to breath which evidently reduces the importance of airating the water and enables them to cope better while waiting in a small place before appearing.

Macaw Magic is spot on about limiting the time these little guys are loaded and waiting.

Here is a final concept that was shared with me. Many of these critters grow to a size to suit their regular environment. One bloke was telling me how he has an arrangement where his fish regularly grow to large for him to use so he returns them to the pet shop, they take it back and resell it and he purchases a new little one. The insight I received in regard to this is that the pet shop failed to mention to him that if he put them in a small tank they would not grow so big. The bloke who passed on this insight has had the same smaller fish for a long time and he reckons it is is doing fine.

Troppo Bob :clownjuggling:
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 17, 2003 12:52PM)
I tried fish before. But mine could not take the traveling from water to water. And from temperature inside to outside. That is why I don't use them anymore
Message: Posted by: Scott Penrose (Oct 20, 2003 03:47AM)
The breed of fish is important....the cheap and cheerful goldfish is good for the job and I would stay away from fancy breeds like Fantail Goldfish because they are not hardy enough. Tap water is harmful to the fish so always use the neutralisding agent and tonics that are sold in pet stores. A water filter will also keep them in good health.

As far as moving them from venue to venue is concerned, I always travel them in the water taken from their own tank at home. Also the water they perform in should be taken from their own tank. The fish will last a lot longer and will not need to get used to new water each time. It is the change in enviroment that will harm them and keeping them in the same water will help.

Meanwhile I use six fish for Devant's Educated Goldfish Trick and I carry five gallons of fish tank water with me to do the show!! It is like moving house every time....


Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Oct 20, 2003 07:15AM)
Scott wrote:
Meanwhile I use six fish for Devant's Educated Goldfish Trick and I carry five gallons of fish tank water with me to do the show!! It is like moving house every time....

Can you tell us what is the effect of Devant's Educated Goldfish trick?
Message: Posted by: Daktari (Oct 20, 2003 11:51AM)
There are actually several species of fish that can be utilised in this type of production. They are adapted with an apparatus to store air on the gills when in low oxygen level enviroments. These are Bettas and Paradise fish. Goldfish can "gulp" air from the surface but are not nearly as efficient as the two aforementioned types. In the part of the world where some of these fish come from they can actually live in a muddy water filled footprint until rains bring the water levels up again! A plus is that these are much more colorful!
Message: Posted by: Scott Penrose (Oct 24, 2003 10:28AM)
Macawmagic wrote "Can you tell us what is the effect of Devant's Educated Goldfish trick?"

The trick is written up in the Maskelyne and Devant book Our Magic. It is a wonderful effect that I recreated for a tribute show to David Devant at this years Magic Circle Heritage Weekend. The trick was invented in 1908 but it still works for audiences today!

Here is a description of the trick from a recent magazine article that I wrote about the recreation of this long forgotten miracle........

The curtains of the St George’s Hall parted to reveal a bell shaped glass aquarium, set in a three-legged stand in the centre of the stage. The bowl was filled with water and in the water were four live goldfish (called Agnes, Cuthbert, Caroline and Horatio). On top of the glass aquarium rested a sheet of glass, upon which were stacked twenty-six small wooden tablets on each of which was painted a letter of the alphabet.

Devant took the sheet of glass and drew attention to the wooden tablets which were dropped in to the aquarium where they promptly sank to the bottom. The glass was then placed back on top of the aquarium. A copy of The Daily Telegraph was shown and a spectator was asked to select any word from within its pages. There was one proviso - no two letters should be repeated within the word due to the fact that there was only one set of alphabet tablets (for example, “apple” would not be appropriate).

The audience’s attention was then drawn to the four so-called educated fish swimming around in the aquarium. To prove their intelligence they were invited to spell the chosen word (let us assume the word “bleat” had been selected). At Devant’s command the letter “B” floated to the surface of the water. Then, in succession, the letters L, E, A and T rose to the surface. The word “bleat” had been correctly spelt. The fish also answered questions. Devant asked of the fish, “Do you want to spell any more words?” The letters N and O then rose to the surface. ”Clearly they do not!”


Message: Posted by: invalidity (Nov 16, 2003 04:37PM)
Actually to those of us in the UK, I saw a version of Devant's Educated Goldfish trick on a rerun of Monkey Magic on Channel 5 (or Five, as they now prefer to be called) I belive it was the first episode of the first season. It was pretty much as described above, except the spectator made a word by drawing scrabble tiles from a pouch.

Except for the fact that we couldn't actually see what the fish were doing at first because of the murky water, this was a very baffling and entertaining bit of magic.

Scott, is the method described explicitly in Our Magic? I may want to check it out.
Message: Posted by: Scott Penrose (Nov 16, 2003 05:17PM)
Thanks for your interest.....I use a similar method to the one explicitly described in Our Magic. There are plenty of photgraphs in the book.

The prop used by one of the Monkey Magic guys was the one that I built and the apparatus took 9 months to put together.....

If you have a copy of Our Magic you will see that the prop was built to look exactly like Devant's original.

Message: Posted by: johndraws (Jan 23, 2011 01:32AM)
I tried my first goldfish production last week. I went to my local shop to look for the air fishing gimmick for a fishing pole, nothing. I wanted to purchase a gold fish production thumb tip...nothing. They did have something called the Artisitic Fish by Eduardo Kozuch. I am not going to list my presentation...but it worked amzingly. I also ended up using my larger regular thumb tip to produce a second fish. It went over amazingly well. I was wondering where I can find a fishing line gimmick similar to what Mac King uses? Anyone?
Message: Posted by: si.says (Feb 17, 2011 03:07PM)
The trick you are looking for is "Pocket Aerial Fishing" by Scott Penrose.
Message: Posted by: johndraws (Feb 20, 2011 12:56PM)
Thank you SI. SAYS. I googled it and cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can purchase it?
Message: Posted by: Daktari (Feb 21, 2011 11:16PM)
Richard Hughes at http://www.hughesmagic.com/ can provide what you're looking for.
Message: Posted by: johndraws (Feb 23, 2011 09:57PM)
Thank you.
Message: Posted by: KC Cameron (Feb 25, 2011 04:57PM)
Why not use a Betta? They are much sturdier, and breath air.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Mar 28, 2011 03:01PM)
I am going to start using fake fish one day: http://search.ustoy.com/search?w=fish&submit.x=25&submit.y=20
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 28, 2011 03:28PM)
To get the "Pocket Aerial Fishing" by Scott Penrose trick, I believe you have to email him your request. I know another magician that said he got it direct from him in the UK.

Here is his site and email information.

Posted: May 7, 2011 4:16am
This looks like a real solution to gold fish production concerning the use of real fish.