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Topic: Magic Pendulum's Pendulum Review.
Message: Posted by: DrRob (Sep 14, 2011 04:18AM)
I wanted to start a topic for those who have been luckily enough to have been gifted, yes been gifted, not purchased as I do feel that these sort of items select their owners and not the other way around one of these wonderful works of magical design.
My sincerest thanks to Sheree for her exquisite designs, especially the one that chose me " Dragonfire "

Thanks must also go out to David Thiel for his wonderful stories of wonder with regards to the traveling escapades of this so called pendulum's.

I would like to share my Dragonfires journey from Canada to the UK......

Firstly David really did not want Dragonfire to go but after so heavy persuasion he kindly agreed to let her do some travelling to far off lands, whilst packaging her away he is sure he heard a little growl as the package was sealed, she was sent over the land from her birthplace in Canada over land to the east coast of the USA just when Hurricane Katia struck - coincidence ? David and I think she was the possible cause of this wonder of weather, she continues by ship across the waters no doubt leaving stricken vestles hither and thither, we truely expected to hear about a ship coming into harbour with not a soul on board and just the growl from inside a plain looking brown packet.

So when she arrives here in the UK we are experiencing the remnants of hurricane katia so our initial thoughts about Dragonfire causing this may indeed be true!
She floated through my letterbox yesterday and as soon as I noticed the packet I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach, the sort of thing you feel when you are scared and nervous all at the same time, she was accompanied by a packet containing a pack of Konxari cards sent to me by the great man Matt Busch, I did wonder if the two items had talked to each other about their travels across the seas.

Both packages were left unopened for a few hours to give them a well deserved rest from their travels.

Upon opening up the package which entombed Dragonfire I was met with a wonderful aroma, this I will be enquiring with David and Sheree about as I feel this would work extremely well with some of the items available from Outlaw Effects as it is an aroma that shouts from times past.

Dragonfire and I have now met each other and she has agreed to work with me to increase my exposure as a psychic entertainer.

This is our story, please share yours.

Dr Rob & Dragonfire

P.s I am so pleased with her David and Sheree she will be looking after me well.
Message: Posted by: DrRob (Sep 14, 2011 04:19AM)
Here she is......
Message: Posted by: David Thiel (Sep 14, 2011 09:58AM)
Thank you, Dr. Rob. At least I know she went to a good home. Dragonfire is one of my absolute favorites.

But if you start finding Dragonfire in places you don't remember putting her...well...I'd sleep with my door shut until you figure out what has annoyed her.

Message: Posted by: TJ Halford (Jan 14, 2012 10:02PM)
Just picked up this little beauty a few weeks ago from David and Sheree, and I am LOVING it. Now this is my first pendulum, and therefore have no basis for comparison, but I have not one complaint. great work

THIS..is Saria, yes she has a name. Bestowed upon her in remembrance of her original owner.

Saria, was a Druidic Mage, orphaned at the age of 3, with no remnant of her parents memory except an amber stone hung around her neck from a piece of twine. she grew up being bounced from one ratty orphanage to another throughout the majority of Europe. It was apparent from an early age that Saria was blessed with...lets say, special talents. The way that she knew the most intimate thoughts of complete strangers was un-nerving to most, and no parent wanted to raise such a strange child. At the age of 14 she took out on her own to discover what he purpose was. why she was born...different..from other people. It wasn't long after that she ended up in what we now know a Greece. Being a stranger in a new land, and considered an outcast that didn't belong; It wasn't long before trouble found Saria.

It was a series of most unfortunate events that led her to befriending and eventually becoming one of the most trusted confidants of the greek god Thor. She aided him in his quests, providing invaluable insite. He abilities to communicate with spirits, and investigate the most guarded regions of a persons heart and mind, were key in giving Thor an advantage over his adversaries.

To show his gratitude to her. He gave her a pendant necklace. Made by his own hands from lightning beads, dug from the sand after his most recent battle, and held a pendant that was the mark of Thor himslef.....his hammer.

During thier journeys together, Saria discoverd that by having an emotional connection with the spirit world she was able to gather information that was more pure. Thus increasing the accuracy of the knowledge she was able to provide him. It was because of this that she constructed a "communication device", a pendulum to be exact. She fashioned it from her two most prescious, worldly possessions; The necklace, given to her by the man that was to be her present and future; and the amber amulet, that was her only key to her past, and her heritage.

The pendulum you see here is the result of her work, and her love. It served her well over the following decades. their journeys carried them around the world and back again several times over, and with passing time it became unclear as to what exactly eventually happened to Saria, as she was not immortal like the gods, and how her pendulum came to pass from hand to hand throughout the centuries; before coming to the loving and capable hands of Sheree and David. Whom painstakingly restored it to its original lustor.

But I am glad it did. because it is through them, that I was able to aquire this beautiful and powerful relic of divination. Only time will tell if I am worthy enough to own such an amazing work of art and power.
Message: Posted by: Balaram (Jan 14, 2012 10:44PM)
What an excellent introduction to this piece-Well-done TJ. "Worthy", oh yes...
Message: Posted by: TJ Halford (Jan 14, 2012 11:15PM)
Thanks. I actually thought this up as I was typing it, but I think it will go really well into presentation.
Message: Posted by: David Thiel (Jan 15, 2012 08:47AM)
I just read this out loud to Sheree. She wants me to tell you that she loves the story, thinks your writing is outstanding and is convinced that her work has found its way into the perfect hands.

We've sent a lot of pendulums out into the world and every single one has been "special" in its own way. (Yours for example, a One of a Kind, is designed to catch and hold the light in each of those beads on the chain...and to reflect a different light from the amber. Try using it under a direct light and see what happens. The effect is really lovely. There's also that no-doubt-about-where-it's-pointing-to bob :) ) Each pendulum really has its own personality. We think about every detail -- which is why we produce so few of them. It takes time.

I really believe that when they go to creative minds like yours TJ (and Rob's) that something extraordinary happens. I'm not talking about anything paranormal. I am just talking about that wonderful connection that happens when the right performer gets the right prop and they head out into the world to do remarkable things together.

I've come to think of my pendulum (it's on the cover of our first book) as one of the most valuable props I own.

So thank you, TJ, for your kind words and your wonderful imagination. Sheree makes pendulums exactly because of people like you.

Message: Posted by: TJ Halford (Jan 15, 2012 09:33AM)
Thanks David, I am glad that you and Sheree enjoyed it. I gotta say too. the dragonfire pendulum that yall made For Dr Rob above, Is simply gorgeous. I could think of so many plots and presentations for it as well.

Keep up the great work. you will definitely be hearing from me again soon.