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Topic: Old handwritten notebook from the mid 1800-ies
Message: Posted by: el felipe (Sep 18, 2011 10:34AM)
Hi, I recently bought this handwritten booklet, done by some fellow probably 150 or even more years ago, and filled with some old handwritten tricks and the "mesmeric" articles. I decide to show it on this forum, because I really don't know too much about this roots of the conjuring, and maybe someone here will be appreciate to see it.

So, this notebook is not dated, but, in my opinion, it is handwritten in the period 1849-1850. It has total 29 handwritten pages - 8 pages of magic tricks, 16 pages of "Electrical Psychology" and 5 pages on the "Process of Magnetizing". I found that part on the "Electrical Psychology" is copied from the book "A key to the science of the Electrical Psychology", written by some mysterious "Professor of the Science" and printed in Cleveland (1849). So, it is most probably that person who wrote the notebook just copied the part on the EP, but it is also possible that writer of the notebook is also the author of the book, so in that case notebook is some kind of original writing, is suppose. I am just not sure.

I included a couple of scans of the notebook, so, if someone find it interesting, I will be glad to provide a more informations about it:





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Message: Posted by: AWESOME (Sep 22, 2011 06:03PM)
This is really great to see something that's survived for so long. Thank you!