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Topic: Birthday Cakes from Pan!
Message: Posted by: LoyaLover (Sep 24, 2011 07:25PM)
Hello people! Having bought the chef costume bag, I've been very keen on a birthday cake production in my act as a closer. Thought it would make perfect sense. & that leads to a couple of questions which I'd to get your advice on.

What do You produce from your Dove/Chick pans?
- A real birthday cake? Won't the size be a problem?
- A sponge birthday cake? Aren't those available commercially looking more like crayons than cakes?
- Do you produce candies, chocolates or cookies instead? Does it play as well?
- How did You make the birthday cake production work for YOU?

Cheers to the children!
Message: Posted by: Potty the Pirate (Sep 25, 2011 01:44AM)
I think the foam production props are far superior to a real cake. The foam props rise up out of the pan, and some of the Peachey Keane dove pan props look quite impossible. A real cake, by contrast, is almost impossible to see.....unless you actualy remove it from the pan after the production, which isn't really the best way to present this.
Include your favourite silly ingredients, I put in all horrid stuff, claiming it's all I could find on our ship. It's all about the build-up. So much comedy you can put into the routine.....and magic. Consider including break-away spoon, vanishing ketchup bottle, etc.
At the moment, I produce "Rabbid", although I'm especially fond of the Christmas Tree.
Potty ;)
Message: Posted by: wizardpa (Sep 25, 2011 01:56AM)
I have great success producing a real Birthday cake from the pan and it even has the candles on it. I have the Birthday person, put cake mix, icing mix, and sprinkles in the pan. I add the candles, and a hollowed out egg and flash paper. I light the flash paper and of course there is a cake with candles on it. Hobby Lobby carries a 4 and a half in pan that is perfect for making the cake. Just divide the directions by a third to make the cake. How do I get it out of the pan you ask? I line the pan with wax paper and it is easy to grab because it drapes up the side a little. For effect, even the outer pan is lined with wax paper. I have a foam cake and this is far superior. The Birthday person magically made a real cake. This is a highlight of the show.
Message: Posted by: themagiciansapprentice (Sep 25, 2011 04:07AM)
I can use the foam cake from Peachey Keen at birthday parties

BUT I've found that kids do know the difference!! Especially when their cake can be up to three feet square. Instead I do the routine with empty sweet wrappers, blame it on the animal puppet and produce a load of sweets. Been using this as my ending for the past four years.
Message: Posted by: Magic_engineer (Sep 25, 2011 08:15AM)
My wife is a cake decorator, she originally made a cake for each performance, but it turned to be too much effort. We cut up Styrofoam to make a cake shape, cover it with tinfoil and frost the top and She personalizes it with a message - Happy Birthday or we love "the organization" etc. I let the one of the audience dip their finger in the frosting to see that it is real. Same effect with less work and cost.