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Topic: Pavel.
Message: Posted by: wally (Sep 29, 2011 04:00AM)
What's the best family / Kids rope tricks from Pavel? I do have the walking knot.
Message: Posted by: guyactor (Sep 29, 2011 04:08AM)
Wally, do you like and use it? I love the effect, and do mainly talks with you and some families. Easy to learn? Are you keeping it? lol... Thanks.
Message: Posted by: wally (Sep 29, 2011 04:33AM)
To tell you the truth, I bought it a year ago and never used it, But I would never sell. I hope to use it together with a vanishing radio when I get one, just something I want to work on. I have a DVD with Pavel's rope tricks, and most of them are very good, thanks.
Message: Posted by: ropeadope (Sep 29, 2011 01:30PM)
I think Pavel`s walking knot is his best rope trick but I also like his yellow rope.

Have fun,
Message: Posted by: Frank Yuen (Sep 29, 2011 04:57PM)
Not sure of the name but I always liked the one where he ties knot after knot until there's a big bundle of them and then suddenly the bundle falls off and he's left with a short piece of rope.
Message: Posted by: Rainboguy (Sep 30, 2011 08:17PM)
EVERYTHING from Pavel is great.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Sep 30, 2011 09:08PM)
Frank Yuen
Pavel's junior walking knot has an additional two part trick that compliments it called the Krazy Knot, and the Krazy Knot finish. The three tricks are a three part rope routine with a surprise finish. The trick you remember is the Krazy Knot (middle) portion of the routine.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Oct 1, 2011 08:18AM)
I miss my old friend. Pavel was very creative with rope and silk. Most can be done without patter and that solves a lot of language and hearing problems with audiences.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: magicians (Oct 1, 2011 08:38AM)
I had diner with Pavel at Daytona convention two years ago. He vowed to never do another U.S. convention. He felt he was treated rather shabbily. We were all lucky to see him do his silent rope act during one of the evening shows. He had a European sound track and over the top stage movement (kind of Marcel Marceau). He did all of his classic effects.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Oct 1, 2011 01:00PM)
Pavel used to send me email messages from time to time thanking me for being his biggest fan at the Knots & Loops forum of the magic Café.

Once I told him that I wanted a false knot for a Hunter Bow knot trick, and when I took a good look at his false knot it was a hunter bow false knot.

What a guy
Message: Posted by: Isaiah (Oct 3, 2011 11:10PM)
I personally love the yellow rope mystery. I perform it to music
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 1, 2011 09:39PM)
I like his trick when he takes the three knots off a rope. It leaves the rope missing links in between.
Message: Posted by: Isaiah (Nov 21, 2011 09:10PM)
I love the yellow rope mystery to music.
Message: Posted by: Neznarf (Nov 22, 2011 01:20PM)
Yellow Rope mystery?

Which one is that........?
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Dec 3, 2011 06:17PM)
I will always be grateful to Pavel for the time he spent with me many years ago teaching me variations on the Knots-Off Silk. The Knots-Off Silk is still an important part of my show. The 36" size is much easier to handle than the 24" size.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Nov 27, 2018 09:41AM)
Pavel was great. You can tell he was a great guy from your posts.
although his dvds have not received great praise, I would say that his creative magic dvds
provide some of the best routines for kids and stage that you could get in a dvd set.
dollar for dollar, how many incredible rope routines and silk routines are there?
recently an experienced pro said he was switching out a lot of his colored box magic for things like ropes. YOu get the same visibility,
greater mobility. takes up a lot less space. I wish I would have known Pavel. I am thankful for your sharing about him.