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Topic: Kaps on Fire Wallet
Message: Posted by: chrisM (Sep 4, 2003 03:21PM)
For those of you who have purchased and use this. How often do you refill the fuel and how many strikes do you get? Also I heard that it dries up?
Thanks in advance for looking.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Sep 5, 2003 10:16PM)
I get 3-4 good lights out of mine. But the truth is that you must prepare it almost immediately before performing.

Prepare it a few hours before, and it may not be fresh enough to light easily, and there is nothing worse than flicking it, and seeing nothing happen!

I have tried loading it earlier, and "sealing" it with Saran Wrap. But then you still need to "prepare it" immediately before using it, by getting rid of the Saran Wrap, so it really isn't worth the trouble.

I just schedule my use of it, and prepare it right before I use it.

Message: Posted by: chrisM (Sep 7, 2003 03:25PM)
Bro David thanks for your reply. I will use that information to make my decision on purchasing.

Thank You.
Message: Posted by: Matt Ferro (Sep 13, 2003 09:20PM)
I bought it and love it! I highly recommend it. I just keep a bottle of lighter fluid in my bag so before I'm going to preform it. I just fill her up. :firedevil:
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Oct 6, 2003 02:55PM)
That's it! Obviously be careful with the closed container of lighter fluid. I have been looking for smaller containers of it, but haven't found any yet. So I use a full size dispenser for the fluid, and I have a couple of small containers for recharging my Invio_torches in my bag also. Each has a separate section that keeps other stuff from banging into them.

But take a minute and freshen it before you are going to use it, and you will get a couple of good lights if you need them.

I do a running gag and light mine several times, as I first light it and take out a card, then later I go back to it, open it lit, kill the fire and take out a dollar bill, and then I open it lit, and kill the fire and take out a sponge rock.

Message: Posted by: magicfabien (Nov 11, 2003 06:03AM)
I love that wallet, I can do up to 5-6 short times without re-fueling
Message: Posted by: rowdymagi5 (Nov 11, 2003 06:24AM)
I love Hot Checks! I have never had a problem yet with ignition. I get 5 or 6 good uses per "fill".

Kaps on Fire has never been as reliable for me.
Message: Posted by: glodmagic (Dec 21, 2003 02:59PM)
With any fire wallet I always carry a tiny bottle of lighter fluid.
Buy and empty a little bottle of hypo-tears (I think that is the brand -Clear bottle) and REMOVE THE LABEL. There are several brands so look for the one with a removable paper label NOT a printed on the bottle one. I say this for obvious reasons so as to not have a family member say "oh I need some eye drops...YEooow!"
I tried different bottles from tape head cleaners to flavorings and found this type to hold the liquid. Many other types leak because the petroleum product in lighter fluid tend to sneak through any lid in your pocket.

*Remove the little nipple top by pulling it upward on the empty bottle
*rinse with rubbing alcohol to dissipate any remaining water.
*shake it out and squirt the lighter fluid in.
replace the nipple (push back on) and screw cap.

Prime your wallet before putting in pocket and I have found that lighting it a couple of times and rewetting it "warms" the fumes for a reliable single click ignition when taken out.
Message: Posted by: Matt Ferro (Dec 23, 2003 11:05AM)
My spring fell out and I lost it! is there anywhere that you can go to get a replacement spring to hold in the flint? :question:
Message: Posted by: Villa (Jan 1, 2004 08:14AM)
You should try JAC-2 spray for the fuel for your wallet. It lasts for 2-3 hours and is virtually smell free, no more smelly pockets!!

I work all night without having to refill.

It's available in the UK but I'm not sure if it's available in the US ?

As this post notes..


Message: Posted by: Red_Wing_II (Jan 6, 2004 09:00PM)
I have a little glass container from a drug company, but have seen AVON use them for samples of perfume. They only hold about 10cc's so you don't need to worry about soaking yourself and the vial is so small that I can hide it under my watch band for all but face to face stuff.
Message: Posted by: j.g.sager (Jan 6, 2004 10:49PM)
I purchased the Kaps on fire wallet and it was the best thing I've gotten so far, it's worth every penny.
I use mine every day and I have never gotten a bad response.

yzetadrummer you should try takeing apart lighters like small bic lighters I noticed some have about the same size spring, if that doesn't work you can always palm off a small lighter and use that then just ditch it.
Message: Posted by: Matt Ferro (Jan 7, 2004 05:38PM)
Thanks ill see what I can find! :angry:
Message: Posted by: bunkyhenry (Jan 11, 2004 07:13PM)
For the spring I tried a jeweler, a toy store, and a hardware store ... all with no luck.

I wonder where you can get a replacement spring for the Kaps on Fire Jardonnier wallet?

What is it about 1" long and 1/16 dia spring?
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jan 11, 2004 11:30PM)
On 2003-09-04 16:21, chrisM wrote:
For those of you who have purchased and use this. How often do you refill the fuel and how many strikes do you get? Also I heard that it dries up?
Thanks in advance for looking.

I fill mine first thing in the morning before I leave the house, saturating it really well, and then I carry it in my back left hip pocket. Evaporation has not really been a problem for me, as sometimes I don't light it for several hours later.

Sadly, I get mixed reactions with it. Some people look at me with all the excitement of a placid cow chewing her cud. I then am the one to "freak out" (in my mind) because I can not understand how they could act like this is a boring thing they see every day.
Message: Posted by: Magic-Inventor (Jan 29, 2004 02:48AM)
I dunno maybe I'm stupid, but wouldnt it make since to keep the wallet in a ZIP LOCK BAG :). pretty easy to open when needed just get the bags with easy opening ends. just a trick I use for my fire wallets I make.

hope it helps have fun you Pyros