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Topic: Best Salt Gimmick
Message: Posted by: paradize (Oct 17, 2011 02:03AM)
Hi Guys ,

What is the best salt pour routine and gimmick in the market currently? Please advise.

1. Paul Kozak Superior Salt Pour
2. Dr. Daley's Salt Trick by Vernet
3. Levent's Salt Pour Gimmick & DVD
4. Long Salt Pour by Reed McClintock
5. Al's Miracle Salt Pour by Martin Breese
6. Salt Pour Gimmick by R. Paul Wilson and Joe Porper
7. Any more....
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Oct 17, 2011 02:27AM)
Improved Salt Gimmick maker unknown - Stevens Magic currently selling this gimmick

Message: Posted by: JNeal (Oct 17, 2011 03:51AM)
I have two of the original Paul Fox gimmicks, had the old Presley Guitar gimmick and played with the Kozak one.

Still, My vote goes for Levent's gimmick Lighter weight, the transparency allows the performer to monitor salt flow, and plastic so it never need repainting.

Best Routine is subjective, but Benson's handling is the one to beat!

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Oct 17, 2011 07:14AM)
I have used Paul Fox, Kozak, Levent, Presley Guitar. I prefer the the Presley Guitar which unavailable. I think it just becuase I am used to it. Paul Fox's are too light. Kozak's dvd is great but the gimmick is far too large to be comfortable. Levent's gimmick and dvd are great but as I said I still used the Presley Guitar gimmick as I am used to it. Jim Riser makes a good one if you can find them. I have not looked at the one from Stevens. I think if I had to I would go with Levent's right now. Even if you later decide not to use his gimmick, his dvd alone is worth the price.

I would also direct you towards the routine published by John Moehring in the "Texan Trixter" and Jeff Hobson in the "Linking Ring".

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Oct 18, 2011 12:23AM)
I never put it in an act, but those I handled, the Levent felt best. If you want a KILLER second load, check out the R. Paul Wilson/Joe Porper one. http://www.porperoriginals.com
Message: Posted by: Daveandrews (Oct 18, 2011 01:48AM)
I literally spent hundreds of dollars on buying salt pour gimmics, a few years ago.
Levent then brought out his dvd and gimmick, and that is the one I found to be the best from all counts.
>> You can fit enough salt into it
>> Although light, it handles well
>> The pouring of the salt is easily controlled
>> The gimmick can be handled so that the salt pours from the correct part of the hand

For me, Kozak's DVD was better than the gimmick, but I do have smallish hands.

Have fun, I think it is a great trick.

Message: Posted by: Oliver Ross (Oct 18, 2011 05:18PM)
I've purchased Kozak's Superior Salt Pour, but until now I never used it. The instructional DVD is great and has a lot of informations about the effect, the handling etc..., but unfortunatly my hands are too small and in my humble opinion the gimmick is too heavy and generally too large.

This said, the gimmick is very well made.

So I'm decided to purchase Levent's Salt Pour.

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Oct 18, 2011 05:58PM)
One nice thing about the levent gimmick is that you can see into it thru the sides if needed.
he speaks about that on the DVD.
Message: Posted by: paradize (Oct 19, 2011 07:51AM)
Bought the Levent DVD and gimmick. Waiting to play with it soon.
Once received , will give my review.

Thanks a lot for the excellent knowledge sharing.
Message: Posted by: Nick W (Oct 21, 2011 07:31PM)
Salt pours are so interesting.....

each salt pour gimmick has its own merits, ups and downs.

what situation will you be performing it in?
what overal effect do you want the people to go home thinking...
the SP is a classic for a reason..only if treated as such.
for the price and information on his dvd, along with the practicality of the gimmick, Levents is suitable...
however I'm a fan of Kozaks...plus his dvd has one tip that I havnt found ANYWHERE, that actually is a monumental tip...get his dvd if you can....
once you have done over one hundred pours and know your routine you will prolly try to make your own....in which case your homemade gimmick will be better than any one available....
Message: Posted by: manal (Oct 25, 2011 06:32PM)
Empty cigar tube.
Message: Posted by: Dr_J_Ayala (Oct 26, 2011 07:56AM)
I actually combine a few different salt pour gimmicks in my routine and I have to say, for all it simplicity, the Dr. Daley Salt Trick gimmick is ingenious - it can even be used in other magic effects/routines and make some of their handlings cleaner. I love the Levent and Kozak gimmicks and I would like to eventually play around with the Porper version to see how that one handles.

There was a book I found some years back and cannot remember the name of it; it contained very little in the way of modern effects, but it did detail the manufacture of a salt pour hold-out for what is, essentially, a gimmick-free salt pour. That is, the hands never hold/conceal a gimmick at any point in time. It works very well and really throws those magicians that know how salt pours are accomplished.
Message: Posted by: paradize (Nov 1, 2011 12:06AM)
Levent DVD and gimmick received. Will play with it and put up some reviews soon.
Message: Posted by: Nick W (Nov 23, 2011 06:55AM)
So what do you reckon?
Message: Posted by: Bluesman (Nov 23, 2011 08:08AM)
I use Paul Kozak Superior Salt Pour in my show. I love it.
Message: Posted by: Nick W (Nov 23, 2011 10:51AM)