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Topic: Anyone Use Thumbtack.com?
Message: Posted by: Kevinr (Oct 28, 2011 04:31PM)
Anyone use http://www.thumbtack.com

Whats your thoughts??
Message: Posted by: Kevinr (Oct 28, 2011 05:11PM)
Its like craigslist or gigsald combined but its free if you do sign up please start your account from this link I think I get soem kid of free refferal thingy

Message: Posted by: Tim Friday (Oct 28, 2011 05:16PM)
I just used it to find a graphic designer to do my business card and thought it was excellent.

First off, all I did was request a quote for a graphic designer to do my business card & I had about 5 quotes come to me within the hour. They were all from people near my area.

It was extremely easy & I was able to check out each person who sent a quote so I could decide which one I felt I could work best with.

The average quote I got for the job was $70. I ended going with a lady who did for $50. She did a great job & we worked very well together. She even gave me a very positive review on thumbtack.com, and I am going to do the same for her.

I highly recommend it. It was very helpful and made getting my business card design simple when before I found thumbtack it was beginning to get stressful.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 29, 2011 03:21AM)
I registered early this year. I only got two or three request. Neither one went through for a solid gig. No problem, it is free.
Message: Posted by: misterillusion (Oct 29, 2011 01:21PM)
I only have received one request for quotation over the past year, but I use them to automatically place my ad on Craig's List. They have a weekly reminder for me and I just push a few buttons to list my weekly ad. I do get a few leads from Craig's list, but my real reason for being on Craig's list is it helps my S.E.O.
Message: Posted by: Kevinr (Oct 29, 2011 02:48PM)
It seems like a great thing for Craigslist ads since its totally free and deal with all the red tape and problems with craigslist for you.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Oct 29, 2011 09:13PM)
They send me leads all the time, and I have booked a few of them. There are some price shoppers there, but it comes with the territory.
Message: Posted by: Howie Diddot (Oct 30, 2011 01:31PM)
I signed up, it's free; all I get from it is the spam they send
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Oct 30, 2011 04:30PM)
It looked like SPAM to me on their first request so my SPAM trap deletes it automatically now. Should I reconsider?
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Oct 31, 2011 12:42PM)
Free and nothing from them.

There is a thread started in the Trickey about the probablity of GM along with all the free advert sponsored on-line types going by the way of the VHS tapes.
Even Event Planners are doing badly these days. Technology is running them all out of business.

I don't think personal agents will be done with but I guess it is possible?

Message: Posted by: impossible man (Dec 3, 2011 07:59PM)
I got a request for a quote from a client, but I was skeptical because 1) I first received an identical request directly from the client. The client's name was the name of a famous restaurant magician that could have easily been pulled off the Internet, ditto the event, and no contact number was given. The email from the client had only a fax number which I could use instead of replying to the email, and the email address fit much better with the name of the contact at Thumbtack than at the rec department, because the domain was not a government domain, yet the client claimed to be with a major cities Parks and Rec department. Plus the fax number didn't have the exchanges that department has on their website. Can't you get a custom phone number to receive faxes over the internet? Needless to say I was already skeptical when the two messages reached me just minutes apart.

It seemed awful convenient that Thumbtack had been spamming me, then I get this and right after and the client also happens to use Thumbtack.
Message: Posted by: Nash (Dec 4, 2011 04:41AM)
The only reason I signed up for thumbtack or gigsalad was for SEO reasons - which didn't help me at all.
For Thumbtack the only inquiries I have gotten are for kids b-day parties which I'm not an expert in, though I've given a bid, it never got ANY responses.
And for Gigsalad, for SOME UNKNOWN REASON, I've gotten a lot of out of town requests from gigsalad, I'm talking about requests from Toronto when I'm in Seattle, like places that aren't even close to me, when I told them I'm from Seattle and I'll charge them a traveling fee, they say they had no idea I'm that far away.

So... double thumbs down for me so far
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Dec 4, 2011 05:38PM)
I also use them as well. It's not bad and I get some leads from time to time and land a few of them. I always use places and sites liek this as a mere tool in my marketing tool box. too many rely on them as the only means of marketing and that will never amount to success.

Message: Posted by: Kevinr (Dec 6, 2011 02:08AM)
I noticed that Thumbtack is NOT working with Craigslist ads anymore. Anyone else having the same problem?
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Dec 6, 2011 06:57AM)
Craigslist is a joke. I signed up, they told me that my ad was suspended, and directed me to a list of FAQ's that would take me a day to decipher if I only knew what I was looking for, so I guess my ad will be suspended for a very long time.
Message: Posted by: gman (Dec 6, 2011 08:01AM)

I had that happen a few times found out that a person we both know reported it for violations.
Message: Posted by: misterillusion (Dec 6, 2011 09:05AM)
On 2011-12-06 03:08, Kevinr wrote:
I noticed that Thumbtack is NOT working with Craigslist ads anymore. Anyone else having the same problem?

I am still getting Thumbtack reminders & links to Craigslist

Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Dec 6, 2011 03:02PM)
I must defend that person we both know, because that fellow has given me over 20 bookings this year for free. There is nothing that could make me think he would do anything unkind to me.
Message: Posted by: Leland (Dec 8, 2011 11:49AM)
I've had lots of luck with thumbtack. I get leads some fall through but for the most part I've managed to book more than I lost.
Message: Posted by: GrassosMagicTheatre (Dec 10, 2011 10:58PM)
Message: Posted by: Howie Diddot (Dec 22, 2011 10:00AM)
I signed up and received a bid offer from them, they wanted $4.00 up front to make a blind bid and the description of the event was very unclear, so I did not reply
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Dec 22, 2011 07:56PM)
There return policy is if the customer doesn't contacts you after 7 days, or never wanted you in the first place they will refund your money. Just tell them what happened at support@thumbtack.com Tell them big Al sent you.
Message: Posted by: Howie Diddot (Dec 23, 2011 06:38AM)
Thanks Al, I will go to Thumbtack.com and look at the information closer
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Dec 29, 2011 11:14AM)
Yesterday I complained that a potential customer never contacted me, and Thumbtack gave me an instant refund.
Message: Posted by: Howie Diddot (Jan 1, 2012 02:53PM)

Good information, the next time I receive a Thumbtack referral. I'll follow through

Message: Posted by: Signor Blitz (Dec 30, 2013 04:03AM)
What Al has posted was fine in 2011 but I will give you an update from my experience in 2013.

After a few hundred dollars and a year (full 12 months) - I cannot recommend this sit as a serious lead generator. The folks looking for entertainment have nothing invested or anything to loose - the performer has everything to loose. Depending on how you are listed, it will cost the performer 3 to 9 credits ($5-$15) just to forward contact information buyer (buyer info not forwarded to performer) which has consistently lead to nowhere. Unless you are a "magic ***" that will lead to nothing but good advertising money waisted, stay away.
Message: Posted by: magicofCurtis (Dec 30, 2013 08:15AM)
On 2011-10-28 18:16, Tim Friday wrote:

The average quote I got for the job was $70. I ended going with a lady who did for $50. She did a great job & we worked very well together. She even gave me a very positive review on thumbtack.com, and I am going to do the same for her.

I highly recommend it. It was very helpful and made getting my business card design simple when before I found thumbtack it was beginning to get stressful.

TIm, just summed it up. He went with the lowest quote.
I spend over $375 in leads to get one job. Yes $375....

People are looking for the lowest price. IT is awful you can pay about $5 to 9 per lead and receive no info regarding the contact person.
Message: Posted by: Leland (Dec 30, 2013 05:50PM)
I also do the Thumbtack ads and found that I get around 1 good lead out of the 10 But that 1 lead does turn the experience into a profitable one.

I've gone to perform at that 1 lead that turned into another person that hired me for another job. So as long as you hand out those business cards good things can happen. For now I'll stay in and see what happens.

Just another view.
Message: Posted by: bobn3 (Dec 30, 2013 09:25PM)
I have to agree with Curtis. I pay $5 per lead, all of which have been out of town requiring around a couple hour drive. I have given reasonable bids but have never gotten a response, and thumbtack does not give their contact information, so have no way to do so. Leads me to conclude that, at least in my case, price shoppers are the only ones using this. Was a waste of my money, so I stopped. Still get a few intermittent requests, but I ignore them.

Bob Phillips
Message: Posted by: Matthew W (Dec 30, 2013 10:27PM)
Leads on thumbtack are real. However, if you reply and pay for one, it will 100% always be marked red even if it isn't.

I got a lead for an event and put in a quote for $150. Of course, within minutes my quote was read with no reply. A few days later, a well know "agency" called me for an event in the same town, on the same day. I took it for their offer of $125. Upon receiving the client information, it was in fact the same person! If you know the agency I am referring to, you know their price was more than my $150, especially if I was getting $125. I introduced myself after the gig that I had responded to her thumbtack lead. She told me she had gotten NO replies.
Message: Posted by: misterillusion (Dec 31, 2013 08:09AM)
I use Thumbtack but I put out a lot of bids before I close one. Personally, I prefer Gigsalad's method of leads where you can choose who pays the $15 (you or the client) right in the bid. This way payment is made only if you get the gig.
Message: Posted by: Powermagic (Aug 21, 2015 10:25AM)
Any updates on using Thumbtack? Sites can improve over time (or go downhill)
Besides Gigsalad, Gigmasters and Thumbtack, are there better online choices today?