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Topic: Help with new promotional video
Message: Posted by: Cesar Munoz (Nov 25, 2011 05:33PM)
I'm having my promotional video redone by a professional (he's actually won a few Emmys). He just provided me with this link today. Because he's a professional, I'm a little unsure about what suggestions I can make to improve what he's done. At the same time, I know that there's always room for improvement. I'd love to hear any suggestions you have for improvement. Also,if you have suggestions on how to work with creatives for an optimum result, I'd love to hear them. Here's the link--thanks in advance!


Message: Posted by: LVMagicAL (Nov 25, 2011 06:11PM)
The video looks good! I'd suggest making sure you have appropriate license to use the Mission Impossible theme music (since you indicate you're going to use the video for promotional purposes). If you end up making changes, please share a link....I'd like to see the finished product!
Message: Posted by: danfreed (Nov 25, 2011 06:53PM)
I think the video should immediately show kids laughing and smiling - the split second it starts rather than the text. I'd say also let the laughter be very loud and somewhat constant through the video rather than have music cover it up. You are selling laughter and fun. But it looks good as is. Also, you might want to load up the description and title with keyword phrases that include your city such as "comedy kids magician & entertainer from such and such city" or whatever and put your web address and email in the description also. Also, later on, get several quick video testimonials and mix them in the the video or do another video of just the testimonials. I brought my little camera and filmed clients after some of my gigs if they seemed friendly enough to ask and mixed them in.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Lyle (Nov 25, 2011 07:54PM)
You're contact info needs to appear at the end of the demo. Have your name and website and contact # appear. Other than that, I thought it was one of the best promo's ever shot and wouldn't change a thing. It wasn't too long, and it quickly gets your message across to potential clients. GREAT JOB!
Message: Posted by: Daniel Ulzen (Nov 26, 2011 12:40AM)

the video is good, really good. But I belive it can be much better with some little changes:

In 58 seconds just 2 or 3 gags and 0 magic tricks - maybe there should be 8 gags and 4 tricks or so in that time.

The chair suspension would look better without the second chair.

We just see the ears of the balloon animals - really show some balloon animals.

Generally I would say you can keek the structure of the video with the text - but mix it with more funny
video clips - why not add 30 seconds or so.

Donīt worry to tell your professional editor how you want to have the video. You Cesar are the boss of the video, because you pay for it and you have the right to have the video the way you want it to be, because you have to live with it in the future. True video professionals understand that and they are used to it and they accept it.


PS: GREAT gag at the beginning, this gag is WORLDCLASS!
Message: Posted by: Potty the Pirate (Nov 26, 2011 02:25AM)
I like the promo, but agree about the music. You should check with the Performing Rights Society, (or US equivalent) about permission to use the music. I imagine you can get such permission, but would be well advised to be sure before the final cut.
Message: Posted by: Federico Soldati (Nov 26, 2011 11:08AM)
Hi Cesar,

well, I really like your video. You look funny and friendly and that's the most important thing such a video should provide.
I suggest you to make your video slightly longer. You may loose the surprise of a couple of tricks, but I would perform a couple of tricks where the viewers also see that you're a great magician.
I would show what happens after you have the kid lay on the two chairs. Some Spannung is important…but you have to give some inputs too. By the way, great video quality!

Kind regards,

Message: Posted by: Leland (Nov 26, 2011 08:32PM)
I like it, lots of cute kids having fun, laughing. You do need to add at the very least a phone number.
Message: Posted by: Cesar Munoz (Nov 26, 2011 09:01PM)
LVMagicAL, Dan, Christopher, Daniel, Doug, Federico, Leland,

Thank you all for your feedback and recommendations!

Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Nov 27, 2011 09:19PM)
I have a few ideas. I agree with the Chair Suspension. Do not show the whole thing, keep them curious. Just show you taking the first chair away and letting it go, as it stays suspended for 3 seconds. They might be curious and think you are going to the second one too. It will help getting a booking from the curiosity.

It is great how you showed you can do magic inside and outside. If you can perform for libraries too, include a gig at one of them. Also include a school.

The videos shows you can handle small audiences. If you can perform for large crowds at big events and festivals, add those too.

If you are a family entertainer, add at least one gig where you are keeping the parents attention too.
Message: Posted by: Kevinr (Nov 28, 2011 12:02AM)
I would change 3 things:

See the balloons..

See the kids reaction..

Contact info is at the end

Like this one:

Message: Posted by: Cesar Munoz (Nov 30, 2011 07:50PM)

Thanks a lot for your suggestions--greatly appreciated!

Message: Posted by: Cesar Munoz (Nov 30, 2011 07:54PM)

Are you Kevloon? Very nice video!