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Topic: Pre Thoughts
Message: Posted by: Hypno (Sep 11, 2003 03:08PM)
If anyone could give me any information about Steve Shaw's book Pre thoughts it would be much appreciated, as I cant find a review of it anywhere other than the text in the ad for it.
Thanks Dave
Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Sep 11, 2003 04:59PM)
It's great: a complete act that you'll probably not want do as written, but which should give you some insight into the structure of a good short mentalism act.

Before the act starts, Steve Shaw aka Banachek provides some very useful presentation points and theories. And then the fun begins --

It starts with an extremely powerful story that leads into an attention-getting chair effect (Be Seated!). Next, with the people already onstage, is a clever predicted total effect (A Cheap Add-A-Number). After that comes a handy presentation for a commonly used mentalist gimmick and a useful holdout for same (The Alphabet Game). For the closer, there's a very strong five-card mindreading effect that leaves the deck in the audience as a souvenir, and the performer alone on stage to take his bow (Future Card Thought).

All of the work is extremely practical and real-world tested, and further proof that if the name Shaw or Banachek is on something, it's solid mentalism material.
Message: Posted by: Hypno (Sep 11, 2003 06:22PM)
Thanks Necromancer
That was just the kind of info I was looking for, however the material in the book does not sound like the sort of material in the other Banachek books is it similar to the stuff I know and love or more standard mentalism ?
Message: Posted by: Eight Spades (Sep 12, 2003 02:42PM)
What exact material are you referring to from Banachek? Psychological Subtleties? PK Touches, PK Time? Basically this is similar but it shows how Shaw groups things together, much like a magician "routining." With his other material you should be able to construct quite a show. This is slightly different from what you're used to but by no means dissappointing.

Message: Posted by: Hypno (Sep 12, 2003 03:15PM)
Hi Cristian
The titles you mentioned were the ones I was thinking of. That material is all of a psychic nature. Is this also true of Pre Thoughts or is it more mental magic?
Message: Posted by: drosenbe0813 (Sep 12, 2003 04:22PM)
I like the book very much, but it is mainly predictions (hence the title...Pre-Thoughts) , which I am attempting to remove from my act. That said, the methods and presentations were very interesting and worth what I paid.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Sep 26, 2003 01:51PM)
May I ask why you are trying to remove predictions from your act? I find those to be the best effects but Im not as seasoned as most here.

Neil, still looking for a source for psychological subleties.....and also some sort of review. Does this book just expand on Pre-thoughts?


WC :band:
Message: Posted by: BonzoTheClown (Sep 26, 2003 03:06PM)

Some people don't like predictions because they feel they don't fit in with their premise. However there are other ways that predictions can be presented e.g. as Mind Control, the participant reading your mind...

Marc Climens
Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Sep 26, 2003 04:19PM)
On 2003-09-26 14:51, sapolice wrote:Neil, still looking for a source for psychological subleties.....and also some sort of review. Does this book just expand on Pre-thoughts?

You can find it (along with a ton of other mentalism books) at http://www.misdirections.com

It has nothing to do with Pre-Thoughts. Where the latter is a short act of finished performance pieces, Psychological Subtleties is a brilliant sourcebook of psychological forces, equivocations, and other tactics that will enhance the effects you already do to make you look truly telepathic. Be warned that it isn't packed with finished effects, and it isn't for beginners. But to a working pro, it's gold.