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Topic: Has anyone read "Illusions for Princes and Paupers"?
Message: Posted by: biff_g (Sep 13, 2003 08:44PM)
I am interested in purchasing this book but I wanted to know a couple of things about it. Does anyone know if it is quite expensive to build some of the illusions, and do you know if there are a lot of parts that are hard to obtain to build the illusions?

And finally, do you like the illusions and would it be a good book to invest in? Thank you, and hope everyone has a good night.
Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Sep 15, 2003 03:48PM)
Just like most of Eugene Poinc's stuff, this book is a bit off the beaten path, but just like his other stuff, I really enjoy reading about his ideas and methods of presentation.

As for the illusions themselves, they are all pretty much "stage-sized", and would be expensive if you had a professional build them for you. If you are planning to build them yourself, you will need a good understanding of illusion principles, because there are not a lot of details included with the descriptions. There are a few that are variations on well-known principles, so these might not be too difficult to put together.

Amos McCormick