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Topic: Alright, mental flossers...
Message: Posted by: Stephon (Dec 17, 2011 04:59PM)
...what am I doing wrong?

As long as I've been doing this stunt, I can't seem to get the end of the balloon to just pop into my mouth, as so many others do. I've tried coughing, clearing my throat, exhaling hard...no luck; all I seem to be able to do is shove the thing farther down my throat. I'd like to do this more gracefully than groping around in the back of my mouth, and accidentally grabbing my uvula, while I search around for the balloon.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Zagam (Dec 17, 2011 05:13PM)
My son does this trick. He just horks it up with a lot of gusto. Not smooth at all, it sounds like he's passing a lung and I feel like he could use an area in front of him labeled "splash zone" but he gets it out. I think he does it by starting to cough it up as soon as it gets to the back so it doesn't have a chance to continue down his throat. I'll check with him and post if he has any other info.
Message: Posted by: Lurchenstien (Dec 17, 2011 06:58PM)
I put my middle finger and thumb in my mouth and grab the balloon straight off the back of the throat. I tend to get my finger and thumb on the back of my throat where the balloon is, so I can get behind it and move it forward and pinch it. When I was learning, I found that if I can feel the balloon on the back of my tongue when I swallow, it's a good position to be able to get hold of it. I've tried getting more of the balloon in then coughing it forward before, but I don't get along with it.
Message: Posted by: steve-pistolas (Dec 19, 2011 08:11AM)
I had a big problem with this as well, I couldn't reach it with my fingers, in the end I found I had to put a lot of balloon down my throat and then cough hard, if theres not enough I found it doesn't come out as easy, maybe lean your head forward a bit helps as well
Message: Posted by: Zagam (Dec 19, 2011 08:03PM)
I asked my kid about this tonight, he says about the same thing as Steve, put more down than you think you need to. He said when he thinks he has enough in there, he needs to go more.
Message: Posted by: erikkloeker (Dec 20, 2011 03:31AM)
I think it's just a difference in Anatomy, I have to grab it or it just keeps going down the more I push, when my brother does it he doesn't have to grab it at all.
Message: Posted by: Lurchenstien (Dec 20, 2011 06:39AM)
While on the subject of mental floss, what brand of balloons do people tend to use? Anyone had any issues with a particular brand? I've been mental flossing for a few years, I've always used Qualatex, never had a problem with them. I run out of balloons recently, the only ones I could find in town were Sempertex, so I figured I'd give them a try. I used one balloon, within an hour or so my nose and throat were really irritated, so I've decided to stay away from Sempertex.
Message: Posted by: Stephon (Dec 20, 2011 07:05AM)
Thanks for the info, gentlemen. I'll keep working on it.
Message: Posted by: steve-pistolas (Dec 20, 2011 08:45AM)
I use Qualatex mate