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Topic: Disc or upload?
Message: Posted by: Andrew_N (Jan 5, 2012 04:38AM)
Hey all!
If you where to release a dvd, what's the best, simply upload it on your website or print DVDs and shipp?
Suppose their is no gimmicks included.
Message: Posted by: stijnhommes (Jan 31, 2012 06:34AM)
It really depends what you're aiming for. Downloads are easy for the buyer, Discs can support more DRM and have an air of legitimacy around them... What do you want to get from them?
Message: Posted by: ibraa (Feb 24, 2012 05:19PM)
DVD, at least make it harder for pirates to copy your things..
Message: Posted by: theamazingryan (Mar 14, 2012 08:35PM)
A dvd is no more difficult to pirate than a download unless you plan on implementing some form of DRM which will quickly be broken anyway. 99% of the time people who have little enough respect for the art to pirate your work wouldn't have bought it anyway, so it's not like you'd be losing anything. DVD's = more overhead cost but a lot of people prefer to have something tactile they can throw up on a shelf. Downloads are cheaper to produce and have the added value of instant access. There's more to consider than piracy, and piracy is mostly a moot point anyway.
Message: Posted by: danhughes (Aug 7, 2012 04:18PM)
On 2012-03-14 21:35, theamazingryan wrote:
A dvd is no more difficult to pirate than a download...[/quote]

I think his point is that the pirate would at least have to buy a copy of your DVD.

Why pay for shipping and wait several days for it to arrive, when there are so many things you can just download immediately and pirate?