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Topic: Barry & Stuart & camera tricks on BBC
Message: Posted by: Lothar (Jan 10, 2012 06:13AM)
Barry & Stuart are a pair of magicians on BBC's show "The Magicians". I am afraid they are guilty of camera tricks and paying people to act surprised. Not all of the show is live. The street magic is recorded and edited:

1) One trick was changing a person's cup of coffee into a cup of whatever bug the person named. There were many camera cuts and the complete trick was not shown as a single shot.
2) Another trick took place in a mall. I grew suspicious when I saw actual people inside the mall. LOL Anyway, they painted a design on the mall floor. Then they asked a person to go buy a cd, any cd they wanted. The person comes back and the cd cover matched the design they had painted on the floor.

I'd rather believe that these tricks can be performed live with one camera shot. I'd like to believe B&S would not stoop this low.

What do you think? Were these actual tricks or set-ups with paid people in the audience???
Message: Posted by: volto (Jan 10, 2012 07:48AM)
No camera tricks. The coffee/bug thing focusses on the bugs and the audience reaction, which is fair enough. There are many methods to do it live, I seriously doubt magi of Barry and Stuart's stature would need to resort to camera trickery for this. In the Mall/CD thing we're clearly not seeing everything that happened, but I suspect she had a totally free choice. :)

"I'd like to believe B&S would not stoop this low."
Stuart doesn't have to stoop.