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Topic: Puppet planet?
Message: Posted by: robholland (Jan 16, 2012 01:06PM)
Does anyone know if you can still buy puppets from Puppet-planet.com?
I've send an email a few days ago and didn't hear anything yet. On the site it says: 2009 catalog. So any recent experience with this great puppetbuilder?


Rob from THe Netherlands
Message: Posted by: kidshowvent (Jan 16, 2012 01:23PM)
I'm very familiar with Puppet Planet / Michelle Acquin's puppets..I own two of them and they are very good. Michelled had some personal problems a few years ago (a messy divorce) and is trying to get back on her feet. I know she owed puppets to many and I think she was trying to get caught up on them as well. I'm not sure where she is at the moment, but I do hope she gets things back on track as she does a really great job with puppets. Anything else I hear about her I will let you all know on the Magic Café.

Mark markwade@kidshowvent.com