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Topic: Gazzo on the Cups and Balls
Message: Posted by: Jason K. (Sep 17, 2003 08:11PM)
Which should I get: Video or Book?

Pros? Cons?
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Sep 17, 2003 08:46PM)
The Video contains actual scenes from his live performances as well as the detailed and well explained handling instructions.

For live audience reaction and insights that you can't get from a book, a well as the teaching and handling nuances, you should get the video.

In fact, I did't know there was a book?

I have the video, and can't imagine any book covering it as well.

Message: Posted by: Jason K. (Sep 19, 2003 05:55PM)
Thanks David!

Video it is. . .
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Sep 19, 2003 05:58PM)
Gazzo will be working the Magic Castle soon -- starting Sept. 29 for a week.

Beg, borrow, steal a bus ticket to Hollywood and come see the Master.
Message: Posted by: Whit Haydn (Sep 19, 2003 11:39PM)
The booklet we put out on Gazzo's Cups and Balls only covers the basic moves. It does not include any of his presentation or patter. It is a great learning aid to go with the video--Gazzo on the Cups and Balls--but it is not a substitute for the two hours of detailed, step by step instructions in the video.

The teaching video also contains a full performance of the cups on the street with a real audience in Boston.

The "Gazzo Uncensored" tape is also very helpful, with the full show from which the cups and balls performance on the "Gazzo on the Cups and Balls" came from, as well as a full performance of the cups from the Magic Castle's Parlour of Mystery.

It also contains a full performance from a Texas Ren Faire, which is an entirely different show, featuring Gazzo's underwater handcuff escape.

Both videos are out of production, and if you can get them from any dealer, you should grab them.

The School for Scoundrels is sold out of them, and there are no current plans to re-release the tapes in any form.
Message: Posted by: robsigns (Sep 25, 2003 03:14PM)
I'd recommend both of them. I got the book before it was a School for Scoundrels book, when Gazzo published it himself. I learned the Gazzo routine from that but then I got the videos and they were definitely a help. And while Gazzo's style is vastly different from my own, it was helpful to see him actually doing it. I love books, but sometimes seeing it on video gives you the "oh, NOW I get it" kind of thing.
Message: Posted by: Gazzo (Sep 25, 2003 08:45PM)
Hey Boys,

I will be at the magic castle staring Oct 20 - 26/03 late parlour. I will have 5 or 6 sets of magic pitch (Gazzo cups) so if you're interested in seeing them up close, holding them, see me working with them and you would like to buy a set...don't be shy tap me on the shoulder I will be hanging out with Whit Hayden and James in LA and Pete Biro.

Look forward to seeing all my buddies.

Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Sep 26, 2003 01:01AM)
What you get on the videos is that special Gazzo genius of working the crowd. Every moment is filled with entertainment. Zero lags. Pure entertainment for everyone there. That's why they gather, that's why they stay, and that's why they pay. I've heard that when his show is over, people don't even realize how much time has passed. What they do realize is how much fun they've had.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Sep 26, 2003 01:05PM)
Who the heck is Gazzo??????? :kermit:
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Sep 26, 2003 04:41PM)
In order to answer your question Pete, (as if I needed to....) you need to go to Gazzo and Gary Animal's web site http://www.magicpitch.com and check out the nearly lifelife Gazzo Doll on display there. It is listed under the Products/Other stuff.

I have a couple of his videos, and I instantly recognized the doll as him.

Unfortunately they don't list a price there, but I can it will be a big seller....

Message: Posted by: Jason K. (Sep 26, 2003 06:49PM)
I've seen Gazzo do the C&B at least 27 times when he was down where I'm at for a week. I wasn't paying attention to his C&B technique, but rather his crowd management. Boy did I learn a lot! Can't wait to learn his C&B

Anyway, I ordered the LAST copy at my dealer and am greatly looking forward to watching it. Thanks Whit for letting me know it was an endangered species.