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Topic: Lecture Question
Message: Posted by: Anabelle (Sep 18, 2003 05:28PM)
I have access to a little theater here in Florida that I can use pretty much whenever I want and I was thinking of bringing people in to lecture but I have no idea how much you guys charge, if I have to pay for your plane ticket, or if you don't charge anything and take a cut of the door, I have no idea about this and want to find out more to see if it would even be possible to bring in someone once every two months for an awesome lecture. Can you guys tell me how this whole lecture thing works?

Anabelle :giving:
Message: Posted by: truthteller (Sep 18, 2003 05:42PM)

Your best course of action would be to contact other clubs in your state and enter an arrangement where a performer can lecture in 3 or 4 places all within a few hours drive. That way they can spread their expenses over the course of several lectures.

If you are bringing in a performer for a 'one shot' event, covering their costs would go a long way in helping make the event cost effective for them.
Message: Posted by: Lee Marelli (Sep 18, 2003 09:55PM)
Normally, Magic lecturers have a set fee plus lodging. They normally pay for their own transportation to and from the location. Depending on the lecturer, fees range from $250 to $350. Normally, they need a place to sell their wares during the break and after the lecture. This is where they really make their money.
The idea of talking to local magic clubs is a good one. Often, they need a good venue, if their meeting place will not accomodate the lecture.

Also, you might think about holding magic and mentalism shows at the theater for the general public.
Hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: Anabelle (Sep 19, 2003 08:13AM)
More to think about, thank you guys.

Anabelle :giving: