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Topic: Dynamo!
Message: Posted by: TMagicz (Feb 5, 2012 02:12AM)
Hi guys what do people here think of dynamo? I mean doesn't he do a lot of fake tricks? Im really not sure, but whats your opinion ? =)
Message: Posted by: Daryl -the other brother (Apr 27, 2012 11:37AM)
Just saw him on the travel channel. Only "real" effect was I.D. done very straight forward, and a card trick using a DL, though I would never ask a volenteer to hold a card in their mouth :eek: How do these guys (Blaine, Angel,ect.)get their own TV shows? that's the real magic!
Message: Posted by: critter (Apr 27, 2012 05:38PM)
When I saw the show this morning I thought: "Another magician with a tv contract. Wonder how long it will take him to get some haters on the Café?"
If only I'd started a pool.