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Topic: Christian and Katalina in Indianapolis
Message: Posted by: Suppo (Feb 13, 2012 09:58AM)
I ran across an online ad to see a couple who are performing a mentalism based magic show in the Hilton Hotel in downtown Indy entitled Mind Tripping. Tickets were neither expensive nor cheap so I took the chance and took my girl. I have never heard of them but that meant little. The are both Army Vets, I assume retired but not too long ago.

The show was very well structured with a good working idea of mentalism provided up front. The routines were varied and engaging both in pacing, humor, and group involvement. Christian is a very strong close-up magician beyond the mentalism but together they are brilliant and very, very funny. The show was very much worth the cost of admission and I hope they continue to have sell outs for the remainder of their time here in Indy.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Feb 14, 2012 01:56PM)
I too have heard only great things about their Indy show. I actually tried to catch their show at the Hilton when I was in the area before the holidays but it was dark and on the day I was hoping to attend I because sick on top of it, so I'm still wanting to see it, maybe this Spring when I'm back in the area.
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Feb 14, 2012 06:24PM)
I saw them at Winter Carnival a couple of years ago. They are very good and very entertaining.
Message: Posted by: Necromancer (Feb 29, 2012 04:00PM)
I've seen them twice. Both times, they thoroughly rocked.

Christian Painter's book of close-up mentalism, Protoplasm, is also well worth reading.

Message: Posted by: Christian & Katalina (May 11, 2012 07:22AM)
Thanks for the kind words everyone. We have had a blast performing and currently have surpassed 150 shows at this venue.