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Topic: A Card Lecture you can't miss
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (Feb 16, 2012 09:54AM)
Aaron Fisher at The Magic Apple in Studio City
March 1st 7:00pm
$25 per person

Most Aaron Fisher lecture attendees come away truly surprised and inspired by how much magic they just learned. The last twenty years have taught Aaron a secret most magicians are thrilled to discover - doing great magic isn’t about mastering knuckle-busting sleights. Rather, successful performers focus on handing the simplest concepts really well.

As you will discover during this exciting evening, approaching your sleight of hand this way will not only make it more fun to practice, but light years more successful in actual performance. Part Lecture/Part Teach-in Too often, we attend a magic lecture and end up watching passively as the talk flies by. When we get home we wonder what happened - and how something that made so much sense during the lecture could be so confusing just a few hours later.

Aaron’s hands on approach to the traditional magic lecture allows you to come away with the new magic in your ‘bones’. Be sure to bring a deck of cards to this lecture. You’ll have opportunities to learn simple, powerful concepts along with Aaron during the talk. These won’t be ‘hard core’ sleights. Rather, simple concepts and approaches that will literally transform the way you approach your magic.

March 1st 7:00pm

$25 Per Person

$35 for VIP Seats - Includes Deck of Cards, Front Row Reserved Seating and Bottle of Water


Give us a call now to reserve your seat: 818-508-9921
or e-mail us: MagicAppleStore@gmail.com
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (Feb 23, 2012 07:21PM)
Aaron Fisher's lecture is NEXT WEEK!! Be sure to sign up!

March 1st

There are 3 VIP Seats left! VIP Is $35 includes a deck of cards, bottle of water, front row, reserved seating

Regular seats are $25

Call The Magic Apple now: 818-508-9921
Message: Posted by: Canadian Guy (Feb 29, 2012 07:41PM)
Tomorrow is Aaron's lecture. There are no very many seats left at The Magic Apple. Give them a call to sign up