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Topic: Talent Show (sorry djbmagic101--not you!)
Message: Posted by: satellite23 (Feb 17, 2012 03:14PM)
Last night was the show! It was good....no, no...actually, it was GREAT! Some people say I was the best act!

Here are the premises of my act:

No, no...here's how it looked to the audience:
The crazy guy comes out with a screwed up shirt and tie and looks like he just came out of the dumpster. He has a bag (change bag) with a zipper undone at the bottom. Apparently, his magic props fell out of the zipper and he can't seem to find them. So, he pull's out three ropes from the bag with magic (Prof. Nightmare). With the ropes, he tells a funny story about three brothers who came out and did a talent show (one had a bad act, one had a good act, one had my a....I mean, great *cough cough* act). He puts the ropes in the bag and makes them disappear. To dispell any notions that the bag is magical, he puts it down and produces & vanishes a red silk from his bare hands.

Combined with a ton of extremely funny jokes, this was a great 4-minute act!

I completely transformed onstage. Before my act came on I was totally nervous. I was pacing back and forth, just trying to calm myself. It was gonna be my first ever stage show, and for my largest single audience ever!

But as soon as I came on, I....transformed. It was unlike anything else before. My nerves washed away. My jokes were perfectly timed and on cue. My routine was great. Actually, I even did an impromptu quick-fix! You see, while I was zipping the bag back up after I stuck my hand through it to show it empty, my zipper broke! That wasn't good cuz I had a TT stored in that section, and I didn't want it to fall out. So, after trying to fix it for a few seconds, I tucked it in and held the bottom of the bag until I stole the TT. I definitely wasn't expecting it to break, but I worked around it. Nobody even had a clue...not even my parents until I told them. They thought it really was part of the act; me playing the "disorganized" guy.

But my jokes were outstanding....better than I expected. I had the crowd GOING!!!!!! And absolutely none of it was "dirty". It was all family comedy. Geez, I can't even explain how good my jokes were. I was on fire!!!! I even threw one in impromptu that made my parents almost die with laughter (it was directed towards them).

And the publicity I got....man, I'm high off of it right now! At the show's intermission, I walked out to get a bottled water from the vendor and got SWARMED with people. I had to thanks at least 50 people for for telling me how good my act was...and that was just getting the water! I even had a couple of cute girls stop me and talk to me more personally.....two girls I'd never even met before!

And at school today, it was a different story. I was the most popular kid at school today. People were talking about me. Lots of people. Students, friends, teachers, everybody.

This is just one of those things that words can't express. This post pales in comparison to the actual event. I just hope you guys partially understand.
Message: Posted by: DWRackley (Feb 17, 2012 03:31PM)
Uh oh! Now you’ve gone and done it!

You’re HOOKED!

Can’t think of a better feeling in the whole world. Enjoy the glow!

Every one of us “old guys” who read this will privately go back in their minds to their first time.

(And yes, there are girls, too!) :)


(Keep it up!) :thumbsup:
Message: Posted by: bowers (Feb 17, 2012 03:58PM)
I understand completely satellite. its the best feeling in the world. I still get that feeling and there is nothing like it.congratulations on a well done job.and like dw said ''your hooked'' now.
Message: Posted by: djbmagic101 (Feb 23, 2012 09:58AM)
:) Congrats, happened to me too! Well done... Just keep practising!
Message: Posted by: borderjs (Feb 23, 2012 10:42AM)
Great story! I am glad everything worked out for you! I am just beginning and love hearing stories like these.
Message: Posted by: satellite23 (Feb 23, 2012 03:37PM)
Hey, after a week, people still love my act! I've had soooooooo many people tell me how good I did in the past week....and all I did was stand on stage for a few minutes with some ropes and jokes!!!!

One of the talent show directors (who actually did not see my audition, but he saw the actual performance) just asked me today if I wanted to perform my talent show act at an Irish Cabaret! This event is very prestigious in my neighborhood, and it would be great exposure for me. I'm so excited!!!
Message: Posted by: Eric the Excellent (Feb 23, 2012 05:25PM)
Wow! That's great, satellite! An Irish Cabaret sounds like it would be a lot of fun to work in. (I am hoping to get into the next cabaret show my local theater puts on.) But... what exactly makes it an /Irish/ cabaret?
Message: Posted by: borderjs (Feb 24, 2012 10:49AM)
Would you mind sharing the jokes you used? I'm always up for learning some new ones!
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Feb 24, 2012 02:01PM)
Kudos to you - great job! You said the zipper broke? - get used to it. You can practice 100 times and nothing happens - as soon as you're in front of an audience, something goes wrong.

Message: Posted by: satellite23 (Feb 24, 2012 02:06PM)
@Eric the Awful: Well, the director happens to be my Glee Club teacher. Every other year, he takes some people from the Glee Club on a trip somewhere. Well, a couple of years ago, before I was high-school age, they went to Ireland. They learned a whole bunch of Irish music to sing. So, they decided to sing mainly Irish songs at an upcoming cabaret that year (they hold one every couple of months). It was so popular that they decided to have an Irish-themed cabaret every year since then the weekend of St. Pat's Day.

@BorderJS: Well, you'd really have to WATCH my routine in order to fully comprehend the jokes. I'm trying to find a video of my act, but I'm not sure if I can find one! You know, I may not really show it from my posts on this site, but me and my friends are FUNNY PEOPLE. I am very sarcastic and random. Being a teenager, a lot of my humor is dirty. But there is still a lot of clean humor as well...very sarcastic and sometimes random comments.

When I structure my routines, I have realized that people laugh at real jokes. If a joke is too...."far-fetched", it's not very funny. But if a joke would be something that I would laugh at if somebody told it to me, chances are that other people would laugh if I told it to them. So, it's a good joke.

The other key, in my opinion, is to use one-liners and punchlines. Those make it quick and effective.
Message: Posted by: s.freeman (Feb 25, 2012 01:16AM)
I think we've all been there, soak it in and remember it. It's really good when first shows go this well. Keep building on those strengths and remember days like this when you get an audience that totally flops. Sounds like you're fully addicted so think of the rest of us as your support group/pushers :)