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Topic: Questions
Message: Posted by: blitzchampion (Sep 24, 2003 03:13PM)
Hi, I've thought about an effect/variation and I'd like to post it here for everyone to share (maybe on the banquet room), but if someone has already tought of this I'd be exposing and no one wants that. So, should I PM a moderator and see if he knows it or what?

It goes like this: you show a deck and you riffle it and they say stop to select a card (the usual). They see that there's a card on top of the deck as you riffle it with the backs down, for example the 8D. Then they take their card out and keep it, for example, it's the 3S. Then you tell them to kiss the deck, making some jokes about the deck being male or female and then, when they do, you turn the deck around and they see that it's all red and their card is blue. Then, you say that the cards were embarassed and ran away and you turn the deck around and it's completely blank, 8D and all. Not examinable neither before or after. :(

P.S: Was the guy that invented copyrights afraid that someone might steal his ideas ? :bwink: