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Topic: Nail thru hand - help please!
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 8, 2002 08:08AM)
No, I've not nailed my hand to my desk...yet.

My act combines juggling, some freakshow elements and magic. I currently do the human blockhead routine with a 5" nail and would like to add a bit of magic.

So, my idea is to appear to drive a nail through my hand with a hammer. I'm sure it's been done before, but I am struggling for ways to produce an effective gimmick. Is there a way, or would I be best using a few sleights too?


ML :coolest:
Message: Posted by: Corey K (May 8, 2002 05:34PM)
There was an effect on the market a while back called AcuPUNKture. It was, supposedly, a completely convincing way to take a large pin and shove it through your hand. Apparently so convincing that it would fool a doctor. I don't know if it's still available, and through who, but if you're interested someone else here at the Cafe may be able to help you out.

Hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 9, 2002 03:13AM)
That sounds good - can anyone help?? :question:
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 9, 2002 08:14AM)
Should've added - if it is technical info, please email or private message me.


ML (who has just realised that juggling while wearing a kilt is a great money spinner in Edinburgh!!)
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 9, 2002 08:17AM)
Should've added - if it is technical info, please email or private message me.


ML (who has just realised that juggling while wearing a kilt is a great money spinner in Edinburgh!!)
Message: Posted by: RangeCowboy (May 9, 2002 08:31PM)
Hey Jock,
I have never tried this before but how about this. Use an over-sized mallet like you see used for croquet games.
Drill a 1/2" hole deep into it and stick a strong magnet (NIB type) deep inside the hole.
Now when your assistant holds the six inch nail and you hammer down on it the nail goes up the hole and sticks to the magnet.
Now drill another hole near the first one and about 2-1/2" deep,
Cut the top two inches off a nail and epoxy glue it to a circle of cardboard about 1/2" diameter.
On the upper surface where the nail is epoxied on, paint it as a red bloody hole and on the underside stick some double sided tape.
When the original nail goes up indside the hole to the magnet, the small faked nail and circle pad sticks to your hand.
I have not figgered how you reverse the process - thats one for us all to discuss...

Thinking some more, make the magnet hole a good inch and a half diameter so it is guaranteed to take the nail even with a not too accurate swipe.
Cover the hole with a thin sticky paper label painted the same color as the mallet.
When you smash down with the mallet the paper will rupture with a crackling sound and the nail may even 'ding' or click against the magnet - so much the better. The noise should sound like the mallet striking the nail quite hard.
That should work...

ex-Pat Jock in CA
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 10, 2002 01:48AM)
Cheers - I like it!

I've thought of a way to remove the nail from the hand. If the nail was "nailed" to the back of your left hand, have a nail palmed in your right. After waving the left hand about and screaming, go to remove it with your teeth. As the back of the left hand approaches your mouth, bring up the right hand, with the palmed nail, to your mouth as if you're going to use it to apply the neccessary pressure to remove the nail with your teeth. As your right hand approaches, you take the head of the palmed nail in your teeth (to the audience, this looks like you've taken the nail that was in the back of your hand). Pretend to push your left hand away with your right. At the same time, your right hand palms the gimmick stuck to the back of your left. Present the "removed" nail and take the opportunity to dispose of the gimmick palmed in your right.

Any comments??
Message: Posted by: RangeCowboy (May 10, 2002 11:02AM)
Great idea!,

now just one small problem for the single performer - who will hold the nail over the left hand while you hit it with the mallet in your right hand?
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 10, 2002 12:26PM)
You know, that only just crossed my mind :rotf:

Hmmm - you could always hammer the nail into your thigh or knee. Or forehead!

Message: Posted by: RangeCowboy (May 11, 2002 01:11PM)
Knee ! Great Idea!
so much easier than needing a third hand.

You place one foot on a chair and the knee up near waist level and nail through...

Terrific gag magic
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (May 13, 2002 03:01PM)
You could also consider using a nail gun.

Message: Posted by: cataquet (May 14, 2002 03:41AM)
Just a word of obvious warning on Cowboy's idea. Although 1/2" hole to take up the nail sounds great, it should be pointed out that if you miss, you're gonna shove that nail into your hand. That's not a good situation to be in!

An alternative, is to make a Pen thru anything with a nail. The metal of the nail will help to make the magnets much stronger than in the Pen version!

Bye for now

Message: Posted by: RangeCowboy (May 14, 2002 11:31AM)
My idea is much safer than Philemons - but point (!!) taken.

If I was going to do a great illusion it would need the nail to be progressively driven in by each whack of the hammer so you could see say a 12" nail go through the leg in about six hits.

Now discuss that idea folks..... No thread, no wires, no helium, no mirrors etc etc just morphine.

Philemons idea would work for a Polish/Irish magician [insert your own nationality...]
Message: Posted by: DoctorAmazo (May 20, 2002 09:15AM)
If you can work it out to remove the nail using a claw hammer, taking it out will get as much reaction as driving it in. Just the thought of applying that much leverage against the back of your hand!

(Years ago, a friend of mine actually drove a framing nail through his hand with a nailgun. He "pulled the punch" enough so it didn't countersink the nail--thank God! His wife was present and started to pull it out with a claw hammer until he nearly fainted from the pain. Just hearing that part of the story gave me the willies...much more than the shooting it in part.) BTW, at the hospital, they packed his hand in ice and cut the nailhead off with a Dremel tool, then pulled the nail on thru...OWWWWW!
Message: Posted by: Dr. Jakks (May 21, 2002 08:39AM)
Doctor Amaze, thank you for disturbing us all with your little story :rainbow:
If you have alotta money and a know craftsman, I have a perfect method. Using very good telescoping tech and very pricy magnets from japan, and one really long nail, you could make it look exactly like you are pounding a nail through your hand :) oh and by the way, I know it works, I use the same method with my cig thru quarter. Same as johnsons cig thru any coin, but with the one I had crafted myself, it actuall looks like you are pushing it thru and the are no angle problems. Very spiff. oh and it costed an all of $300 to create so, if your on a really low budget, buy ACUpunCTURE.

:righton: , :love: , and :donut1: :donut2: :donut3: :donut4: 's
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 22, 2002 07:38AM)
hmmm, I like the sound of that but I think I'll do the cheap option!


Message: Posted by: jorgini (May 23, 2002 05:36PM)
May I suggest the old Carny Sidewhow bit of the meathook thru the tongue instead? It is real looking, gives them the willies, and they believe it is happening! Another advantage is its ease of accomlishment and simple gimmick. Unless you need the hammer thing, in which case, you can turn your back to the audience and 'hammer in' the point of the meathook through your tongue.
Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (May 24, 2002 09:06AM)
Thanks for the tip but I already do that - good effect it is too.


Message: Posted by: Sean Piper (Jun 2, 2002 05:00PM)
Missing Link,
Just curious... where did you learn the Blockhead effect?


Sean Piper