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Topic: Review for Dinner Show..
Message: Posted by: hefemexy (Mar 12, 2012 02:19PM)
I attended an "Evening of Mystery and Wonder" by the Keepers of Magic, "Lion Fludd" and "Darshwood the Conjurer,” and I was so overjoyed with my experience that I would like to let you know about it.

You must see; no, you must experience the intimate and friendly atmosphere that “The Keepers of Magic” put on every second Thursdays at the “BRAVO! cucina italiana” restaurant. The venue is a location best described as a private dining area for patrons of chamber or parlor magic. There are dinner tables for four and a floor level performance area where everyone has a close up view of the magicians as they perform.

The Keepers are both hosts and entertainers, who make each person feel comfortable and who assure that they can take part in the magic. They orchestrated the entire evening, which included welcoming and seating the guests, and timing of the three dinner courses to intermingle with the magic acts.

Mary and I were delighted to have been made to feel like we were at a private magic dinner party and friends to all of the patrons. During the evening, there was no doubt that we were witnessing professional magicians at work. The magic was astonishing and extraordinary, blending comedy, prestidigitation, illusion, and mentalism. We soon realized that we were witnessing a unique and up to date performances of magic.

Message: Posted by: Andrew Zuber (Mar 12, 2012 09:50PM)
Rock on! I've enjoyed your TV spots as well...you seem extremely likable and very comfortable with what you're doing!
Message: Posted by: Devious (Mar 13, 2012 12:38AM)
I totally agree with your sentiments Andrew, but I always agree with 100% of what you say as you know. Great job on the show sir. Semper Fi
Message: Posted by: hefemexy (Mar 13, 2012 08:31AM)
I appreciate gentlemen, things have really taken off, and I'm just enjoying the ride. Semper Fi