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Topic: Ron Bauer Series
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Sep 28, 2003 04:36PM)
I wanted to say something about these because I was just rereading them. Have you ever sat around trying to figure out why great magicians of our time are so great or magicians of our past were so great. I hope so I was just reading over this series of lessons that Mr. Bauer sells and They are just incredible. I am not being paid nor have I been asked by anyone to share this stuff with you. I just felt like telling those that care about the art of magic the guys that know their is more to magic than just a trick that this series should be owned, and studied by everyone. I was at a convention recently and a discussion came up about there are no mentors anymore. My thought is hmmm that's true I didn't have anyone to help me I had to read alot and go and do it. However I think realizing I have been reading the right material gave me an edge. Ron Bauer is my edge, let me explain. Though I have never met this man I have read the manuscripts he sells that give you lessons on magic. At the time I was reading I was looking at the trick but all of the other information was sneaking into my head at the same time. Now I go back and read them for the lessons, and I still learn something every time. I just felt compelled to share this with all of you because I felt inspired again. If Mr. Bauer ever reads this thank you sir for this information and material.
Check out his site and read the cool stuff on there http://www.thinklikeaconjurer.com/indexa.htm
Again I am doing this on my own acord I just feel that we should all have great learning material. cheers
What is your favorite Bauer booklet. Currsed ring and feminine side Are awsome. :wow:
Message: Posted by: Darren Roberts (Sep 29, 2003 12:46PM)

I have just started purchasing this series, and I'm with you...it is just an awesome education in magical performance/theory/thinking/presentation/effect/and affect!

I've only been into performing magic for a little under a year. If I could send back a lot of the stuff I've already bought and trade it in for the rest of this series, I would do so! I'm LEARNING that much. There is great information and a great variety of effects.

As an aside, I've chosen two of the effects (booklets) in this series to perform for my "induction" performance for a local IBM Ring.

Even though I only have four of the booklets so far, my favorites are Sudden Death Gypsy Curse and Feminine Side. I truly believe that Feminine Side "fixes" all of the "problems" I've heard about "Out of this World".

So, to all magicians out there...there you have it. Two superior recommendations for the booklets in this series. One from a beginner and one from a highly respected magician in our field. And neither of us are in any way connected with Ron Bauer or the Private Series.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Sep 29, 2003 04:07PM)
These are amazing books for sure. I finally took out four squares and a knot last night. I had worked on it for quite a while to get the presentation just right for my own personality. I did of course stick to the premise in the book, and This trick absolutely rocks.
I am 100 percent convinced Mr. Bauer knows more than most guys when it comes to magic. Let me explain my bold statement. When I read a book say for instance *&^*(*(^% *(%^ :rotf: don’t want to incriminate myself.
Most books I read, a guy is telling me technique or presentation. Now when you read Bauer stuff you get to learn technique, presentation, but also timing, beats, moments, blocking, payoffs, thoughts, tag lines how and why to use them along with tags, plus so much more.
I have a very minimum back ground in theater, clearly Ron has a ton of experience it kills me to think that before I got these I thought I was performing magic for people. I had no clue other than just to trick people with the thought in my head look what I can do and you cant. I started reading these and my tips started growing and growing. I assure you it was not because I am just that good.
These study guides rip, who else out there studies these. Post
Owed to poker Dan is a killer to.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Sep 29, 2003 06:16PM)
I agree wholeheartedly. You can read a quote from me on their website--it was unsolicited and excerpted from an earlier topic here on The Café, used with my permission on their site. This series will teach you how to be a magician, not just a guy who does some tricks!
Message: Posted by: Niedzwiecki (Sep 29, 2003 08:31PM)
I cannot think of such inexpensive material with such powerfully magical depth than this series. Anyone interested in getting any one of these routines should save some of their own time and get a bunch of these all at once. For the low price, it just makes sense to take advantage of such an offering.

Russ Niedzwiecki
Message: Posted by: Cabrera (Sep 29, 2003 08:46PM)
I's amazing how many years it takes even some "professional" performers to finally "get it". It's nice to hear that another one has "arrived".
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Sep 29, 2003 09:32PM)
Hi Reed:

My favorite is Xerox Money. Almost everything about these pamphlets gets an A+; my only small gripe is that sometimes it's hard to figure out what the effect is by reading his ads. Maybe other readers don't have this problem. Still, his stuff is terrific!

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Sep 30, 2003 05:51AM)
Cabrera I got you wink wink, I have not seen you in quite a spell. Stop by one of the places I am working anytime.
Its funny I never see Mr. Bauer posting on the boards, I wonder if he reads them. I think this gentleman would be a great guest for the Café, hint hint Steve did you read that.
We benifit from the guests, I think this guy could single handedly change the magic fraternity. I honestly do not think I can build a pedistal high enough for Mr Bauer.
I took out the four squares and a knot again tonight at the bar I work in and it killed the whole bar. I served drinks to this group of guys sitting at the bar and I said "What if I told all of you guys in this bar that are single the next date you have will be a good one or knot wink if you know what I mean." Then a girl chimed in and said what about the girls I said oh you wouldnt want to know this guy secret, well there I was. I set the stage and I was off and runing, playing and having a blast and so were my customers, everyone one wanted to know. I milked this effect alot longer than the minute he talks about in the booklet. There are so many bits of business jokes and pauses for people to catch up. All that for a knot in a silk that transposes. Briliant absolutely beautiful. Booked two parties, and made Awsome tips.
How Many of you have tried Feminine side or Chosses bar stunt. woowee I never thought a bill switch could be so killer. :handcuffs:
Message: Posted by: Cabrera (Sep 30, 2003 10:07AM)
Reed, Gotta hand it to you bud, You know how to "Reed" between the lines. See ya!
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Sep 30, 2003 03:47PM)
Thank you

Has anyone tried the cut up card trick on stage? I am curious if it would play or not. Your responce would be greatly appreciated. :handcuffs:
Message: Posted by: Mike Giusti (Sep 30, 2003 03:52PM)

I first saw Jerry Camaro perform this and after he passed on to that great close-up pad in the sky, I researched and found out that it was Senator Crandall's trick. He only let a handful of close friend magicians use it, one of whom is Ron Bauer. I spoke with Ron about trying to obtain permission to include this effect in my stand-up act, and he was such a gentleman about it, he not only gave me the permission, but he told me that he was planning on introducing it as part of the Think Like A Conjurer series. Just for asking permission, he sent me ALL the books, including the Cut Up Card Trick! What a terrific and nice fellow!

As far as performing goes, I've done it only on the late shows on cruises. It's not suitable for "standard" audiences as you probably know. Definitely plays well with minimal props for the late crowd and comedy club clan. I use jumbo index cards as they are easier to see from the lounge's "stage."
Message: Posted by: Darren Roberts (Sep 30, 2003 05:49PM)
Hmmmm....I find it interesting that, aside from myself (and maybe Ron), only performing magicians are responding to this discussion. Is that because these are not quick fixes for today's so-called street magician? I'm willing to put time and effort into a quality magic performance, even as a beginner. It was research into effect and presentation that lead me to this series. I could not be more pleased with it.

It is a shame that so few people seem interested in this series. If more people were interested in this type of magical thought and presentation, the art of magic would be advanced to the next level.

Although...I'm with Ron above. The descriptions of the effects on the web site do not do these pamphlets justice.
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Sep 30, 2003 07:03PM)
Has anybody noticed that there is a new pamphlet for the lowly paper hat tear trick? I've gotta get this one!

Message: Posted by: totalpackage56 (Sep 30, 2003 07:25PM)
I'd just like to add my two cents. I believe that this series is one of the most underappreciated and under-used in magic. What a great series for the working magician, focusiing on all of the little subtletlies that make a trick perfect. Reed, I have performed the Bar-Bill Stunt and I've gotten GREAT reactions, it's such a blast to perform, and funny as well! As far as the cut-up card trick, I've done it a couple of times close-up and it usually plays rather well. Never tried on stage, though it looks like it would be great for such an occasion.
Message: Posted by: Tom Gaddis (Oct 1, 2003 09:03AM)
On 2003-09-30 06:51, Reed McClintock wrote:
"What if I told all of you guys in this bar that are single the next date you have will be a good one or knot wink if you know what I mean." [/quote]


Would you mind clarifying this line. I'm not following your approach.

Message: Posted by: Cabrera (Oct 1, 2003 09:35AM)
I have some of Ron Bauers series, however, after 10 years of stand up, I tend to write my own material, and of course, with lots of shows the audience helps write it for you!. it's a good idea to have someone video tape your performances. This puts you light years ahead of the magic pack...If you can take critique and improve your , gestures, voice inflection etc. all that is emphasized in the Ron Bauer series
Message: Posted by: Paul Chosse (Oct 1, 2003 09:37AM)
On 2003-09-30 18:49, Darren Roberts wrote:

It is a shame that so few people seem interested in this series. If more people were interested in this type of magical thought and presentation, the art of magic would be advanced to the next level.



I helped draw up the original list of effects to be included in this series. I worked with Ron for years and have performed all this material hundreds of times. I am grateful that so few people are interested in this series!

I begged Ron not to release some of it, it is too good! And it is in my regular repetoire. But, since he's gone ahead anyway, I'm glad that he priced it as he did. I'm glad he hasn't released it as a single volume, as so many people seem to think he should. And I'm glad that it requires some work to "get it".

I, and other people I know, paid a big price in time and practice to get good at this stuff, and if you want what we have you should have to work at it too!

I'm also glad that some people have "gotten it", and are appreciative of RB's approach. It is the best writing and direction for the working magician OR casual performer there is! You can learn two or three tricks from this series and suddenly appear to be as professional as a seasoned performer.

It is because RB has given you all the tools it takes some of us years of research to sort out and apply, all in a couple dozen little books. I would suggest that, although they stand alone, if you want full value for your money, you acquire all the books in the series. They are a complete course, and each lesson relates in some way to your overall performing education. Remember, it is RB's philosophical approach that is important, the tricks he selected are vehicles for illustrating that philosophy.

I recieve no money from any of the sales in this series, and I would happily keep all this material to myself, but as long as RB has released it, I am forced to whole-heartedly reccommend it!

Best, PSC
Message: Posted by: Darren Roberts (Oct 1, 2003 12:29PM)
Paul (and everyone else),

Thanks for the response. I appreciate the work you and others have done on this series. The more I think about things, I agree it's nice that this series is still "underground". I believe that if you give me a year head start in studying this series over another beginner who is just "doing tricks", I would definitely get the professional gig.

I also recently acquired Haydn's "Chicago Surprise" manuscript and put it into the same category as the Bauer booklets. He provides a ton of information on the magical thought and theory that goes into what most people perceive as an "Easy to Master Card Miracle." I'm looking for more items like this to expand my own magical performance skills.

I will be getting the entire Bauer series a few at a time. Currently I'm working on Gadabout Coins Revisited, Sudden Death Gypsy Curse, Feminine Side, and Fair & Sloppy. After I can perform each of these I will treat myself to another 4 (or 5...or 6...or 10) of the booklets.

Any recommendations from people for my next order of booklets?

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Oct 1, 2003 12:50PM)
That was my opening line to create curiosity to get into the effect.The effect was four sqares and a knot.

I had these booklets and just thought hmm I read the tricks. It was afterr I talked with Paul Chosse that I was now ready to learn more that tricks and he said I should read these. I obviously did what he said because he knows what he is talking about, and I have not looked back. Thank you Paul.

Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Oct 1, 2003 01:37PM)
Feminine Side is a GREAT routine.
Message: Posted by: Vilago (Oct 2, 2003 09:43AM)
Not to distract, but wasn't there another thread on this last winter? Seemed to me that many of the routines were discussed...I've searched but can't seem to search beyond 3 months. Can anyone provide a link? Thanks for answering what's probably a simple question...

Message: Posted by: Law (Oct 2, 2003 01:55PM)

Is [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=23381&forum=110]this[/url] the one?
Message: Posted by: Vilago (Oct 2, 2003 02:20PM)
That's it :rotf:

Thanks, Law!

Message: Posted by: Robert Sixx (Oct 4, 2003 09:27PM)
I've got to tell you that I have been thinking about ordering some of these for a while now -- well I just ordered 4 of them and I can't wait to check them out. I am interested in ordering 5 or 6 more but I want to check out these 4 first. If they are as good as I've heard (I'm sure they will be), I'm sure that I will be getting all of them.

Message: Posted by: preston91 (Oct 5, 2003 11:42AM)
I saw these mentioned here in the Café and asked my good friend/club member Jim Hall if he had heard of them. He looked at me strange and said "buy'em". I said which one? he said "any of them". Best advise I ever got! These booklets are the real deal!! As I read them and begin to absorb some of Mr. Bauer's wisdom I get giddy!! I have 7 booklets so far and hope to work my way through the whole series. How appropriate that his web site is thinklikeaconjuror.com
Message: Posted by: Chris Aguilar (Oct 5, 2003 01:04PM)
How would you that own these effects respond to the Jamy Swiss review in which he claims that the separate books are not a great value? He seems to believe that these routines would be best off compiled in the form of a large book. Not having seen these, I couldn't agree/disagree with him, but wondered what others thought of his assessment.
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Oct 5, 2003 03:44PM)
Hi Flipper:

I think he goes out of his way to be controversial sometimes. He's entitled to his opinion, but I'm sure everyone above will disagree with him. I think they are a tremendous value.

Ron Reid
Message: Posted by: marko (Oct 5, 2003 04:01PM)
The wonderful thing about them being sold individually is that you have the choice of which routines you would like to purchase according to your interests. It also makes them more affordable. I love 'em.
Message: Posted by: Tom Gaddis (Oct 7, 2003 10:34AM)
I was just at the Midwest Magic Jubilee demoing the Private Studies Series for Ron.

The best seller at the convention was #5 "Hornswoggled Agian!"

So for those of you who haven't read this little gem. With Ron's permission I'm putting up an excerpt that I thought you might find interesting.



Just being a magician, of course, means that everything you use, say, and do is in question. Human nature compels the onlookers to "figure out the trick." Unusual handling is often the only tip-off to the secrets of magicians' little mysteries. In fact, thoughtless arbitrary handling does more to give us away than almost any other element.

The most effective way to throw them off the track is also the easiest. Make yourself comfortable with whatever it is you're going to magish with before you try to learn any "moves."

Before you try to learn sleight-of-hand with cards, you should get used to shuffling, dealing, cutting, and squaring them. Hold a cup in your hands. Drop items into it, spill them onto the table, and cover them. Coins should be fingered and felt individually and in groups with both hands. And Bills should be counted repeatedly as though auditioning for a role as Super Cashier in Vegas.

The sensory awareness you gain from these exercises, which can take place while advancing your intellect and sensitivity by watching TV, is the key. When you move onto learning the "secret work," you'll easily achieve Casual Handling. You'll be doing something sneaky, but it will become as invisible as frog's hair.

I've seen first hand proof of these words. We have several guys in Detroit who couldn't handle cards to save their lives.

After a short time of applying the above technique they're now known as "expert card men."

Russ, look forward to seeing you at the Motor City Convention.
Message: Posted by: Robert Sixx (Oct 9, 2003 10:03AM)
I got the first ones that I ordered in yesterday, very fast service -- Thanks! I have only had a chance to skim through them so far, with the exception of Feminine Side -- I wanted to read that one first, and it is Excellent! This is very usable in the real world and the details are what really make it! You don't get just the effect, which in itself is Excellent -- but you get the psychology behind the effect, and how to make it play as well as why it plays!

I hope all of these are as good as the first, I'm sure they will be!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Message: Posted by: Tom Gaddis (Oct 9, 2003 01:43PM)
We just put some videos of RB on the website.

Here's the link:

You can see RB doing RAP (Riffle Action Palm) and his two card trunover technique.

Great stuff. Make sure you sign up for our e-newsletter while you're there.

Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Oct 9, 2003 04:24PM)
Tom, I think the free Card Rise has a bad PDF (I got an error when I tried to open it)

I just bough Butch, Ringo and the Sheep and think it's great. This would be VERY entertaining to a lay-person. Putting those 2 routines together makes SO much sense!
Message: Posted by: Tom Gaddis (Oct 9, 2003 05:25PM)

I'll let our webmaster Dowdy know about the problem. Thanks.

Butch, Ringo, and the Sheep is great.

I've gotten by a few well posted magicians as well as the public with this one.

Make sure you download the videos for the moves from Butch, Ringo, and the Sheep. It will help a lot.

Message: Posted by: Mr Amazing (Oct 15, 2003 06:17PM)
First a few general questions, humbly asked to those of you who have [i]studied[/i] several parts in the series:

*Would you say that the main strength in these series is that they [i]teach [b]theory[/b][/i] effectively?

*And is this theory not available in the other standard works for magicians? (Say, Ortiz and/or Nelms books?)

*How applicable are these theories to different [i]performance styles[/i]? (Maybe someone could give an example?)

Second, I'm humbly asking for someone with knowledge in [i]mentalism[/i] to answer on the following, please):

*As a mentalist, what would and what would [i]not[/i] be of the same value as for a magician, in these series? Obviously(?) I'll not be able to use the effects, the sleights or the specific presentations, but would you say there's anything else I'd miss out on? (An example: the general idea of "[i]story[/i] presentations" are not really suitable for me or most mentalists. Is this a heavy ingredient in the booklets?)

*Would any specific booklet be particularly suitable? And any specific one perhaps not suitable? (...as a mentalist I really do [i]not[/i] want to thinklikeaconjuror!). The (very positive!) review at the visions site (http://www.online-visions.com/reviews/0309dixie.html) explains that it's suitable for a "persona of a smart-alecky, wisecracking, trickster", which very much scares me off.

And since we have mr Gaddis here, may I ask if there is [i]any[/i] plan on turning the whole series into a book? Or perhaps if there is any [i]other[/i] book by mr Bauer that deals with performance theory? Or any other suggestion for a mentalist?

Message: Posted by: highmagic (Feb 8, 2004 08:53AM)
Matias, I didn't study the whole series - just have the few booklets without card tricks.

From a mentalist's standpoint, if you already have Strong Magic, Magic and Showmanship, Magic and Meaning, Wonder Words, the Fitzkee trilogy, the Bandler and Grinder books etc. I'm afraid you will find very little new here... but again my opinions are based on 6 booklets only.

This is the contents of the entire series:

1. Gadabout Coins Revisited - From the man who needs to carry three lucky coins. You win an intellectual battle with your audience by using repetition against them! (Of course, you don't reveal theres a battle until you win!) Learn how to build to a climax, and to set up a pay-off so it comes as a complete surprise. Even the price is amazing! A paltry TEN BUCKS.

2. Sudden Death Gypsy Curse - From the man whose ancestor almost invented Three Card Monte. He was just ONE card off! This handling and presentation of "The Gypsy Curse" is so clean and sharp, there's no warning of the sudden and startling outcome! Learn several techniques of powerful direction and misdirection that completely conceals sleight-of-hand! A more than fair TEN BUCKS if you use your own Gypsy Curse cards. Or, seventeen-fifty if we include them.

3. Tony Chaudhuri's Cross To The Feminine Side - From the man who is proud to get in touch with your feminine side. The procedures for this novel item divulge how misdirection, through shrewd subtlety, can alter an audience's perception of sleight-of-hand, making it seem to be completely natural appearing actions. It also demonstrates how topical references can make a card trick seem relevant and of some value! A mere TEN BUCKS for all this! (Use any deck of cards.)

4. Butch, Ringo, & The Sheep - From the man who can't let the classics rest in peace! Following an exposition of the classic Thieves and Sheep tale, in which two men have been slandered and libeled, two heroic adventurers vindicate them! Could this be a magical morality play? Not with this climax! Learn the right and wrong times for borrowing items from an audience. A trifling TEN BUCKS! (Borrow all the props.)

5. Hornswoggled Again! - From the man who is overconfident enough to be easy prey for any short con! This is an entertaining way to show off your "sure-fire" defense against short-change artists. First you take in an innocent bystander by short-changing him in his own hands. Then, when you try to push your advantage, he gets his revenge! The real money used wont be suspect, thanks to the principle of "casual handling." An insignificant TEN BUCKS!

6. Ode to Poker Dan - From the man who believes waxing poetic will make a packet trick worth something. The tragic tale of a gambler who outwitted several envious magicians who dealt him a Poker hand with BACKS ON ALL SIDES! What happened next MUST BE TOLD! Learn to coordinate presentation and misdirection for maximum audience reaction. And, find out how to avoid the "Packet Trick Discrepancy." A shockingly meager TEN BUCKS, considering it includes Poker Dan's winning hand!

7. Dixie - From the man who carries counterfeit Confederate money. Using a faux keepsake of the Confederacy, a little tea cup (or any "Dixie Cup" will do) you demonstrate the last practical use for Confederate money. Then, in return for the audience's kindness in putting up with such a peculiar presentation, you reveal the real treasure of the Old South. Complete with an unlimited supply of DIY Confederate money! One picayune payment of TEN BUCKS!

8. The Cursed Ring - From the man who has left his ring in more than three hundred restrooms! Does a ring vanish from a spectator's hand, and invisibly return to the magician's finger? Lets try it again, but under "test conditions", to see if this ring really does carry a gypsy's curse! Learn the subtle secret of using one method to throw the audience off the scent of the next. A repetitively reasonable TEN BUCKS!

9. Fair & Sloppy - From the man who can't tell the difference between the name of a card trick and a weather forecast! Due to the willingness of certain spiteful spectators to take advantage of their magician, you illustrate the value of your magic teacher's maxim to always cut the cards instead of classes. Learn how to turn Ed Marlo's Convincing Control and Sid Lorraine's Slop Shuffleinto totally believable illusions. The price is a pleasant TEN BUCKS!
10. Left Handed Hank - This is a great, visual quickie! You're right-handed, but you bought a scarf that's LEFT-handed (or visa versa). How do you know? You can't tie a knot with your left hand, only your right! (A silk hank or man's pocket square.)
Close-Up, Platform, or Stage Magic. Learn: Rationalizing the Ridiculous, the Interlude, and more!
11. Mechanical Deck - Make any deck of cards do your work for you. Shuffle a selection among the other cards, and the deck finds the card. Let the audience see how it works in slow motion! Astonishing visual magic. BONUS: Detailed tutorial of the Finley-Vernon Double Turnover! (Any deck of cards and DIY gimmick of Scotch tape and thread.)
Close-Up Magic. Learn: Flexible Lead-ins, Denouement, Transition, and more!
12. Bar Bill Stunt- You try to teach a trick. It's almost magic; advanced Origami, but the audience is unimpressed until too much oversell results in the bill turning inside out! (A match box, a dollar bill and a Quartered Bill or DIY Power's Inverted Bill. We supply full-color covers for match boxes.)
Close-Up Magic. Learn: Versatile Premise, Cause and Effect Relationships, Comic Irony, and more!
13. Cut-Up Card Trick - This is an amusing and mystifying card revelation founded on interactive behavioral pseudo-psychobabble (that's the best kind). (Deck of cards, small note pad, and a scissors.)
Close-Up Magic. Learn: Sham Psychology, Running Gag, Jokes in Narrative, Energy, and more!
14. Four Squares & A Knot - This is a test with two pairs of hanks that you give to audiences to see how sympathetic they will be during your performance. It's another sterling example of interactive behavioral pseudo-psychobabble (still the best kind). (Four silk hanks or man's pocket squares; two matching and two contrasting colors.)
Close-Up, Parlor, and Stage Magic.
Learn: Opening Effects, Switching Character, Play on Words, and more!
15. Siamese Goose Egg Bag - After years of searching, you have finally obtained an authentic Siamese Goose Egg bag from which you can produce a real Goose Egg! You get a Goose Egg, all right. But, not the way you intended. (Miller/Malini Egg Bag, egg, and a small locking box with key on long chain.)
Close-Up and Parlor Magic. Learn: Theme, Intrigue Value, Play on Words, Planting, and more!
16. Time Machine - This time, you demonstrate that there's no physical sensation when one goes back in time other than astonishment. Somehow, you arrange 3 piles of cards in 3 unique ways, and one minute later(?)they haven't been arranged.(Deck of cards, several business cards, and a pen or pencil.)
Close-Up Magic. Learn: The Moment, Pacing, Unity Control, and more!
17. Second Finger Top Deal - By replacing the Second, Bottom, and Middle Deals with something brand new, you can deal yourself a winning Poker hand (or just rely on your old standby). (Deck of cards.)
Close-Up Magic. Learn: Audience Involvement with Demonstrations, Running Gag, Planting the Payoff, and more!
18. Xerox Money - Somehow you've come into possession of a supply of high-tech Xerox paper, and you're going into the business of making your own money. Until a new inspiration jolts you and your audience into a state of unavoidable uprightness! (Himber-type Wallet and Five new $1 bills and Five new$2 bills. We supply "High-tech Xerox Paper" and several
$360 bills.)
Close-Up Magic. Learn: Changing Character for Effect, Repetition, Comic Irony, and more!
19. All Out Think Of A Card - Despite the fact that a spectator merely thinks of a card, you can immediately discern his thought, and PROVE that you can do it anytime you choose! (Deck of cards.)
Close-Up Magic. Learn: Rationalizing Mentalism, Prepared Improvising, Ambiguity, and more!
20. That's the Spirit - Somehow you have captured a spirit in a bottle in a bag, and you prove it by provoking the little creature into manifesting his powers by poking him with a pencil. (Half-pint bottle, bag, long pencil, and DIY gimmick.)
Platform and Stage Magic. Learn: Comedy Mistaken Belief, Interlude, Blocking, and more!
21. Final(ly) Aces - People invariably suspect that magicians can cheat at cards, but is it magic or fast hands? You prove it's magic, twice! (Deck of cards and half of the Hamman or Elmsley Aces )
Close-Up Magic. Learn: Natural or Real, Pacing Repeated Actions, Tempo, and more!
22. Hat Trick - This sophisticated and colorful version of tearing tissues, and magically transforming them into a lady's hat is a tested sensation for adult audiences. (Sheets of colored tissues and a seamstress' tape measure. DIY preparation with glue stick and scissors.)
Close-up, Platform, or Stage Magic. Learn: Women and Double Entendre, Filling Low Spots, and more!
23. Worn Out Deck - Egads! You want to do a card trick, but your deck is worn out. All card tricks have been used up. As a temporary measure, you UNcut and UNshuffle some of the cards so you can do at least one more card trick before you discard the deck forever. (Deck of cards.)
Close-Up Magic. Learn: Creating Interest, Plausibility, Play on Words, and more!
24. Sneaky Nudist Rides Again - In an attempt to save a few bucks, you have purchased such a cheap deck of cards, and almost all the ink has been shuffled off of the faces and the backs. However, you're perfectly willing to TELL them about a trick, which is almost as boring as having to watch one! (Nudist deck.)
Close-Up Magic. Learn: Informal Performance Energy, Tempo and Pace, Unilateral Narrative, and more!

Hope this helps
Message: Posted by: Seth (Feb 9, 2004 07:50AM)
Hey there I'm really tempted to buy a few of these scripts but I just wanted to ask if they will ever by collected in book form? If they are I'll wait.

Just wanted to check...THanks..
Message: Posted by: highmagic (Feb 9, 2004 12:27PM)
I've read somewhere else that they don't plan to do it... You may want to visit thinklikeaconjurer.com and ask them