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Topic: BandAid/Thimble Routine
Message: Posted by: bobmcmathman (Sep 30, 2003 01:56PM)
My real job (the one for money) is in an ER, where I try to use magic to calm patients, and pass the time waiting for results, etc. I saw an effect listed somewhere recently that was a thimble- like effect using band-aids. Now I can't re-locate it. Can anybody help? Any other medically- oriented magic tricks would be appreciated also. Thanks
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Sep 30, 2003 02:13PM)
The effect you are looking for is called “Skip’s Big Boo Boo”. It is a fairly standard thimble routine done with gimmicked band-aids. The band-aids give it an edge over thimbles in terms of familiarity.

I have used it in place of thimbles in a bar/comedy club venue.

Check out:

for one listing of the trick.
Message: Posted by: bobmcmathman (Sep 30, 2003 03:27PM)
Thanks, Harry. It looks interesting, but a bit pricey! Did you think it worth $40?
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Oct 1, 2003 01:49AM)
Just buy some cheap thimbles and put band aids around them... I did that 40 years ago.

Also, I rolled a dollar bill around my finger and did same thing.

Used caps from lip saver.

Used bottle caps that fit my fingers.

Used small pill bottles.


I even had the multiplying golf tees that fit my fingers and did thimble moves.

Use your imagination. :stircoffee:
Message: Posted by: bobmcmathman (Oct 1, 2003 06:55AM)
Great ideas Pete. Thanks for taking the time to help. I'll give them a try. One question- what are multiplying golf tees- sounds like a trick made for doctors- I've got to look into that!
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Oct 1, 2003 10:03AM)
Pete is right-on here about using your imagination (I’ve used the Chap-stick caps in a pinch too!).

If you already know a thimble routine then you don’t need to buy the Band Aid routine above. You just need to make some Band Aid looking thimbles.

If you don’t already have a thimble routine, then the price of the Boo Boo routine is not all that much. You get the Band Aid gimmicks (you have to assemble them yourself to insure the proper size), you get a holder for the final four production, you get a videotape of the basic routine.
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Oct 1, 2003 01:42PM)
There was a great magian named Dave Calavitta who I met in Las Vegas, and he had some great stuff with Chap-stick caps.
Message: Posted by: Carron (Oct 3, 2003 02:33PM)
I find the Band Aids make the thimbles more tactile and easier to handle
Message: Posted by: bobmcmathman (Oct 7, 2003 08:46AM)
OK, I went out and bought some thimbles, and some Clifford the Big Red Dog Band-Aids. Also got some magnets to help me stash them in my palm. Seems like they might be perfect. I'm interested in what others are doing for thimble routines- does anyone have ideas on their favorite books or videos on thimble manipulation? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Vibono Magic (Nov 7, 2003 02:39AM)
One of the guys in Die Fertigen Fingers has a manipulation bit were he uses bandages as thimbles. It might be on there DVD.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Nov 7, 2003 05:55AM)
I already posted the link for Skip’s Big Boo-Boo, which provides a videotape that includes a performance segment. The Jeff McBride manipulation series has a ton of stuff on thimbles (including performance segments).

The best reference book on thimbles is arguably Joe Mogar’s (of the color changing knife fame) “Digital Effects of Joe Mogar”. It costs about $40.00 and can be had from most major magic dealers. Try Denny Haney at Denny and Lee’s Magic Studio for quick service.

Check out:
Message: Posted by: FCpreacher (Nov 15, 2003 02:31PM)
Here's an idea: Do a color changing knife routine and "cut" yourself at the end. Put a Band-aid on the "cut" and start a Band-aid (thimble) routine.

FC :realnerdy:
Message: Posted by: FranD,Amico (Nov 17, 2003 01:38AM)
Maybe you might want to find a way to make mouth coils out of a roll of gauze, perhaps a portable ekg? is it? With the results comming out of your mouth.
Message: Posted by: Jim Tighe (Nov 19, 2003 03:43AM)
One of the Silly Billy Kid columns in Magic magazine had a Band-aid thimble routine in it. Not sure what issue but it was more than a year ago.

You can usually find the Berland thimble set cheap. It has five wooden thimbles, one jumbo and a thimble holder.
Message: Posted by: Barrett_James (May 23, 2008 01:32PM)
On 2003-09-30 15:13, Harry Murphy wrote:
The effect you are looking for is called “Skip’s Big Boo Boo”. It is a fairly standard thimble routine done with gimmicked band-aids.

Tried to Google and search EBay for this routine and found NOTHING. Anyone know where I can still find out about it or purchase it? Thanks in advance.


Barrett James
Message: Posted by: Barrett_James (May 27, 2008 05:45PM)


Geez, I cant believe I just killed ANOTHER thread!


Barrett James