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Topic: Seting up my practice area
Message: Posted by: AmOd (Apr 4, 2012 09:52AM)
Hello all, I thought I'd share some pics of a new dedicated practice area I've set up. I've been doing a little research on different magicians ideas for their own practice set-up. I have this three way mirror right now but I might make the middle pane full length so I can sit or stand to practice and not loose sight of myself. I'm still playing with it. I'm also using the space to develop and produce my upcoming act as The Amazing Odysseus. Details T.B.A.
Message: Posted by: JoshTmagic (Feb 18, 2014 06:52PM)
Are you going to share the pictures?
Message: Posted by: Incognito (Mar 8, 2014 06:52PM)
Patience my friend, patience.
Message: Posted by: Amazing Binky (Mar 8, 2014 07:53PM)
It hasn't been a year yet. :)