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Topic: Mark Calabrese - JMMRT April 11th Lecture - Edison NJ
Message: Posted by: solrak29 (Apr 6, 2012 08:28AM)
Guys, here is another winner for the JMMRT to have Mark lecture for us.
There is a rumor that he has come up with a diabolical card utility/move
that is very practical/simple and yet very decieving. It is so good
that it has a lot of bigger names talking about it. Personally, I would
keep it to myself until I've done magic for 10 years, but Mark's
generosity is allowing us JMMRT members to see this before his DVD
comes out.

That's right a DVD, he was in Vegas recently; not sure what, but I do
know it he was working on this DVD with Luke Dancy and was featured
on the Session show: [url=http://themagicsession.com/featured/jam-session-mark-calabrese-luke-dancy]Click Here[/url].

I also know that this cat use to perform regularly at the South Street
Seaport and has worked extensively with Gazzo; which goes to show so
you could hit him up on questions about street performing. I know I

So here ya go, perhaps a lecture not to be missed?

The [b]J[/b]ohn [b]M[/b]cNicholas [b]M[/b]agician's [b]R[/b]ound [b]T[/b]able

Proudly presents: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 [b]MARK CALABRESE[/b]

Mark Calabrese has spent more than a decade performing magic for celebrities,
television and private events all over the country. In the process he has become
both an underground sensation and one of the most sought after performers in the
United States. Though Mark rarely finds time to lecture when he does he holds
nothing back- the material he teaches is direct from his working repertoire.
Besides learning how to get the maximum impact from the routines you’re already
doing and strategies for creating new ones, Mark will be teaching not only some
of the strongest material from his own professional show but PRACTICAL material
that packs small and plays HUGE.

Mark recently earned the spot of consultant for a Vegas headliner and will be
releasing two DVDs this summer. Mark will be giving the work of those DVDs BEFORE
they hit the market. One of those DVDs will be his work on the "DVS" principle which
allows some of the most amazing hands off card magic ever seen here are a couple things
said about the DVS principle

[i]Mark Calabrese fooled me about 5732 times using this principle. It's the cleanest
card location I have seen, but that may be because I'm blind in one eye and deaf in
the other. This principle opens new doors to uncharted avenues and I can't wait to see
what magicians bring to the table.[/i] - Chris Mayhew

[i]"Devious is so good and should be kept a secret!"[/i] - Bill Malone

[i]Mark fooled me with Devious many times, and has really refined the secret to make
the effects on this dvd instant Classics. The boys do not deserve this one[/i] -Gazzo.
Message: Posted by: solrak29 (May 9, 2012 03:40PM)
I thought this was great lecture and Mark is cool people.

But if you arrived late you might of missed the main event. I would
say he blew his stack way to early, but it was cool. I would of
personally made folks wait until the at least the second half of
the lecture for my finaly.

But great lecture, only cards, and nice sneak preview on what is
coming on his DVD set.
Message: Posted by: Mark Zacharia (Jul 10, 2012 08:25AM)
If you get the chance to see Calabrese lecture, do not let that chance go by. You will be glad you attended.