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Topic: Double deception duluxe
Message: Posted by: bowers (Apr 15, 2012 12:22PM)
I received my new set yesterday from mark. I simply love it.i already had a ngf. but the new magnetic one takes it to a new level. he said it should be out within the next two months on his site.im not going to say how much I paid for this.but its not that much more than the regular double deception.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Apr 15, 2012 01:37PM)
Man bo, you must have some collection. :D
Message: Posted by: bowers (Apr 15, 2012 01:50PM)
Yes mb217 I'm not only a performer but a collector of many magic items.i collect mikame-viking-tenyo products and coins too.just a passion of mine I guess.
Message: Posted by: chazk (Apr 15, 2012 02:54PM)
Do you know if the new ngf you mention is the same as that which comes with the triception set?
Message: Posted by: bowers (Apr 15, 2012 03:24PM)
No I don't chazk.just contact mark and ask him.at jbmagic.com

Posted: Apr 15, 2012 4:31pm
I went and looked at the ad chazk and it does come with a magnetic ngf flipper and a expanded shim coin also.and a magnetic coin too. I'm not sure if its the same exact one though.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Apr 15, 2012 06:24PM)
That's a nice hobby bo. :) I have collected a lot of magic stuff over the many years, most of which I don't use. A case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach, as my mom used to say whenever I over ate. :D

I have a few nice pieces as to coins, things that are important to me, some I use some I don't. Not a whole lot of of expensive stuff but practical stuff that I've used out & about. Most of the coins I carry around nowadays are regular coins as I do a lot more SOH stuff. But I do carry an Kennedy half dollar X [ (1971) of late with my re-fascination with Roth's [ Coins Across, and a Cop/Silv Coin (Both Johnson coins) that I use for different effects. Gotta say, these coins are nice pieces and feel great to use, and y'know, I didn't used them for a long time after I got them because they were just so nicely done. Can you imagine? :D

Recently I was lucky to get a wonderful set of soft Morgans with X [ from a guy that just does them as a hobby and does wonderful work - He is a real craftsman to me. :) I really like this set, the coins are beautifully hand-rendered and feel wonderful. I don't carry them with me much but have used them now and again when doing magic for guests at home. Also I just like pulling them out to appreciate their beauty and feel. Who knows, they might be the set of "Grandpa's Coins" from me to one of my grandchildren one day, as my Grandpa once did for me.

And of course the old Morgan silver dollars my Grandpa gave me long ago when I was a boy are real gems to me, their deep inspiration is their real value and worth. Well, that's my collection. :D Not all that valuable monetarily I guess but I've done a lot with them over the many years as to many smiles and utter amazement...Every coin I carry has earned its keep and my sincere respect. After all this time I can only hope they like me a little bit too. :)
Message: Posted by: ottphd (Apr 15, 2012 09:43PM)
You can not put a price on something so near and special to you! My uncle was a magician back in the 1940s and left me some very special tricks which I still have today, and would never sell.
Feel free to adopt me and put me in your will. Sounds like you also have quite a collection.
It's so nice to enjoy the beauty of our magic.