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Topic: Rope Magic!
Message: Posted by: Jordini (Oct 2, 2003 11:48PM)
I don't know if this has been addressed or not, but I was curious as to what everyone's favorite rope routine is. I saw shoots on his lecture notes, but I don't like his whole routine. I took his ideas and some of his moves, and did a routine similar to one done in [i]World's Greatest Magic 4[/i] I think. It's a real stunner, but I'm still working out all of the patter. :pepper: :pepper: :pepper:
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Oct 3, 2003 12:11AM)
Nemo Rope (my version of Prof's N'mare)

Other performer's trick, Whit's Mongolian Pop Knots

Tabary routine, IMHO is over rated

Edernac's is similar but better

Just my opinion...

Oh, Neff Miracle Rope (greatest c/r but NOT a routine...although my version using pistol to shoot and restore and bullet catch combined)... :kermit:
Message: Posted by: PaulGreen (Oct 3, 2003 12:21AM)
Hi Pete,

Do you remember the Conway Rope Trick that Ken Brooke used to sell? I used to use it in my routines. Bruce Cervon also used it in one of his Magic Castle acts.


PS: Check out my routine on the [i]In the Trenches[/i] DVD. :bg: :bg: :bg:
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 3, 2003 01:50AM)
Professor's Nightmare

Cut and Restored
Message: Posted by: -The Scot- (Oct 3, 2003 07:15AM)
Three Ropes and a Baby, Daryl's FISM Rope Routine and Tabary's FISM winner are my personal favourites.
Message: Posted by: Jake Ellison (Oct 3, 2003 08:00AM)
Mongolian Pop Knot. I think part of my reason is this routine seems to perfectly suit my personality. The sequence of magical events flows so perfectly that I think anyone would be able to easily make it fit their style.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jul 31, 2004 03:50AM)
How difficult is Mongolian Pop Knot to master?
Message: Posted by: dynamiteassasin (Aug 12, 2004 08:07AM)
I don't know but I love watching Daryl's rope magic.. :)
Message: Posted by: Jim Wilder (Aug 12, 2004 06:25PM)
I have been using Aldo Columbini's Professor's Math for quite a while now with good audience response. The handling isn't difficult and the effect is easy to understand and follow.
Message: Posted by: Dario (Sep 18, 2004 01:54AM)
Mammamia rope routine from Colombini is the one I prefer of this type. (But I don't like very much the rope routines.)

Message: Posted by: YVRDave (Nov 1, 2004 11:57PM)
My favorite by far is Three Ropes and a Baby, although I just bought the Mongolian Pop Knot, so I may change my mind in a few weeks, once I master it.
Message: Posted by: rmoraleta (Nov 2, 2004 05:04AM)
I do a modified Still Ringing routine by Aldo Colombini.

I have somehow mastered Three Ropes and A Baby but have not tried yet in the real world.
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Nov 12, 2004 05:06PM)
I like to do professor's nightmare with very large ropes. The large ropes make the effect look more impossible.
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Nov 12, 2004 05:54PM)
Once again, Tabray.
Message: Posted by: joseph (Nov 13, 2004 10:31AM)
Tabary also gets my vote, along with the great Professor's Nitemare......
Message: Posted by: tbaronio (Nov 16, 2004 08:01AM)
I enjoy performing:
* Fiber Optics
* Mongolian Pop Knot
* Daryl's rope routine

...(KNOT at the same time!)