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Topic: A free Video from the Essential Magic Conference...
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Apr 23, 2012 08:38PM)
Hi everyone,

[i]Every[/i] weekend until the conference the [url=http://essentialmagicconference.com/preview]Essential Magic Conference[/url] is giving away for [i]FREE[/i] a new video. This week it is amazing cyber illusionist [b]Marco Tempest[/b].

Come and see what he did last year by [url=http://essentialmagicconference.com/preview]Clicking Here![/url]

You'll just need to enter your email address. Then every week you'll get an email telling you about a new video, and releasing the names of 3 more of the legendary speakers you'll be able to see and interact with this year. Don't worry, they will never spam you, or sell or give away your email address.

Enjoy the free magic! :)