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Topic: Magick
Message: Posted by: shrink (Oct 6, 2003 04:55PM)
Im suprised no one has mentioned Magick which followed Derren's show?

I thought it was pretty strange but highly original. The effect with the dancers was...different!

Wasn't strictly mentalism but pretty creative.
Message: Posted by: Ramsay (Oct 6, 2003 05:18PM)
I loved it. I thought it was the best thing on that night.

Luke Jermay.
Message: Posted by: Scott Penrose (Oct 6, 2003 05:55PM)
Hi Luke

Glad you loved the show. Not many magicians liked it and indeed as one of the magical consultants on the show I came in for an awful lot of flack at The Magic Circle meeting this evening!

However, it is not made for magicians and it was made for a specific younger generation target audience. Just wait until you see the other shows!

All the best

Message: Posted by: Ramsay (Oct 6, 2003 06:03PM)

I LOVED it. Some thing were not exactly what I would normally look for but I loved the way it was filmed.

I really though it was brillantly thought out material presented in a wonderful style. I wished I had got there first!

Well done. No flack here, just admiration.

I truly think it was the best thing Magic has seen for a long time. Regardless of target audiences it was an artisticly shot, well thought out, and perfectly performed half hour.

Well done!

Luke Jermay.
Message: Posted by: Scott Penrose (Oct 6, 2003 06:20PM)
Thanks Luke

I will print out your reply and use it in evidence for my defense at the next convention!

Message: Posted by: shrink (Oct 6, 2003 06:24PM)
I agree with Luke. I really enjoyed it too. Some great ideas in there.
Message: Posted by: danny (Oct 7, 2003 04:24AM)
I thought it was highly creative, loved some of the classic magic on it and it was ******* hilarious too. Top notch.
Message: Posted by: placebo (Oct 7, 2003 05:53AM)
I loved the way that guy dressed up as a tramp and pulled money from people. It really scared some of them!

Oh yeah, and the way he produced an African orphan was quite impressive too.
Message: Posted by: mrfluffy (Oct 7, 2003 09:35AM)
Was the intention to make a Secret Cabaret for the new millenium? If so, then I'm sure I'll look back and enjoy it with fondness in years to come.

I however didn't like most of the show - some bits were very good, some good and others a bit too arty (if that's the right word) for me.

I loved the opening effect but there was a bit too much MTV editing in the rest of the show for me.

Scott, I'll see you on Saturday. ;)

Mark (formally red haired)
Message: Posted by: The Janitor (Oct 7, 2003 10:04AM)
Some great ideas and new takes on old principles. I thought the format was excellent. I didn't see the bit with the dancing girls coming at all! I laughed a lot.
Message: Posted by: teejay (Oct 7, 2003 11:31AM)
The show woke me up after dozing through
Roulette Rubbish :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Neil (Oct 7, 2003 11:43AM)
Well done mate. It was very original. I thought the production values were excellent. Bizarre and arty.

Of course anything with transvestites in it gets my vote.

Not quite as gripping as Derren Brown mind.
Message: Posted by: grazza (Oct 7, 2003 12:44PM)
Scott - I thought the show was great. It's come in for a large amount of stick on magic discussion forums, but as you rightly say the show was not really intended for magicians. Many of my non-magician friends loved it.

Finally a TV magic show that's going to get non-magicians watching. That's exactly what we need to raise the profile of magic.

Keep up the good work!
Message: Posted by: hkwiles (Oct 7, 2003 01:40PM)
I switched over and just caught the final "revelation" in the Dance routine! Excellent. Unfortunately my "other half" wanted something else on( I think it was snooker) Ah well! just another set of balls I suppose.

Message: Posted by: undodog (Oct 8, 2003 07:43AM)
I sat through Magick going ‘Wow!’ and ‘Amazing!’

Though I was truly amazed at how these two talentless, pretentious goons got a whole series presenting these god-awful tricks appallingly executed.

I had high hopes for this program as I’m a firm believer in bringing magic up to date and targeting the 18-30 audience but this was just drivel in its purest form.

It tried so hard to be controversial with the strippers and the spliffs, then funny with the African kid and that oh-so-hilarious foreign character, then art-house with the Polaroid pill bottle and the tramp short-films.

And don’t come back with “its not for us – its for laymen.” Any idiot knows when a camera cuts/looks away something’s going on!
How can you think that the supermarket trick was convincing to anyone?

I’m not a prude – far from it. The best bit was the line “he likes rice – 3 bowls a day” but after that we were subjected to wobbling mirrors (under the park bench) numerous camera cuts, contrived controversy, wackiness and the worst coin production in television history.

Get it off my screen and give Jerry Sadowitz a series instead.
Message: Posted by: Cylus (Oct 8, 2003 07:52AM)
Some of it was farely amusing, but it wasn't really anything to stay up for.
Message: Posted by: Leeo (Oct 8, 2003 07:56AM)
Great post, very amusing. I don't agree with you though.
You're not really Jerry Sadowitz are you?
He does deserve a new show.
Message: Posted by: Andrewdavidson12 (Oct 8, 2003 11:39AM)
I really wanted to like it and in part I did. Anything that shifts magic from the tedium it has, for the large part, fallen into is a good thing in my book.

Not all of it worked for me but I am excited by the fact that it had been produced at all and that it took the risks it did.

My one dislike was that I thought it tried too hard at times to be different. But that's a lot better than trying hard to be the same as all the other shows in magicland.

Message: Posted by: undodog (Oct 8, 2003 11:49AM)
It they actually did any decent illusions it would have been fantastic.
It could have been The Secret Cabaret all over again.
But for me, it just fell on its shoddy backside.
Message: Posted by: The Paranormalist (Oct 8, 2003 12:43PM)
If nothing else it was certainly different.
Message: Posted by: shrink (Oct 8, 2003 12:49PM)
I enjoyed the show basically because it was different. I do agree the magic could've been to a higher standard. But I actually got the feeling the magic was secondary. I liked it and will watch the other shows to see how it develops. But its not in the same league as the Secret Cabaret.

And it would also be nice to see Jerry back on tv.
Message: Posted by: MopKrayz (Oct 12, 2003 01:05PM)
It's a good thing to have different styles of magic because one can then reach the maximum amount of audience possible. And isn't that what we all want - so that more people get interested and follow magic?

Let's face it, the cool youths of today don't find much interest in the standard tuxedo magician. That type of magic has another audience.

So hopefully we'll be seeing more episodes of Magick in the times to come.
Message: Posted by: mrfluffy (Oct 13, 2003 03:02AM)
Watched yesterdays Magick and have to say I preferred it to the first episode.

The mobile phone from stomach was great!

It's just a shame the spectators on UK magic shows see an effect and just go "ooh that's good" whereas their US counterparts go mental.

Blaine did "pill from eye" on Frozen in time and the people were going mental - imagine showing the phone from stomach to them.
Message: Posted by: placebo (Oct 13, 2003 03:42PM)
On 2003-10-13 04:02, mrfluffy wrote:
It's just a shame the spectators on UK magic shows see an effect and just go "ooh that's good" whereas their US counterparts go mental.

It's just "not British" to go mental, lol.
Message: Posted by: bevbevvybev (Oct 14, 2003 05:29PM)
Jerry should get his own show simply because he told me to buy a Banachek book last week and he was right, it was great.

Scott - Re: The show (first one haven't seen others).

Well, I couldn't stand it. But anyone who can get anything put on telly deserves a standing ovation. Personally, I found it labored and I think there should have been more ideas per show.

When you are trying things out that are generally hit or miss (a good thing, because that means you're taking risks) I think you should have more of them, especially on a first run.

I would have had twice as many segments per show. I found myself 'getting' an idea and then getting bored with it. And that's not 'cos I know about magic, it's 'cos I want to watch good telly.

Another thing wrong with it - FAR too many bumpers (i.e. 3-5 second breaks between bits with custom graphics) I know you forked out for them and wanted to use them but less is more with that stuff - it felt like you were trying to fill the show up with them a bit too much

With the Don Jolly-esque stuff I think you are onto something ie The little boy appearing, and the beggar had his moments, although for too long again imho.

The worst part for me was the guy in the hospital bed which I thought was awful. I also think the guys should work on their characterizations, even if someone plays a dreadful or hideous character they should still be endearing (think of Cartman in South Park).

So, I didn't really enjoy it and got bored, but I appreciate what you're trying to do.
Message: Posted by: Count Zapik (Oct 17, 2003 08:23AM)
Liking the programme may not be the point, for us at least.
The interest here is in seeing a creative, new, and original approach to what we do.

These guys are trying hard, and moving in a way which should noticed. We need new ideas. This prog might kick start innovation.

Truly excellent food for thought in my book.

A magic friend of mine said he found it offensive, and was surprised when I said,
'What's wrong with being offended you ape?'

Count Zapik :coffee: